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  1. Range of Fire Limitations

    USN shells are very floaty at long range and lose significantly amount of velocity, shooting beyond 15km is unreliable. They are not meant to be long range sniper like the Russian and German.
  2. This. Repair bill going to be the same on losing match, i would rather inflict maximum damage to the red team and go down fighting to the very end than running away, retreating on a losing match isn't an option for me.
  3. Ranked: Looks familiar?

    Seems like i can't get enough of this losing streak in ranked 6-5, it's extremely addicting like nicotine from cigarette, keep wanting more of this never ending losing stuff. Funny thing is i kept the garbage stars from 9 out of 11 losses on this streak. This is good stuff we got going on in Ranked 10, and I hope we get this very same thing next season again.
  4. Ranked: Looks familiar?

    I disagreed, it is only not useful when it's being thrown in to an unsupportive team, and as i've shown you one of my Conqueror in ranked 10 result, i took in 110K dmg but dished out 205K in return (125K from AP), Conqueror is no weakling comparing to Montana or any other BB. As i mentioned before ranked 10 is exactly the same as random, you get a bunch of unpredictable and often time unreliable players, it's rolling the dice. Put me in a supportive team, like in a clan war, where there's coordination and team work to be had, and i'll be significantly more effective, each time, every single time. One man army never worked in CW, it never worked in Random, and it would never worked in Ranked. No such thing as one man carrying the other six, it ain't happening.
  5. Ranked: Looks familiar?

    Every single one of those ships on your list i have done well in ranked 10~4 when i get to paired up with a supportive team, i know those ships strength and weaknesses and use them to my advantage. I'm extremely confident and comfortable sailing in the Conqueror, and i use AP whenever given the opportunity.... as you can see one of my rank 5 battle result, the Conqueror made a formidable brawler even in close to mid range, and 125K out of 205K damage were all done in AP against 2 montana and 2 des moines (and the one i sunk were no scrub by any mean). I am not one of those Conqueror sitting far back spamming HE, I never hesitate to push it when given the opportunities, and i use AP often.
  6. The coming meta change

    The Worcester looks almost exactly like the good old Mogami the way it used to be able to spam HE non-stop, but at least the Mogami has torps and this Worcester is just terribly underpower, just about all other tier 10 cruisers are going to own this garbage in a brawl.
  7. Ranked: Looks familiar?

    I'd say overall I've used the Henri effectively, have 66.67% win rate and 27 battles in premiere rank (5~4), it's a support ship like a super khab getting from point A to point B quickly to support team mate or assist in contesting caps. I played support role with it just fine. i have not seen anybody was able to carry the whole team by himself be it from the red team or from my team, 1 vs 7 in one-man-army style simply doesn't work in this meta and setup, period. The recipe to win ranked in premiere league is simple => team work, unfortunately you won't always get the necessary ingredients. After 604 battles, the Premiere league (5-2) is indistinguishable from Random, half the size but same outcome.
  8. someday I would have winning streak, but most weekends, or after 8pm EST the result below is typical, dropped from 4.4 (just can't break into 3, MM simply not allowed it) down to 6.3 in one night. I would climb back up to 4 in another day, then rinse and repeat to drop back down again, over 500 battles of this stuff in ranked 10, i aim to break 1000 battles in this cycle before the season is over......LOL Ranked = Slim down version of Random.
  9. Khaba V DM in Ranked lol

    That was a rare encounter and it is not the norm. 9 out of 10 times khab got the short end of the stick trying to duel with any other competent cruisers.
  10. Asashio After A Few Weeks: Meh

    I play my Asashio like i would with any other IJN DD: I cap, I spot for the team, i provide smoke for distressed cruisers being focus fire by red team, i hunt and shoot DD and Cruisers with low hp, i burn BB with HE shells during torpedo cool down, and when all BB are dead i would still unload my torpedoes to DD and Cruisers to distract them, make them change their course, make them show their broadside to our team, and red team DD and CA tried to dodge my deep water torp almost every single time. LOL most of all.... I have fun in Asashio.
  11. Ranked Tier 10

    if all you got is a Tier 8 ship, you are going to have to spent at least 15~25K doubloons (anywhere from $50~$100) to freexp to Teir 10, unless you have millions of credits along with premium acct and also use the permanent camo (cost 5000 doubloon) you are going to lose a boat load of credits playing Tier 10, be it in Ranked or in Random. Tier 10 game ain't cheap, you have to do load of damage and contribute a lot to the team to make any profit. Since you have never played any Tier 10 game, please try to stay away from Rank 10 to 2, the way it is now it is infested with inexperience tier 10 players, they are the liability and the reason why some people are getting stuck in the cycle loop of 5-6-5-6-5-6-5-6-5-6.......one man army ain't gonna fly in First/Premiere league.
  12. USN radar skills

    spotting planes is a poor-man-radar for USN BB, works pretty good too.
  13. How is the premier league meta?

    It is much worst in Premiere rank, First league at least some players are still trying hard to get to R5, while in Premiere leagues i'm seeing significant amount of players are fighting to keep the star instead of fighting to win. The finger pointing and blaming games are also off the chart in Premiere, R5~2 have some of the most toxic players you'll find there.
  14. The Worcester sounds a lot like the good ol' Mogami before they nerfed it, it once was the ultimate HE spamming machine hated by all BB.