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  1. Xcalib3r

    Black Friday premium container drops

    I bought the 5 pack containers and got two ships out of them in 2nd and 4th containers.....WG feeling generous today. LOL the rest of the containers are 2x FXP and 1x flags. These two ships also came with missions, win 5 battles and earn 2500 doubloons + 25000 coals with Yoshino, and 2500 doubloons with Saipan. 5 packs of containers cost me 5600 doubloons, with these two missions I got 5K back, so 600 doubloons out of pocket for this Yoshino B and Saipan B
  2. Xcalib3r

    Wargaming and Subs, Hell bent for Leather

    Satisfaction: https://youtu.be/VrARQldw5K8
  3. Xcalib3r

    Submarine is a blast

    Submarines are so easy to play even my dog and cat can do it. I really love all the salty trash who make the claim that other class ships require more "skills" to play, as if they are not doing point and click with BB, CA, DD, or CV from the game. lmbo Every single ship or plane from this game, you merely point your mouse, aim, and shoot, you can practically put the mouse on the ground and do that with your feet, while you're eating pizza and watching youtube.
  4. Xcalib3r

    Submarine is a blast

    You mad bro? LOL Subs are here to stay, deal with it, too bad so sad.....hahaha.
  5. Xcalib3r

    CV Counter

    You can play submarine two ways, to support your team, spot for them (in scope mode your detectable range is 2.2km) and torps everything that moves. Or you go maximum depth, pedal to the metal at full tilt to get to the opposite end of the map in about 5min to sneak attack the CV. After 7 years, the usual game play of CV, BB, CA, and DD are getting old, submarines gave you an opportunity to try something new, you know...new tactic, new gameplay, new strategy, but people are too quick to write it off. I'm by no mean good at it, still learning the rope and trying to find other strengths and weaknesses of subs, but this is something you don't need to rely on any teammate to play the sub, you are a predator under the water undetected anytime, waiting to strike ANYTHING that move within range. Sinking the T10 CV is not hard either, once you have the proximity of their location, go max depth and full speed across the map, killing the Red team CV is a massive contribution to your team. once you're within 6 to 7km range to the target spot where CV usually hide or sit, go mid-depth to probe and confirm the CV location, DO NOT ping the CV to give away a sub is within range, once you got the CV location, go max depth again to get within 2km range of the CV, immediately rise up to the surface and unload ALL your torps. You don't need to ping or homing nonsense at such a close range, it's a surprise attacks that have been working for me so far. Man, you have no idea how mad the red team CV gets when they get sunk, every single time, the sneak attack has been very effective and working well for me so far. first salvo of torps will not be able to sink them immediately, but their CV will start running after losing over half of the HP, and focus all his planes onto you, completely taking him out of the game while your CV continues to reign the sky. Balao have more torps both front and back, use them to your advantage, what i usually do is sail straight at the CV's broadside, unload torp in close range, go under the water and over the CV, resurface from the other side of him and now my rear torps are facing the CV ready to fire 4 more torps into his broadside, by the tiime you make a u-turn, your front-loading torps will have 2 to 4 of them ready to fire again. Good stuff yes? 1.jfif CV1.jfif CV2.jfif
  6. Xcalib3r

    CV Counter

    Wargaming gave us submarines to counter CV. When you spec your Tier X subs properly and equipped with the speed flag, it could stay under the water for 9min straight, at maximum depth being undetected unless you ran into another sub from the red team, top out at around 30 kts (Balao) and 33 kts (U boat), when the battery run down to around 20% it could go up to 37 kts, UNDERWATER and UNDETECTED (unless you ran into another sub from the red team). It could go from one end to the opposite end of the map in about 5 to 6min. Too many noobs are too stupid to take advantage of the stealth and utility of the submarines. For 9min straight, not a single CV, BB, CA, or DD could detect you or touch you, only another sub could counter you. The submarine can be Red team's CV worst nightmare, but also your CV's BFF, once you took out the Red team CV, YOUR CV could own the sky and control the map in the second half of the game. Good stuff yes? very very good stuff yes?
  7. I have never had so much fun for a long time, Tier X subs are awesome and super fun to play, those who hate subs probably didn't even try them out. For the first time, wargaming gave us something fun to play with, they have low hp and are easy to kill too, sort of like whack-a-mole, so I'm not sure why so many babies whine and cry about the introduction of subs. Good stuff yes? Very very good stuff yes?
  8. Why did FDR got nerfed? if anything, it is severely underpowered and needs some serious buff, FDR need more planes in the hanger, also badly in need to increase aircraft speed and damage. folks spent lots of steel on this thing and it needs to be buff, not nerf!! American Tier X aircraft carrier X Franklin D. Roosevelt Torpedo bomber parameters were changed: Torpedo arming distance increased from 517 to 545 m. Torpedo launch spread increased by 5%. Bomber parameters were changed: Maximum damage caused by a bomb has been reduced from 11,200 to 10,600. HE bomb penetration reduced from 67 to 64 mm. Chances of fire being caused by HE bombs reduced from 64 to 60%.
  9. forget airstrike, we need nukes, preferably launching from submarines.
  10. what is the reason WG refused to disable friendly fire or team damage altogether?
  11. Xcalib3r

    Godzilla vs. Kong Voiceover scam?

    you'd be surprised how many suckers still fell for the say scam.....lol
  12. Xcalib3r

    Testing Marco Polo

    it's an ultimate ramming machine against all other bow in BB, put some ramming flag on and have fun with it in bumper car style.
  13. Xcalib3r

    HSF Harekaze II

    With the way MM is, you're going to see a lot of T9 and T10 all day all night every single day, this Harekaze 2.0 looks like a good chew toy for higher tier DD and CV.
  14. Some people took a break from the game for few months and imagine the surprises they get when they come back and found a bunch of commanders have been changed and they would have to pay out of the wazoo to get them respec. lol
  15. Xcalib3r

    Fastest Ship

    it's hilarious to watch these french DD outrun most torpedoes all the time, funny stuff.