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  1. DownriverRick

    Cause 551,789 Damage to ships

    May 5, 1789 is generally accepted as the beginning of the French Revolution.
  2. DownriverRick

    Can't open Mod Station.

    Mod Station was updated on 29 June. Download and reinstall the latest version.
  3. From the Wiki:
  4. You're right. The one in the game is a Tribal. There was an HMS Cossack that is a C Class, which is a class appears to not be in game.
  5. DownriverRick

    Angle mod??

  6. DownriverRick

    Mod Station

    Modstation had an update dating 3 May that needs to be installed to work with the current patch. If you haven’t reinstalled I the last 5 weeks, you may want to do so for the app to work.
  7. DownriverRick

    Feedback on in-game monetization

    That was the CC exodus
  8. DownriverRick

    Does the 25% doubloon coupon expire?

    When it expires, it is no longer available nor valid. No stacking.
  9. DownriverRick

    West Virginia '41

    On the Naval History and Heritage Command website, the ship in the picture is identified as Tennessee. https://www.history.navy.mil/browse-by-topic/wars-conflicts-and-operations/world-war-ii/1945/battle-of-okinawa/okinawa-historic-overview-importance.html
  10. DownriverRick


    No, it applies to cash purchases too, unless they've made a very recent change. The verbiage that the OP cited was the same as what was in the b-day email that I received back in November and I was able to buy dubs and get the deal.
  11. DownriverRick

    Anchors Aweigh Tour 2023 - USS Iowa

    USS Edson isn't in Port Huron, she's 2 hours away in Bay City, MI.
  12. DownriverRick

    When is Jager coming out?

    Nothing has been announced on either of these yet.
  13. By the looks of it, you belong to XFFGX Clan
  14. DownriverRick

    Captain skill point accounting on French Cruiser

    2 point skill Fill the Tubes is chosen, under the N/A symbol.