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  1. GB BB nerf to Bow armor

    Not sure about the Monarch but the other two, maybe. It would help kill their zombie heal.
  2. [RUST] Rusty Old Frigates [OXIDE]

    New recruitment thread here folks. We are rebuilding a new CB team to make a push into Storm League or higher to maintain the RUST name and gain the steel for our Captains. Looking for capable DD captains and guys who have experience calling to boost our edge. 07
  3. Searching for a new clan

    RUST is recruiting. We are currently building a new CB team for next season so there is a good chance for you being our main BB captain. Come check us out. Link to recruitment thread in signature. o7
  4. Would argue that New Mexico, Bayern need a buff first.
  5. you obviously rushed in too early. next time hang back until radar ships are in fewer numbers. simple
  6. [RUST] Rusty Old Frigates [OXIDE]

    Still looking for some folks to shoot more boats with, come check us out. o7
  7. [RUST] Rusty Old Frigates [OXIDE]

    Looking for capable captains to make a competitive push into Clan Battles next season. Must be active in Discord and ready to run in some divisions. Please, stop by if you're interested. o7 Captains.
  8. Agreed. Ran into a player like that last week. Dude had nothing but an Erie, Atago, Mass, Tirp and Salem in his port. Guy was completely clueless. However, this is the way WG wants it because players like this are how they make their money. I would love to see restrictions on the purchasing of high tier premium ships.
  9. Best not argue with someone like this guy. You're just wasting your time.
  10. 23k games in and you havent figured out that complaining and moaning on the forums doesnt do anything? You are OP my friend.
  11. Hiding behind rocks!!

    Shooting from behind hard cover, remaining unspotted and keeping constant pressure on the Red push is a perfectly viable strat when utilized by the right ships...IE: Any USN/RN CA/CL and even some BBs such as Richy, NC, MO and Iowa.
  12. It is just cosmetic. Shouldnt see any changes to armor scheme...etc. However, captains who run that camo have an advantage because smoke from the ship running it is harder to see meaning...ships targeting it have a harder time judging speed on broadside targets and have a harder time judging direction on bow in targets. Though the camos dont add any advantage statistically, it still gives an advantage with the smoke because if the harder to see smoke causes a missed salvo or two, that can be a HUGE advantage in a DPM fight or it can buy the space camo ship just enough time to go dark and escape death. They really shouldnt be in the game because of this. I have them turned off to prevent any player from this advantage over me.