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  1. Xcalib3r

    Devastating Strike needs nerfed

    Yes, the island and mountain also need nerfed, they're blocking my torpedoes and i can't shoot through mountain.
  2. Xcalib3r

    Georgia needs it's 2.0 SIGMA back .

    457mm can NOT pen or overmatch 32mm BB front bow, any BB angling or bow in chasing after you while you kite...you'd do far more damage to switch over to HE plus the secondary than bouncing AP all day long. i've burned down full HP Jean Bart, Massachusette, Yamato, Kremlin, Republique, and many other BB doing just that with HE plus secondary kiting slowly within 11km....
  3. be nice if we could use credits to reset captain skill.
  4. Yamato/Musashi is still the only ship in game to be able to overmatch ALL battleships with her 460mm shells. She is doing just fine as is, no nerf or buff necessary.
  5. There's three BB i would go close to the cap to support DD, the GK with excellent hydro and secondary, Bourgogne with excellent secondary plus gun reload booster, and Georgia with the speed to keep up or outrun DD with great secondary and decent gun reload.
  6. Xcalib3r

    6 CV game explain me this ??

    i wish 3 CV per side would be the standard in every battle. WG need to make CV great again.
  7. Xcalib3r

    Why do people hate the DD so much

    Don't know what you're talking about. All CV love DD long time, long long time!
  8. Xcalib3r

    AA is Ridiculously Over Powered

    fake news and misleading. Kaga's planes were never all that durable even before the patch 8.4, and they get swatted out of the sky by T10 AA ships all the time.
  9. Xcalib3r

    What are your opinions on Kremlin?

    Kremlin gets burned down extremely quickly, my Georgia, Henri, Zao, and Alsace have burned down far too many of them to count, you fight kremlin from range...not from close to mid range, since the closer she gets the more accurate her guns became, at long distance her dispersion leave a lot to be desired. I don't need to hit her citadel to take down one.
  10. Xcalib3r

    Yamato Gun Sounds

    you need to feed the hamsters running inside those 18" barrels, they were probably starving and gnawing on the turrets making those metallic sound.
  11. There should be a 24hr grace period of tryout for all premium ships, would have been nice to test drive the ship even just for a day before fully commit.
  12. Xcalib3r

    What is the point of plane healz now?

    I am average to above average in majority of my CV, your snake oil salesman tactic isn't going to work when you are trying to convince people that all CV players are going to have above 60% winrate. I know your type!
  13. Xcalib3r

    What is the point of plane healz now?

    T10 CV planes are still severely OP even with the new 8.5 AA patch, if anything WG need to further improve AA efficiency, reduce plane's HP, reduce hanger size, and reduce AP dive bombers and torpedoes damage. I have 10 (ten) T8~T10 CV that i play regularly and i approved the above message.
  14. Even the Mino seems to be more reliable and consistent in bouncing AP shells from BB than these Yoshino/Azuma.....which is very very sad.
  15. Xcalib3r

    Lots More Deplaning

    Hallelujah....all hail WG great effort to make game more balance. 8.5 patch is the best update to date....I'm extremely satisfied with the way things are now. I am a regular CV player with 10 (that is TEN) CV, having all premium T8 CV and all T10 and I approve this message!!