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  1. shaneduce

    Naval Legends: Jeremiah O’Brien

    Why is the Tirpitz not on the list?
  2. Is there a way to add this to bot to your personal Discord?
  3. I was watching a wows stream this week when it froze for a sec. I was at 38% then it disappeared. Now no matter who I watch for the last 2 days I can not get any progress. The last drop I got was 5 days ago. Did they change how drop's work?
  4. On this day 1st of July 2022 I made SuperTester.

  5. shaneduce

    Playing BB with WH40K music

  6. North Carolina Remember back in the day when the North Carolina was a no fly zone and CV's avoided them.
  7. shaneduce

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.5

    I just want to finish my Transformer Collection...
  8. I believe that every dockyard event is a special ship that you make the gameplay for it. I have all but the Odin. I love everyone of them in difference way's. Right now the Anchorage and PR are tied with the USS Flint for my top favorite ship. I darn near have 400 ship's I think l0l.
  9. shaneduce

    Waterline: Roadmap Update – Spring 2022

    If they do they should let the orginal DY PR only one the have the R,W,&B camo. And not the new one.
  10. shaneduce

    Waterline: Roadmap Update – Spring 2022

    Hello all, As someone that ground out the Puerto Rico in patch 8.11 I feel that if they are going to bring back the PR, that they not let the new Dockyard PR's have the Red, White, & Blue camo that the original Dockyard PR got. As a way to show the difference between the old one and new one.
  11. shaneduce

    PSA: Bonus Code

  12. shaneduce

    T-XI & XII Eco.

    Thanks for your support...
  13. shaneduce

    T-XI & XII Eco.

    Was not a question, just a statement... The USS United States, and the HMS Eagle are CV's. And after the CV rework there is NO odd tier CV's ONLY even Tier CV's so that makes them T-XII.
  14. shaneduce

    T-XI & XII Eco.

    I read this and had to l0l. https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/317 I hope they understand that everyone like me and my friends did, was put all of our Eco. and different XP flag's on. We was making 500K + a game on a win. 250+ on a lost. Maybe they should collect more data maybe till the next patch. I did find that there was 12+ of them in one match the first weekend they was in the tech tree. I played my T-XI & XII ships knowing it will be expensive to play so to off set that I put on all the Eco. flag's. So I could off set to cost of playing it the most I can. I'm glad they cost so much to in credits to play. The people that spam fire I bet they are glad the ammo is not like in World of Tank's. Number of rounds and the high cost to fill your Tank back up with ammo.
  15. shaneduce

    Italian Destroyers Collection

    Just because your bad in the ship dose not make it a bad ship.