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  1. Overwatch1701

    What have I missed?

    I bet it has, What started it all? Community calls for a nerf and WG might have gone to far or did WG just do it out of the blue?
  2. Overwatch1701

    What have I missed?

    Thats "Yikes" from me Hoss
  3. Overwatch1701

    What have I missed?

    Was that like a T6 Italian Battleship? What are they supposedly doing? Downteiring or just general Nerf?
  4. Overwatch1701

    What have I missed?

    D E L E T
  5. Overwatch1701

    What have I missed?

    OOOooooooh do tell ...Thread theme btw
  6. Overwatch1701

    What have I missed?

    I have heard about the CV rework. A few friends ive talked to seem to think its okay. I just watched a video on the new Russian Blyatmobiles
  7. Overwatch1701

    What have I missed?

    So I was an Alpha tester a few years back, I think It was about the 3rd of 4th wave. I just started playing WoWs (And games as a whole) again recently and I wanted to know what Ive missed? About the only things I know right now is I missed the USS Missouri, The Arizona is in the game and the POI people seem to be gone. Other then that...Hows everyone been the last 4ish years? Also when is WG gunna add my Mountain Mama Wee Vee post refit?
  8. Guns go up in value, your girlfriend doesnt

  9. I really hate how the US BBs play

  10. I have no money

    1. redblurr


      Welcome to the club

  11. The Wee Vee is 2bangin4me



  14. Why is everyone using the metric system on the forums? I know that Mexico and Canada use it but the majority of people on here are from the US. Its just kinda bizzaro seeing "203mm" over 8 inch ect, ect