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  1. No place to Install Mods

    Don't run mods. Problem solved.
  2. Tier 8 Battleships

    NC. 100%. Better, more consistent ship. I fear no Bismarck or Tirp when in this boat. I know where to hit them and the NC's guns are consistent enough to hit that spot directly and deal massive, unrecoverable damage. NC all day.
  3. Finally got North Carolina

    Bow on short/mid range combat is your friend in NC. Get in defensive positions central to the map overlooking the flank or two caps.
  4. GZ OMG

    Its called a "you understood" subject. Look it up. In that example...Translation please. "You" is "understood" to be the subject. Also, no matter what ship you are in, I'm not worried about facing you. Good luck.
  5. Which would allow you to maintain that OP strike for even longer and make this ship even more easy to play. No.
  6. 100% agree with this except the "ship is fine" part. A monkey could do well with this boat, especially with the 2-0-3 loadout. The AP bombs are stupid powerful, the aiming circle is impossible to miss with and it requires no thought given to the best possible direction of attack. Zero skill required to play this boat...
  7. [RUST] Rusty Old Frigates [OXIDE]

    Now recruiting. We now have a fully upgraded port and are looking to fill our new captain vacancies. Reach out for a link to Discord, GL HF.
  8. Sounds to me like it happens to you all the time torps or no torps so I say again, how about not running into islands.
  9. hmm...or stop running into islands. just a thought.
  10. Why are you still talking about this? I'm over it.
  11. lol okay @nuttybiscuit, I'm not feeding the troll tonight. I don't have time for you.
  12. Hey man, I was just asking a simple question in an attempt to screen your attitude toward clans. As a recruiter, that is my job. We have no room for elites in our clan. We want to have fun and we already have issues with guys who think they know it all running off good players who are enjoyable to div with. Yes, you took it way to personally. As far as your PM and Phoenix comment, cool. Good job. You are good in low tier boat you enjoy. I am happy for you, hopefully you will be just as good in high tier game play because again...it was never your stats that were the issue, simply the low amount of battles you have at competitive tiers where my clans call home combined with what came off as an "I know it all" attitude. That is why I worded the question the way I did. Not because I am an [edited]but because I wanted to trigger the response I thought I would get hoping I was wrong. Now with all that aside...if you are serious about joining a clan, take up Kaptin Wuff and his offer. I've ran in battles with his guys, they are always friendly and they know what they are doing. GL HF
  13. Drax is pretty awesome so I'll take that as a compliment. I moved on, it was only after he took it personal that I re-engaged. (Sending a PM and bringing up tanks for some reason) We have gotten some really enjoyable players into our clans, we just don't have room for the elitist attitude that this guy has. Not sure how talking trash in a PM is taking the high road but okay, that is your opinion. I didn't take a shot at clan POPCORN, I just know how they are there based off experiences with their players and frankly...they are a good fit for each other. Hhmmm, maybe there are things you don't know that are the reasons I say what I say. GG GL HF
  14. lol you two are meant for each other. So long.
  15. Look Guy, Let me lay this out as simple as I can for you. You have less than 1k battles, there is no way you know as much as you think based off of your sarcastic yet snarky original post, so I wanted to test your attitude which is why I asked you the question the way I did. Your answer just confirmed my assumption I gathered about you form your post. We had our pokes back and forth so fair is fair. With that said although your stats at mid tiers are decent, the sample size is low. Although your stats at high tiers are "decent", the sample size is extremely low. The majority of your battles are low tiers and there is no way you have learned what you need to know for competitive play at those tiers. If you already know what you need to know then this is probably a reroll account but we wont get into that. Your stats were never the issue. The issue was your low amount of battles at tiers that matter, the obvious free XPing past ships to get to high tiers without learning lessons valuable to high tier game play combined with your attitude. You simply just aren't what RUST/OXIDE is looking for in our community. Regarding my "need to put you down" or whatever. No, I'm just being honest with you. If you can't take it and want to take it personal then go ahead. Bring up WoT, fine, I still don't have a clue what you were referring to. I moved on by that point but you brought up other stuff and tried to make it personal. That is fine...you do you. I'm moving on. Have fun in POPCORN. You will fit in there. And before you say you didn't try to make it personal...don't act like you didn't send me a PM talking crap. At least I have the balls to say what I need to say upfront. @Ghatazhak