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  1. One thing is for sure...if Hak and Midway's legendary modules get released as is, I'm selling Midway. No point in playing it anymore.
  2. WG Hates IJN DD Confirmed

    They hate USN CVs equally so I guess it is fair.
  3. hahaha The Clev is just fine, the Clev strat is just fine. It's counter is simple; flank it, rush it, kill it. Then heal any HE dmg it put on you. Stop crying.
  4. New Upcoming TX Upgrades

    Yeah. New content is cool but right now the balance between tier IX and X is pretty close. Tier VIII, well its more mehh depending on the boat and skill of the player. With hat said, adding these tier X modules in will only make tier Xs tougher to fight which is the point, I understand that but the balance between IXs and Xs is good. This will only mess that up and unfortunately tier VIII wont have a chance. RIP tier VIII. For sure wont be buying any tier VIII prems again. They already see Xs enough, now they will just get wrecked. I'll probably only save tier VIII ships for ranked play now.
  5. Support will probably do nothing!

    What is the big deal, they all want to win either way so they will still be shooting each other. I personally don't sync drop because it is a guaranteed way to keep someone in your clan at 50% but I don't care if clans do it so long as the aren't giving away team locations or holding fire for one another.
  6. That would be too simple. Wargaming is Wargaming.
  7. Minotaur & Atlanta Detectability Ranges

    This is arcade battles not realistic sim.
  8. One one would think Wargaming would fix their server and FPS issues before starting a punishment policy such as this. Seems like common sense to me but you know...Wargaming is Wargaming.
  9. Farragut > Benson AA Hull

    AA hull on Benson is only typical in competitive formats where CVs are in every match. Wouldn't suggest using it in randoms.
  10. This is a good idea but the folks at wargaming would likely break something else attempting to add this feature into the game.
  11. @False_Premises, I think you can be of some assistance here.
  12. Agian invisible ships

    Just stick to low tiers. It doesn't seem like high tiers are the place for you.
  13. Agian invisible ships

    If you are bad enough to sail in straight lines and not change speed then you deserve to be killed by a single torp strike launched from beyond detection range. Shush up, get better or stop playing. It's simple really.
  14. Decline of BB support role. Why?

    It's pretty [edited] really. This is happening pretty regularly in ranked right now. There is at least one BB who sits in the back farming dmg then at the end of the match he is nearly full health with heals left going up against 3 or 4 boats alone, ultimately he dies and we lose the match...the worst part, because of his dmg farming he gets the XP to not lose a star. So basically the team loses because he failed to tank and support CLs but it doesn't matter to him because he doesn't lose his star...Wargaiming rewarding crapgame play once again.