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    Rhein Dive Bombers

    Sounds like maybe a bug but remember... German planes climb into the drop height then dive to drop, during that time if you are not looking down you will miss your target reticle. Try to look down on your attacks. If your ellipse is missing completely make a report.
  2. Capt_Luftwaffles

    Game skipping stats page after battle.

    Been going on now for awhile, haven't seen a solution aside from not playing cv, or ise.. Every time I play anything with planes it will lock and send back to port etc.. It does work properly in safe mode without mods. Interesting that I use the Wargaming mod pack, so it is in there somewhere.
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    Nah, but there will be a parade of joy to follow...
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    Can't login to website/forum on Chrome

    Try to clean your cache