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  1. smf117

    Feedback on Submarines

    Boring, not fun and useless.
  2. smf117

    How to Spec Salem?

    Agreed. AR is great. LS is not so great for Salem. Seems we are on the same page lol o7
  3. smf117

    How to Spec Salem?

    lol im dumb. here i am reading LS and thinking AR. disreagard the last few messages. No Last stand is not worth it on Des Moines or Salem.
  4. smf117

    How to Spec Salem?

    Yes. I am aware and you saying you have never found a use for it after 4.5k battle is quite sad.
  5. smf117

    How to Spec Salem?

  6. smf117

    How to Spec Salem?

    I see. Well I would say you can spec ship upgrades and captain skills about the same for this ship as you would the Des Moines as their only real differences are in radar and damage repair stats. With that said, I currently have my Des Moines speced into survival skills. Not often do you see CVs after morning hours at tier X so specing into AA isnt as useful considering the HE dakka dakka meta we see with Haragumo, Kita, and Wooster. In the battles where there is a CV, odds are it wont be tier X and it will likely avoid you under the assumption you are running DFAA with buffed base AA anyway. Conversely, AP bombs make AA irrelevant which is just another pro for specing into full survival skills rather than specing into AA. Survival and damage control builds are likely to be most useful at this time for ships like Salem and Des Moines. Also, concealment expert is a must. Hope this helps. o7 Ohh...as far as your question about Last Stand, no. It is not worth it. For tier II captain skills you have options. You can elect to only run one then spec into three tier I captain skills such as PT, PM and expert loader. You can spec into two tier II skills such as AR with Expert Marksman or AR with one of the endurance skills. All are good options. I run AR and Jack of all Trades. Some dont like Jack of all Trades but getting that heal or radar off just a bit sooner can make or break a clan battle.
  7. smf117

    How to Spec Salem?

    If there are few options for this ship, arent the picks for captain skills obvious?
  8. smf117

    Ranked Sprints

    Agreed. Quite enjoyable indeed. o7
  9. smf117

    How long for Subs to be ready for Randoms?

    Hopefully never.
  10. smf117

    Clan Battles Tier 6 - What a blast!

    We had a few teams running so I am sure that helped. I wasnt able to get on until 830 CST so I cant say how long the guys were running before I showed up. Pretty sure I saw three teams running at once at one point.
  11. smf117

    Clan Battles Tier 6 - What a blast!

    A win is a win.
  12. smf117

    Clan Battles Tier 6 - What a blast!

    Seal Clubbers? So top tier clans shouldnt have taken part in the event?
  13. smf117

    Jean Bart/ Alaska soon?

    Both will likely be around for quite some time. Kron has been around for awhile now.
  14. smf117

    Jean Bart/ Alaska soon?

    Hopefully FXP. I've got 1.5mil waiting for Jean Bart and Alaska. Saving all coal for the new tier X French BB (Hopefully). That one might be a steel/CB ship.
  15. lol stopped reading after "I watched Notser's". Yeah, not sure anything said in his videos should be taken too seriously. To answer, the title of the thread, no. It's not flawed. It should keep newer players from jumping up to higher tiers too fast where captain skills really matter by provoking them to stay at lower tiers to grind out captain skills, it gives captains with thousands of battles something to grind for (elite commander xp) and it allows for different play styles for various boats ie AA North Carolina v Survival North Carolina, stealth DDs v full gun boat DDs, secondary Bismarck v Survival Bismarck...etc.