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  1. Xcalib3r

    Godzilla vs. Kong Voiceover scam?

    you'd be surprised how many suckers still fell for the say scam.....lol
  2. Xcalib3r

    Testing Marco Polo

    it's an ultimate ramming machine against all other bow in BB, put some ramming flag on and have fun with it in bumper car style.
  3. Xcalib3r

    HSF Harekaze II

    With the way MM is, you're going to see a lot of T9 and T10 all day all night every single day, this Harekaze 2.0 looks like a good chew toy for higher tier DD and CV.
  4. Some people took a break from the game for few months and imagine the surprises they get when they come back and found a bunch of commanders have been changed and they would have to pay out of the wazoo to get them respec. lol
  5. Xcalib3r

    Fastest Ship

    it's hilarious to watch these french DD outrun most torpedoes all the time, funny stuff.
  6. Xcalib3r

    What the experts think about Deadeye

    Anybody tried the Deadeye on Shikishima yet? i bet it's going to be an awesome skill to blap ships from half the map away LOL
  7. Xcalib3r

    Georgia or Thunderer

    exactly this
  8. Xcalib3r

    I'm out

    have some McRib and try again!
  9. Xcalib3r

    Smalland when is it leaving ?

    Smaland is a very good gunboat and DD hunter, it plays a different role than the Halland. This thing gave Marceau and Harugumo a hard time in 1 on 1 knife fight, the heal allows her to sustain heavy damage and still heal back some of the hp during the fight, with radar which means Haru isn't going to get away with hiding in smoke.
  10. Xcalib3r

    Smalland? (Solved)

    Smaland is a potent DD hunter, this thing is capable of murdering even the Kleber when she was in booster cooldown. Smaland also give harugumo, khab, grozovoi, and marceau a run for the money in knife fight, and the HE from this thing burn down BB very quickly too! The 7.5km radar along with heal make this a very deadly DD killing machine, great at ambushing both Daring and Z52 hiding in smoke thinking their hydro going to save them. If you're a DD main, the Smaland is a good one to have around.
  11. FDR laughing at any ships that claimed to have "AA".....what "AA"?
  12. 1 on 1 knife fight with the Daring in close range do you think the Smaland has a chance? taking into consideration both players are equally competent.
  13. I love hunting Smaland in my Kleber and Marceau, they always thought they had a fighting chance whenever i encountered them, by the time they realized they were outgunned it's always too late for them to retreat, they don't have smoke either and can't outrun the french.
  14. Xcalib3r

    Lots of ARP Yamatos

    the Musashi camo looks awesome....like a hotrod! lol
  15. Xcalib3r

    Premium Ship Review - ARP Yamato

    Might as well use the doubloon to FXP to tech tree Yamato and get UU, still cheaper than this ripoff ARP whatever. Better yet, take your time to grind the line if you want to save more money.