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  1. _Koss

    CV Changes and Improvements!

    Your carrier is in fire and you just realise the bombers will not save you...why you are allowed to dismiss bombers and take-of with fighters 2 seconds before you die?!?...WHY??? This is not infected...you have a MAP....you see a DD incoming and is too late...your "container" is doomed because you don't look on map....why you are allowed to play another 4 minutes being a failure player? Fujin vs Ranger is a fair fight?...Fujin don't have any AA man...too bad if you let him in 2km from you.You shot torps before you die ….not controlling weapons after you are dead...poor analogy... you can't compare that. Explain me why a Nicholas is killing 42 Langley aircrafts and is killed by him.Langley seems to have unlimited aircrafts instead 37
  2. _Koss

    CV Changes and Improvements!

    Man...you give all time advantage to CV's...especially against DD's...this is BULSHIT. Look here...I kill the enemy Cv with torp run in 2 km range...he dismiss his bombers 2 seconds before he die and put up fighter squad even he has in fire. Next 4 minutes I was all time spotted and harass by a DEAD Cv player until he kill me with his team....What is the point to let a CV to play if was a bad player and let a DD get him from behind island?!? Your changes with dead player still playing 4 minutes make this game a crap game. He not suppose to be able to dismiss his squadron or if id dead is DEAD.This is how you alter the fun of this game giving advantages to 1 class of ships.If you want to do changes do this...If the CV is killed by a DD...the CV is DEAD no comments if was soo weak to let a DD get in close range.