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  1. Griphos

    BOTS in Co-op battles unplayable

    TranslatedTotally distorted to justify my trolling......."I don't understand the reason for a forum. Given that, I don't care, either. I just wanted to stir the pot some." FIFY
  2. Griphos

    BOTS in Co-op battles unplayable

    Fine. I still don’t understand why you need to belabor the point on here. Not fun? Don’t play. The rest of us don’t care.
  3. Griphos

    BOTS in Co-op battles unplayable

    Yeah, any team that loses to bots, even the new-improved bots, is basically bot-level themselves.
  4. Griphos

    First game in over a year and.....

    Well, a brand new player would be in a T1 ship, not a T6 premium. So s/he would be fighting others with the same lack of experience and skill. Someone who jumps into a WoT battle in a T6 premium without any real experience is likely to get equally schooled.
  5. Griphos

    Achived rank 16... and now??

    Can’t you get all the way to 15 in T8 by winning two battles in rank 16?
  6. Griphos

    Weekend Sale

    A scholar of ancient Greek philosophy. My Ph.D. is from the Joint Classics and Philosophy program at UT Austin, although I was housed primarily in philosophy.
  7. Griphos

    Weekend Sale

    Actually, it's way closer than your suggestion. Your original claim was that WG decides what to put on sale based on what you buy. That's like one horn of the problem that most people accept concerning piety, that a thing is pious, as Euthyphro first suggests, because the gods love it. But, when Socrates asks whether the gods all love the same things, and whether a thing being pious by stipulation, in a sense, really satisfies our sense of piety, he then asks whether perhaps the gods love something because it is pious already. This would, in your case, lead one to ask whether you buy things because WG will put it on sale. That's the flip-side of the original proposition. They are, in a sense, on (for?) sale already, essentially, and you merely recognize that, and so buy them. :-) Of course the real thrust of the Euthyphro problem is the realization that the gods are irrelevant. If a thing is pious because the gods love it, then a thing is both pious and not pious, as Socrates points out, depending on which gods love it or hate it. This makes the category pious meaningless. On the other hand, if a thing is pious in itself, and the gods love it because it is pious, then the gods' love is immaterial, and we don't really need to worry about them at all. In your case, the result is clearly that sales are irrelevant. A bit of WG swag is desirable to you, regardless of when and whether WG will put it on dicount, and so you buy it! It's on sale, all the time. Just not discounted all the time. :-) QED
  8. Griphos

    Weekend Sale

    Oh, I know very well what the problem is in the dialogue. I think my offering is more faithful to the original.
  9. Griphos

    WG gets it right and a Wallet Whale returns

    I only spend money on ships and premium time. Nothing else really makes a significant difference in actual gameplay to make it worth money.
  10. Griphos

    Weekend Sale

    I’m still just trying to figure out what any of this has to do with Euthyphro's dilemma. But, here’s my best shot at applying it to this situation: so, does WG put things on sale because you buy them that week, or do you buy things in a given week because WG will put them on sale?
  11. Griphos

    What is the conclusion on T-61?

    Sooo....10 pt Captain? PT EM or LS (try to improve turret traverse at cost of standard DD skill?) SI or......? CE
  12. Griphos

    T 61 now on sale.

    Even if you didn't have the doubloons stockpiled and went out and bought 25k and spent them on something, you got the 25k worth of stuff AND a T-61. Nothing wrong with that. Now, could you spend those 25k better on more discounted stuff later and gotten more for your money? Yes. But unless the discount was 50% on everything you bought, you'd still probably come out even. It's a wash, I think, as to when and how you get the T-61.
  13. There is a new ship. T-22.
  14. Yes, I did indeed multiply. I multiplied x, which is 10, by .5=5, which added to 10=15. The formula your buddy offered, and which I quoted, was x+.5x=y. .5, not 5. That's because FXP is a fraction of base XP, not a multiple of it. This is obvious, if you'd both thought about it and paid at least a little attention to what you were reading. Now, don't you feel silly?
  15. Griphos


    WG as Big Brother.... Ummmmm.....nah....I don't believe it.