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  1. There is no escaping from CV, Wargaming knows how much you love playing with CV every single battle, so they are just ensuring you'll get stuck with them FOREVER! lol
  2. Xcalib3r

    Finally reached the breaking point.

    many times i have even seen some of the top clan divisions (like O7, ZR, and -k-, etc) being shafted by a complete blowout and slaughter fest, those are all purple players and not being excluded from being shafted by MM too, so don't tell me those clans are not good enough to carry and failed to "get gurd". Lately I have a lot more fun in twilight battle than in randoms to be honest.
  3. I highly doubt there's any real human sailing those ships, they are most likely very low intelligence bots to fill the slots and only serves the purpose of target practice for the Red team. If you've played the Twilight Battle event lately you should know the bots are highly skilled, they are able to dodge shells and torps very effectively, with super accurate aim and they know exactly when to pursue and when to retreat, they also work as a team, to tell you the truth i'm starting to suspect those are not bots, but operated by real unicum behind the scenes, those twilight bots are the sort of team mate you want to be on your side.
  4. when is he going to be available?
  5. Xcalib3r

    Missouri GIVEAWAY 1000 follower milestone.

    Have the Missouri and collecting dust in the port, it's one boring ship, credits are so easy to earn there is zero points in playing a boring ship to earn credits, have so many credits i have burned over 300mil on signals alone....
  6. Xcalib3r

    T10 Filth Camo - Someone give me hope :)

    for T10 I got mine at 8th too.
  7. the ultimate betrayal is hilarious, sometimes the red team be calling for truce, but then they would wait by the portal, circling it like sharks or parked right next to it, waiting to ambush you and rob other ships who tried to cash out their motherload. whenever my croc approaches the portal to cash out, i would always be on the lookout for those pirates, had the trigger on Y getting ready to bring up the shield whenever i see incoming torps and BB shells. :-)
  8. Xcalib3r

    Kléber must be nerfed

    your concern is none of my concern.
  9. Xcalib3r

    Kléber must be nerfed

    it affected my Kleber's stat in a huge way, it's not where it should have been.
  10. Xcalib3r

    Kléber must be nerfed

    Yes, and in return give her smoke, or heal, along with defensive AA. all T8 CV are able to nuke french DD out of the water all day all night every single day. When there's CV in almost every single battle, the Kleber is handicaped and downright unplayable and be grounded to stay close to her cruisers, rendering her one and only specialize skill > speed, as useless.
  11. Xcalib3r

    SAP just destroys DDs

    fake news, we have 5 to 6 tier 9~10 DD per team on a daily basis, DD ain't getting destroyed by nothing other than them running into each other, TK torp each other, or beaching the island.
  12. Xcalib3r

    Is Khaba still relevant?

    One big reason to take a khab over Smolensk is speed.
  13. Xcalib3r

    Is Khaba still relevant?

    When the stars aligned, Khab can still be a game-changer, there isn't any other DD in the game could receive almost 40K of ACTUAL damage ;-) I honestly do not think the Kleber could endure as much punishment as the Khab from this battle i fought just over a week ago in my Khab, it is still a capable workhorse IMO.
  14. Xcalib3r

    Friesland the fire breathing machine

    Against T8~T9 BB the Friesland would torch them quickly, but last night i was shooting a Kremlin non-stop from bow to stern at the superstructure for like 15 seconds non-stop..... not a single fire set on her! As if that Kremlin got some voodoo shiznit going on...LOL Last night i also reset the captain again, to include DE (+2%) for the 4th or 5th time to see if things would get set on fire quicker with a total of 10% fire chance, after a few battles...nope, made zero difference, DE is a snake oil skill. i'm taking it off to restore it back to the way it was.
  15. Xcalib3r

    Friesland the fire breathing machine

    This is very true, a german BB or cruiser on hydro or radar pairing up with another DD pushing the Friesland in smoke could drive you out of the smoke and get you spotted, focus fire on, and get deleted in a hurry.