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  1. Talosar

    Mouse's Quick Summary of Premium Cruisers

    Thank you LWM. You are awesome :-)
  2. I know and by now fully realize that everything on PTS is always a placeholder and subject to change as WG states. I just love that everything changed from PTS to Live except the base rate which remained the same but was not clear initially on the Live server. Fem was asked to confirmed what the base rate was so people could run the Live versions of the spreadsheets. Back to the whole problem, if you need a spreadsheet to figure out a game system that should be extremely transparent to the player base you have a major communication/design issue.
  3. That is exactly why. They purposely withheld key information and made the in-game process so complicated you need a spreadsheet to figure out the actual truth to mislead you into paying cash for a booster.
  4. I wish I had more upvotes for the above. Played multiple high tier games last night different classes and I quickly realized I hate the new CV perma spotting meta and none of the games were fun. You know its bad when ranked looks better than playing another random battle. I will not be spending another dime on this game until major changes are made to CV's impact on vision. WG better not let this go on too long as once people move from rage to apathy they are never coming back.