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  1. My favorite premium DD is the T8 Le Terrible, this is the only premium DD i wouldn't hesitate to ambush and also killed many gearing, trashcan and even a few khab with it, the gun booster tear those DD apart in very short time. Fastest DD in game up to 54 knots help you contest or get cap very quickly, and a T8 DD killed or severely crippled multiple T10 DD mean i secured #1 spot in highest XP most of the time. I love bringing this DD to T10 match. The Loyang, Sims, Kidd,T61, Z39 and Asashio are also good.
  2. Xcalib3r

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich is utter garbage

    can you imagine people who actually spent $130 for the complete package of this junk? LOL
  3. Xcalib3r

    Battleship with longest secondaries range?

    GK maxed out at 11.7km.
  4. Xcalib3r

    Brawling with Conqueror?

    Has anybody try the conqueror in a tank build and use it for close range support and brawl? the concealment allow her to get up closer than any other B, and the zombie heal help recovering from focus fire, plus she got great turret angle and massive amount of HE damage, seems like the a good brawler to wreck things in close quarter.
  5. Xcalib3r

    Favorite Premium

    Musashi and Stalingrad.
  6. Xcalib3r

    How is it possible to have a sub 35% WR?

    a one off lucky match does not mean consistency. obviously this is not something you could duplicate consistently otherwise you would not have been a 50% WR player and majority of your ships are below average and potatoes across the board. LOL
  7. Xcalib3r

    How is it possible to have a sub 35% WR?

    in low tier game sure, you could get lucky, but higher tier in 8 to 10 you have zero chance, if you are someone who could carry the team at will, at any tiers, on any given time, in any map, then you would have a win rate of 100% across the board, as you would have been an unstoppable super player in God mode. lol
  8. Xcalib3r

    How is it possible to have a sub 35% WR?

    seen it first hand in both ranked and randoms, one team CV simply sit idled for the first 10min while his other CV account in different team dominate the whole game, that 2nd duplicate account of only got CV ships and nothing else. I"m surprised WG have not done anything about those cheaters. Another tell tale sign is they would sent their duplicate account CV's planes straight to DM or worcester/mino and other AA ships to get wiped out very quickly, not just once but they would do it few times with multiple squadrons that made zero sense whatsoever, a real CV player who grind up to tier 10 would not have made those kind of rookie mistakes, sending multiple squadrons to the same AA ship to get slaughtered.
  9. Xcalib3r

    How is it possible to have a sub 35% WR?

    MM is broken most of the time, we still constantly see one team steam rolled the other, it wasn't even a fight....more like a complete slaughtering when one team only loss 1 or ZERO ship with a huge point lead of 900 vs 10, while the opposite team all 12 dead. Even someone like Flamu is unable to carry when his team decided to throw the game as you can see it from some of his ship review videos from time to time, at the bare minimum it would take a competent division of three very good players to carry the other 9 potatoes. 1 solo rambo warrior simply CANNOT carry 11, sorry it ain't gonna happen in random battles.
  10. Xcalib3r

    Premium Ship Review #116: Prinz Eitel Friedrich

    The 2.0 sigma rating of this ship is fake news, in actuality it's more like 1.4.
  11. Xcalib3r

    How is it possible to have a sub 35% WR?

    “...some men aren't looking for anything logical, like money. They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn.” ― Michael Caine
  12. Xcalib3r

    Completed the PEF event

    about 6hr per night of gaming, the credits grind was enjoyable since i get to play all my premium ships in different tier again, but grinding the steel with PEF in one night was a pain, the PEF's 2.0 sigma rating is fake news, it's more like 1.4 to 1.6.
  13. Xcalib3r

    Completed the PEF event

    I didn't buy the PEF, grind 6 nations/24mil credits for the ship in one night, the next day i binged game and completed all 5 stages to collect 2019 steel in one go as well. 2 days total with bunch of flags and camos.
  14. one on one, Hindenburg and DM can out DPM and burn down a bow in Stalingrad/Krons, each time every time. Unless those cruisers show their broadside otherwise Stalingrad doesn't stand a chance.
  15. Xcalib3r

    How is it possible to have a sub 35% WR?

    you wouldn't believe the amount of scrubs infested in random battles most of the time, last night one of our North Carolina player was 29% WR with hundreds of battles in that ship, and his average damage in the NC is 14K, yes you read that right.....14K! that's like a Tier 1 DD level! he went into battle without any camo, stayed behind the island snipping at max range for the first 15min, the last 5min when he was the last 2 that survived....he came out of hiding, charged toward a Hindenburg, ricochet most of his shots, then turned full broadside away from the Hindy within 5km and end up eating full load of torps and get sunk. I'm convinced some of these scrubs are actually bots, i refused to believe those ships were driven and played by actual human being.