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  1. AngryAce

    Unnecessary reporting

    The Karma system doesn't affect the game in any way. On my CV account, I wear the zero karma has a badge of honor however, I have lost 80 Karma points over the last month from playing subs.... Nothing you can do
  2. AngryAce

    Borodino in the Armory and Premium Shop

    More OP Russian fantasy boats. Gets to sit bow in with all guns able to get on a target, bounce everything and as an added bonus, more fake Russian radar.
  3. AngryAce

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.4

    "For battleships, the Dead Eye skill is replaced with the Swift in Silence skill, giving battleships a 10% increase in speed while the ship remains undetected. This way, we add more options for battleships in terms of positioning, allowing them to engage in combat or change position in a skirmish faster." I've heard some dumb rational before but this one takes the cake. Most battleships are perma spotted unless they are way in the back, particularly by planes, firing guns or a quality DD player. The fastest BBs will see what, a 3ish kn increase while slowest will see a 2ish? You're not repositioning much faster with that assuming you can do so unspotted. You've nerfed secondary builds to the ground and release skills that promote camping. I can't imagine anyone spending 4 points on this skill and if they do, they will be in the back of the map zipping around 3kn faster...
  4. AngryAce

    Unsportsman ship

    Nothing you can do, it is automated and you would work it off before any support person would help you.
  5. Russian bias ins't joke, it is alive and well in this game. They blatantly release this OP fantasy ship and there is ZERO push back by super testers and CCs like there was with the Graf Zeppelin (although, it was considered under powered). We have a "cruiser" with battleship level hit point pool that goes 37 knots, auto bounces everything, has fast loading 20km range battleship caliber rail guns with a 2.65 sigma and if that wasn't enough, a 33% base fire chance and short AP fuse. If you haven't seen these gun in action, go find a video at YouTube. Lets not forget the 11.7km, 30-second radar, 1-minute duration DF and a heal that can potentially restore over 12k hp. We have a T10 seal clubber in the hands of people who have time to sit and get rank 1 and do CB while the rest of us who don't, get punished.