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  1. DownriverRick

    USN Destroyers off Viet Nam

    Just a small historical note. USS Bainbridge would have been DLGN-25 during Vietnam. She, along with the other USN DLG's were redesignated as CG's in 1975.
  2. DownriverRick

    USN Maine - really?

    She was ordered, not commissioned, in December 2019. Still under construction.
  3. DownriverRick

    Something NEW For This Puerto Rico Dockyard

    In the 0.11.7 video, at 2:18, you'll see that particular flag flying from the Puerto Rico. So it looks like that just may be the one that is being given out this time around.
  4. DownriverRick

    USN Maine - really?

    The Maine is a ship in the Legends console game, not the PC game. As for the names, the USS Maine was the proposed name for the 3rd Montana class BB (BB-69) and the actual name of an Ohio class SSBN (SSBN-741). As for Arizona, the Navy has a Virginia class SSN building right now with that name. The Constitution is the only one of those three that won't be seen on a modern USN ship, because Old Ironsides is still in commission, the oldest in the fleet. But as a vet, you knew all of that.
  5. DownriverRick

    11.7: RIP Submarines

    The SMS Pommern, a Deutschland class pre-dreadnought battleship, was sunk by British Destroyers at Jutland. Not the Pommern from in game, but it was never stated it was.
  6. DownriverRick

    Can somebody explain Tromp to me?

    While this is certainly true, Tromp is not a paper ship. She served for over 30 years. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tromp-class_cruiser
  7. DownriverRick

    Wow this just happenned live on Stream.

    I’m sure his fanboys will be in this thread soon enough to defend and support his actions. Just a matter of time…
  8. They did have a conversation about Boggzy's luggage getting lost on the flight to Chicago before they flew to Europe....
  9. Looks like Ahskance, Boggzy and Konception are all in Prague right now. All three were in studio for the EU community stream today.
  10. DownriverRick

    changes after all the updates

    Check your in port music settings
  11. Looks like they are changing the missions every Wednesday
  12. Good thing those started back up today then...
  13. DownriverRick

    Research Bureau not on test?

    It’s not possible to buy ships from the Research Bureau on the PTS.
  14. I know you have a soft spot for the Kitty Hawk. I also have the same for the ships on which I served. But not a single one of them belongs in this game.
  15. DownriverRick

    Camo Question...

    Many folks here have been selling them off, as they are just cosmetic now. If some extra credits could benefit you, it won’t hurt to sell them.