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    I stream Live on Twitch daily.
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  1. shaneduce


    I would like to be a Pirate!
  2. shaneduce

    Favorite ships?

    U.S.S. Flint
  3. shaneduce

    Who have you seen in game

    Hey buddy, your welcome to pop in my stream and team up any day.
  4. shaneduce


    Grats to everyone that made it.
  5. shaneduce

    New round of ST

    Thanks for the update I was just checking as I did apply and haven't got a yes or no on my app.
  6. shaneduce

    New round of ST

    Has the new round of ST been picked?
  7. shaneduce

    streaming code

    Thanks a bunch it worked for me.
  8. shaneduce


    Thanks I looked and couldn't find anything. I have almost enough Steel for a FDR, but this peak my interest more.
  9. shaneduce


    Can someone point me to where WG says the Austin is going to be on sell and when? Thanks
  10. shaneduce

    Your gaming rig?

    I9 9900k @5ghz, 32gb. 32000 mhz, nVidia Titan xp @ 2.1 ghz Aorus Z390 Master Acer Predator 32" 4k. Corsair 570x RGB. I stream on twitch.tv at the same name as my in-game name.
  11. shaneduce

    Why buy a tier 8 premium?

    More Credits and XP (Both Commander and ship).......................
  12. shaneduce

    Karma system

    Complete useless system................. Why have it????
  13. shaneduce

    New Campaigns wth? WG

    What is wrong with you WG? I didn't look to hard at the mission requirement until I finish off part 1 of the In Pursuit of Strasbourg. I saw I need to wait 5 more day's to start part 2 and a total of 20 days to finish off the campaign and get the Strasbourg. Well at first thats cool and all UNTILL................... I started the Ship and Fates and got to the last task and guess what it requires of all ships the bloody Strasbourg that you get from the other campaign. OR pay money to buy in the Prem shop or the Armory. Come on WG just stop it.......... I expect Campaigns to be hard but put it behing a bloody pay wall? Or have less than 8 day to go threw 5 more parts and eather all ready have the tech tree ships if u don't get to unlock them. IC why I'm not a CC or a ST i'm just to out spoken. WG has done thing right and I have been happy with the Anchorage, and the Massachusetts B I won threw there Twitter contest, Thanks agine. It still boggles my mind how lot of streamers in the community are ignored as we are the little people and we deserve to be watch and lesioned to by WG. Anyway come over and talk to me @ twitch.tv/shaneduce I'm small time hopping to get bigger. Come on by and drop a follow and sub. flame on......................
  14. shaneduce

    USS Flint

    Thanks bro, I all ready used mine this summer to get the Thunder (OMG what a LONG range HE spammer). Ever salvo I set at least one fire. Almost 70% fire chance is disgusting l0l
  15. shaneduce

    USS Flint

    I went to the Armory to buy the USS Flint and could not find it. Is it not in the normal Prem. shop ship section?