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  1. As already pointed out, it doesn’t work that way. One tech tree ship only, no matter what the class of ship. You can train a captain for multiple classes, but that captain can only be trained for one, and only one, tech tree ship.
  2. DownriverRick

    WG made 2 million from the De Witt Update(NA alone)

    Mountbatten is just another YouTuber who needs to drive traffic to his site in order to make money. He knows, just like certain ex-CC’s, that by going at the “look how WG is trying to screw you now!” angle, he’ll get more views. And that his fanboys will go out and spread the word so more eyes will land on his videos.
  3. Got the same here. Not feeling sad though. Might not be the best of pulls, but I can use them, so I'm content.
  4. The discounts start tomorrow.
  5. DownriverRick


    You mean like other ships of the Connecticut class, such as Kansas, Minnesota and Vermont?
  6. Same here. It doesn’t happen often, but there are times when I get the message that you can only get stats for battles fought during the present session. It’s an annoyance.
  7. DownriverRick

    Fair Winds and Following seas.

    Hapa, you’ve been a positive force as a CM and a community member. While you’re leaving the first, I hope we will still see you around the community every once in a while. Here’s to continued success in whatever path you follow. Thanks Chief.
  8. DownriverRick

    What Port Do You Use? Why?

    As an old WestPac sailor, the Philippines port seems like home. I tend to rotate that with Ocean and Naval Base.
  9. DownriverRick

    Rental Ships

    One of the reasons I have participated on the Public Test Server is just to try out new ships. Most often, it’s easy to move up a tech tree, given how cheap it is on that server. It gave me the opportunity to try out several tier 8 thru 10’s while I was still around T5/6 on the main server and helped me decide which tech line to prioritize.
  10. DownriverRick

    Naval battles oppression

    To expand on what @ThisIsClassic said, each week for Naval Battles are certain things that are used for competition. This week, for example, it is total ribbons. Some weeks it is XP or Damage. To qualify, your clan needs to reach a certain threshold in the category for the week. Since this week is total ribbons, your clan has from Monday to Thursday to accumulate the requisite number (don't recall what that number was for ribbons this week). They can be acquired on any tier, in any game mode. Once your clan reaches the number required, you're automatically in. That's it, no Clan Battles (as these don't run all the time, where Naval Battles is usually every weekend). It looks like your clan is still smaller, with not everyone being very active. Once it grows, your clan shouldn't have a problem getting to the requisite qualifier. At that point, it's up to the members to opt into playing by enabling their Naval Battle chances (which can be up to 14x a weekend) and passing each level for each type of ship and nation. Even if you fall short, there is still a reward to the clan for participating, but obviously the reward is better if you win.
  11. In that case, the outage should've had little to no effect on that type of player, as the servers were back up by late afternoon/early evening on Friday.
  12. My clan won 93-90. We were behind at first, but caught up and passed the other clan yesterday. The extra attempts that we have certainly helped.
  13. DownriverRick

    Tanks is Down... Ships is Down...

    The PTS is on a server in either Russia or elsewhere in Europe. Planes is just six guys on a LAN.
  14. DownriverRick

    Overloaded Servers?

    Had it happen to me once yesterday. Tried again right after and got into a game, so figured it was just a bump in the road.
  15. DownriverRick

    Unsure why ban 5.07?

    There are a couple in the Mod Station, so no, not banned.