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  1. Gold to Doubloons

    OH.....WoT gold to WoWS doubloons! It's been so long since I did WoT...I wonder if I have any gold...
  2. Napoleonic Era Warships

    Yeah, the sea trials were the only fun to be had in that sim. And they were very fun. I loved the storms!!
  3. Bismark 50% off not 15/30

    See the little battleship icons there in that image?
  4. Buying another Premium

    See, now I didn't realize that! I've been retraining them in Co-ops (which is boring).
  5. Napoleonic Era Warships

    @ElysionThe tactics did work very well, and it was indeed great fun. Some of the most fun I've had. And as a sailor in real life, I was quite impressed with the wind dynamics. I was part of the Decatur Armada. Were you with a group?
  6. Warspite Jutland Bundle

    How do you calculate 10,300 Db for the Warspite?
  7. Bismark 50% off not 15/30

    So....I'm new, and am only up to T5 in the tech tree. I was eyeing the Tirpitz, but at $50ish bucks, this special gives me an idea. I'm about to unlock the Konig. I'm thinking of cashing in the Free XP I've saved (almost enough for the Nelson) and researching and buying the T5-8 German BBs while they are on sale. I'd save a lot of silver and have four good BBs in the bargain. Of course, I'm just at T5, so that's several tiers of ships to get all at once, and captains would be crap for them for a while...
  8. Napoleonic Era Warships

    I've been with Naval Action since early alpha. They killed that game. The basics of ships, sailing, fighting and the detail was great right from the start (in their early alpha arena mode). Then they tried to turn it into a sandbox/economy game and just killed it. Too bad.
  9. sell camo and flags

    Ummm...no....the level of credulity I pretended to would make me a Trump voter. We’re talking conspiracy theories, not Pollyanna wistfulness.
  10. sell camo and flags

    Well argued. I’m convinced.
  11. sell camo and flags

    With all the money you have made, you can buy some tinfoil, and make yourself some nifty hats.
  12. Penetration and Caliber

    That looks like a great video. I'll watch it tomorrow. Thanks.
  13. So, I'm pretty new. I've researched a bit, and found penetration charts and curves and calculators. This is all interesting, but also a bit beyond me. Is there kind of a quick and dirty correlation between penetration and caliber? If, at the same tier and class, one ship has larger guns, does it also tend to penetrate better? I've noticed that some of the ships I fight really have trouble penning with either HE or AP, even on same tier ships.