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  1. This one is going places...
  2. Save it.
  3. There just isnt any point in engaging with you. Puli already made it clear enough. He even linked a thread with proof of you being an jerk just like some SALTY guys yet you refuse to admit that you can lose it from time to time so again...there just isnt any point in talking to you. I would have better progress debating politics with a brick wall than debating this with you.
  4. smgdh
  5. ffs dude...his point is you are guilty of doing the exact same shyt that you are accusing him and his clan of. The difference is they own up to it and you dont. Simple. Done. Deal with it.
  6. I understand that Dogfighter Expert really helps with the lower tier fighters on the high tier USN CVs. This is a skill I used regardless because the USN CV strafes are so strong on the fighters. I'll wait until I get Essex before I make a judgement. All I can say is I am greatly looking forward to 212 Essex as 112 Lex can be somewhat frustrating. Any average 222 CV knows that he can split his force and just keep your fighters locked or spotted. Whichever flank is the weak flank he gets free run on because 1. my fighters are locked in a dogfight 2. covering my fleet 3. escorting my strike or 4 just too slow to get in position to for proper coverage. Also, historically the USN aviation programs produced some of the most sophisticated and most beautiful aircraft of the time. Obviously these were later era aircraft which were previously featured on Essex and Midway. It is a shame that I wont be able to see their visual models in game.
  7. Yes and unfortunately he left RUST a week or so ago. Seemed like a good dude from the conversations and battles I fought with him.
  8. Your friend in RUST said this is how you were pretty much word for word. Since joining RUST I have new insight on SALTY and how you all are. I've certainly toned down my anti SALTY antics even though some of your mates just ask for it from the community. Past is the past and youre right...this forum and this game doesnt really matter at the end of the day.
  9. Because our clans have relations and this is counter productive to that. Lets be honest...I've had my run ins with your clan mates, I said what I felt needed to be said and that is that. The reputation some of your guys have earn for your clan isn't the reputation I think a top clan should be proud of having. That is just my opinion. However, now that I am with RUST I am not going to be the one who breaks the relations our clans had before I joined. On a more personal note...my beef was never with you. From what I can tell from your posts, you are more interested in helping than others in your clan. From what I have heard from your friends within RUST, it just backs that up. So this is why.
  10. I wish this thread wasnt even posted...lol
  11. This isn't going to be good...
  12. It does not allow that to happen. That has to do with the targeting mechanic not the spotting mechanics. However, it does increase the odds of hitting that ship behind the island. If the ship is spotted and targeted but you do not have a clean line of sight it can difficult to judge the elevation of the guns. With this mod that does not matter, just put the X on the ship's minimap icon and boom...you have the elevation.
  13. You must have a good imagination or something...