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  1. Xcalib3r

    Shimakaze has been heavily buffed

    fake news! she will not out spot gearing with legendary which has the exact same 5.6km concealment. shima torp still get spotted from the moon, and she still get outgunned and out torp by every other tier 10 DD. Shima = Target practice by all radar cruisers.
  2. Xcalib3r

    Nerf Worcester Harder

    I've citadel a lot of worcester from 15+ KM away with Alsace, Republique and Yamato, longer range AP will pen through the deck and there is no amount of angling could save her from being insta-delete. on the receiving end with Missouri also deleted me a few times from similar range when i was kiting. worcester is paper ship in open water.
  3. Xcalib3r

    WoWs you have Some explaining to do!

    fake news.
  4. Xcalib3r

    Nerf Worcester Harder

    Worcester is way underpower in need of some serious buff, give her some torps like the mino, improve turret angle, or make the acceleration of the ship more bearable, it is unbalance with the way it is now.
  5. Xcalib3r

    What would constitute as "damage farming"?

    Some people prefers farming damage, some farming kills, and some farming rewards like xp and credits, and some are farming win rates. speaking of farming, OP is also here to farm responses and reactions from the forum peep! This is one big farmville, son!
  6. Xcalib3r

    WG logic at its worst

    Another scrub came out of the woodwork to whine and moan about WG, if you don't like it you don't have to play it, nobody forced you to play this game!
  7. Xcalib3r

    More ranked, no steel!

    No Tier 10? No bueno! Won't even consider playing it without T10.
  8. Xcalib3r

    zao legendary upgrade is garbage

    not really, without the concealment module the Worcester fall back to the exact same as the Des Moines at 10.6km. but you get a huge bump in Radar, Hydro, and DFAA....you can even stack them with the upgrade module and make radar run for 56s! lol Main reason why concealment isn't a big concern to me? she will be spamming HE behind covers(island, friendly DD smoke, etc) so concealment won't matter, and when she is in open water kiting....then her constant spamming would get her concealment ballooned to at least 16km at all time anyway.
  9. Xcalib3r

    The Ranked Experience - Season 10

    Ranked is 100% about luck, doesn't matter what ship you brung or how good you are, there's multiple times when i sunk 4 out 7 ships and did over 220K dmg but still end up losing, you're completely on your team mate's (and MM) mercy. Not even flamu or any other unicum can carry a trash team in ranked.
  10. Xcalib3r

    Epic Three Ship Division Ideas

    we have done it multiple times with three Yamato division, all three of us timed it and fired at once....27x 460mm shells raining down on BB to instant delete.
  11. Xcalib3r

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Meanwhile, the Russian Cruisers continue to have super radar range at a whooping 11.7km that would spot DD from the moon.
  12. Xcalib3r

    Possible Solution to Radar

    The radar nerf practically make the legendary upgrade useless for Worcester, the gap is going to be too big to give up concealment for.
  13. Xcalib3r


    WASD hack is extremely effective to counter the worcester in long range, anything beyond 12km they usually can't even hit a barn. Worcester is most effective to spam HE on ships sitting in reverse or roll slowly like turtle, it's one of the best ship to punish scrub BB camping hardcore at the back, therefore you should keep moving to avoid their floaty shells.
  14. Xcalib3r


    any noob harugumo who sit in smoke for extended period of time, or play it like a regular DD will find themselves back to the port usually rather quickly. to counter them you need radar, torp, and if you're DD you can sneak up to them and torp, they're as sluggish as regular cruisers with extremely poor acceleration. worcester need covers to spam her HE, it's weak armor made her the worst choice to kite, flush them out of hiding and get them to open water.....BB could easily delete them, other cruisers can AP her super structure and they get a ton of pen damage as well.
  15. Xcalib3r

    When can we expect the Bonchon BB?

    It's an Alsace, basically same ship.