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  1. Free EXP to Hindenburg?

    Roon was good but Hindenburg is great, i free XP to it and would do it all over again in a heart beat. personally i do not missed Roon one bit, Hindy is more fun to me. I even have two 19pt captains designated for Hindy, 1st captain is HE priority and 2nd captain is CV/AA priority and switch modules/upgrades as necessary.
  2. Biggest "Kill on Sight" cruiser

    From what I can tell here is the priority hit list in tier 10 battles: 1)DD 2)British cruisers, especially the Minotaur, to eliminate spamming in smoke 3)USN cruisers, especially Des Moines, to eliminate the radar as they often hunt DD 4)Yamato
  3. German AP is garbage

    For long range I don't use AP, often bounced and did zero damage. I compensate the AP weakness with HE build on my Hindenburg, with commander skill and flags the fire chance is 17%, plus spotting planes module to increase range to spam HE from long range, burning all BB within range. I only use AP when there's broadside to be had, or in close range brawl. You have very little chance to pen other cruisers bowed in and angled toward you. I would say i use HE 75% of the time with my Hindy.
  4. Is the Zao still a beast?

    I have Zao, Hindenburg, and Des Moines. They all have pro and con and suited for different play style. With Zao, usually i play hit and run with it from long range, with commander skill my fire chance is like 20%, it's practically a long range flame thrower. LOL her turret angle isn't that good so i would always end up exposing broadside in mid to close range battle if i wanted to utilize all turrets. Zao can be a lone wolf warrior racking up 100~200K dmg easily, setting everything on fire from a distance. I don't brawl with Zao against other tier 10 cruisers unless i'm being cornered. If you like to brawl and play in close to mid range, Hindenburg is great, very durable armor, two rear turrets which come in handy doing the circle dance with BB or other CA, plus the torps! and i wouldn't hesitate to charge a lone tier 8~9 BB all day everyday. I play my DM as DD hunter or to escort BB, it's a fun little cruiser especially when i'm having both radar and sonar, and the ability to shred CV planes, very weak broadside and get citadel easily so i bowed in all the time when going at it with another CA. Tier 9~10 BB pen her front easily so i don't charge them unless the BB was close to being sunk.
  5. Yes you can remove radar as long as you also remove smoke screen from DD along with the cancerous British cruisers who hide in smoke full time. Until then, I'll get my DM into a safe position in close proximity to the cap to run radar consecutively with hydro all day everyday, to lit up everything within range like xmas tree. Hell, I think Radar should get a boost to increase the range to 15km!
  6. Hindenburg getting no love from WG?

    Hindenburg really is the ideal candidate to utilize her torps in ambush style attack against a small group of BB, as shown on that replay clip which i have done successfully quite a few times too. LOL The turtleback allowed me to get away with a few salvo when i get right next to those BB, I couldn't and wouldn't pull off this sort of stunt in the same scenario in Zao due to the garbage torp arc. The DM is least tolerance to tactical mistakes due to her tofu armor, she will get annihilated very quickly by BB in close quarters, the only viable option is hit and run raining down HE to torch them, or hide behind the cliff and other obstacles to utilize her high shell arc, although very effective but seems monotonous and it gets old quick.
  7. Hindenburg getting no love from WG?

    Between the Hindenburg, Zao and Des Moines, the Hindy gave me the highest fun factor. Looking back at some of my Hindenburg's battles that did 200+dmg they were mostly from engagements with BB so i think you're right, i'll make adjustment accordingly. I have yet to break the 200dmg mark in Des Moines, but it seems to be a more well rounded CA in general. it is great at supporting and hunting DD, a beast to brawl with other CA in close range, and still pretty good at irritating BB from long range with her quick reload, I don't like her slow shell velocity but it's still very effective in providing support and contribution to the team overall.
  8. Hindenburg getting no love from WG?

    Playing the DM and Hindy in supporting role to both DD and BB shouldn't be the problem, i have higher chance to survive against BB in Hindy than the DM. Both of them shred tier 10 CV planes like swiss cheese equally well too. I guess the lack of Radar in Hindy most likely made it less effective in covering DD, especially at the caps in close range....
  9. Hindenburg getting no love from WG?

    I have the exact same play style in my Des Moines but for whatever reason my Hindenburg seems to always get shafted with the potato teams, is it just my perception or the Hindy is meant to get the short end of the stick by design (meta)? I love them both but have the most fun factor in the Hindy due to the turtle-back. My stat comparison: Des Moines WR: 58.94%; Avg dmg: 81,465 Hindenburg WR: 49.03%; Avg dmg: 80,795
  10. Khab Nerf

    I have the Khab and it made absolutely zero difference to me if they've decided to completely remove the torps altogether! i use torps probably less than 3 times in 908 battles in my Khab, this is primarily and almost exclusively a BBQ gunboat! I don't care about the detectable range either as I am constantly on full throttle and non stop firing at the enemy ships within range. This is not a DD you go park and sit at the cap or hide in smoke in the beginning of the battle. Know your boat's strengths and weaknesses and play its role accordingly!
  11. Radar boost is very much needed to counter all the cancerous Minotaur constantly (like full time) hiding in smoke near the caps ripping everything on its path to shred. The radar buff has zero affect to my DD play style as i will continue to torp spam with my shima from a distance with 20km fish, and burn all the BB to the ground with my Khab. I've played tier 10 almost exclusively and majority of my battles in DD, and I very much welcome the Radar buffed, I have no issue whatsoever with any nerf or buff to DD as I can make adjustment to my play style accordingly to the strength and weakness of each and every different ships! My ship type usage: Destroyer (46%) Cruiser (29%) Battleship (24%) Aircraft Carrier (1%) Shima WR: 52.13% Khab WR: 56.28% Gearing WR: 59.18%
  12. German 203 HE with IFHE question.

    Before the 0.6.6 patch I used IFHE with my Hindy and always get higher dmg when i spammed HE.
  13. Impressions of the German HE change?

    Comparing to Zao and Des Moines I have the most fun with Hindenburg, doing 200K+ damage is very common even before the new patch (see attached screenshots). I would never hesitate to charge head on toward all T8/T9 BB trading shots and sailing toward them 1 on 1 from over 15km away, with T10 BB i only charge them coming out of corner of a cliff and use my torps in close range. I often brawl with BB in my Hindy, the German turtle back and semi-quick reload allowed me to come out on top most of the time, wouldn't dare do the same in Zao or Des Moines, only hit and run with them.
  14. Impressions of the German HE change?

    These are BEFORE the new patch, My Hindy spammed HE whenever I can. With premium camo a few flags and a good day this ship can crank out some good credits, this round alone i've used 100% HE and zero AP.
  15. Majority of the Zao player wandered far off the map to abuse their invisible fire instead of supporting DD at the caps close by, hopefully the new patch would fix some of that issue.