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  1. LastoftheFallen


    Flambass posted a WIP video of the Azuma in her current state about a week ago. It's similar to the other IJN cruisers now in terms of squishy armor. Basically, if it gets caught in a turn, it eats a citadel hit. Here is a link to the vid for your reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yg7m6M-4-YA
  2. LastoftheFallen

    Is Torpedo Acceleration useful in Co-op and Operations?

    If you really want to hit the bots in co-op with your torps, line up your torps as per normal, then press X to select any other target while keeping your torpedo launch path in the same place. Once another target is selected, then launch your torps and the bots won't react anywhere near as fast. Happy hunting.
  3. LastoftheFallen

    Harry Potter invades WoWS????

    Finally got around to buying my Des Moines and decided to put a brand new 0 point commander on her for a Snowflake Co-op battle. I didn't actually notice until after the battle was done and I went to dismiss the joke commander that warships had auto-generated the name Daniel Radcliffe for him. Clearly someone at Wargaming was having a laugh when that name was added to the potential roster.
  4. LastoftheFallen

    Premium Ship Review #111: Jean Bart

    Is anyone else finding that their main batteries are destroyed extremely easily on Jean Bart? Even with Main Armaments Mod 1, I have had at least one if not both turrets destroyed in every match that I've played so far. Granted that's only 5 randoms since getting the ship yesterday, but I've never had another ship lose turrets this consistently.
  5. LastoftheFallen

    12 days of Eurobeat Year 2! 10/12 Bonus codes inside!

    Copy/Pasted all 3 and they worked for me just now. Thanks. Edit: NVM, they say code accepted, but nothing happens. You can even enter the same code multiple times and it keeps accepting it, but you never get anything. Guess time expired. Oh well.
  6. LastoftheFallen

    Henry Captain doesn't put the X over IFHE

    IF/HE on Henri IV also lets you do evil things to Khabas and their 50mm armor.
  7. Don't forget that torpedo speed and range also have to be factored into your calculation. For example, the Tashkent's 8km 60kt torps are very different from the Fletcher's faster and longer ranged 10.5km 66kt fish. This is especially important to consider in light of the radar meta. While we're at it, we should be considering the entire weapons compliment of each ship. I'll take the Taskent's rail guns over the floaty USN or RN shells any day. Thus the USN torps have to be better than the Taskent's torps to compensate for their different overall weapons capability.
  8. LastoftheFallen

    Are There Issues With LBT Accuracy?

    I have noticed that Last Battle Time does not consider scenario battles. If that's the primary game mode that someone plays, it can appear that they haven't fought a battle in a long time.
  9. LastoftheFallen

    British Destroyer Missions

    Those two missions can only be completed using the tier 7 Jervis, tier 8 Lightning, or the tier 8 Cossack. If you expand those orders, it's on the last line of the requirements.
  10. LastoftheFallen

    Update 0.7.9 Bug Report

    Is the Ship Building Yard discount supposed to apply in addition to the current anniversary sale, or is it just whichever is greater gets applied? For some reason I thought they stacked in the previous patch, but now they definitely don't seem to stack. Perhaps I am mistaken. Can anyone please clarify? Update: The article posted today (https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/development/new-clan-base/) states that only the higher of the discounts applies at any given time.
  11. My understanding is that WoWS Stats and Numbers only gathers data from the players that have been searched on the website. Newer players and players that simply don't care about their stats are unlikely to visit or know about the site, thus their data would not be represented. This would skew the data considerably and result in a higher win rate for all your calculations.
  12. LastoftheFallen

    Types of containers

    From my experience and what I've read by other posters, the rough average is about 2% of all containers. Keep in mind that this is an average across all players, so some people will have a higher or lower proportion than the average value.
  13. LastoftheFallen

    SMKIN Smokin Guns Clan-leader mass booted everyone

    The only way I can see to find the former members of your clan is to use the "Transfers" page from WoWS Stats and Numbers website and see each person that left or was removed from the clan. Here is the specific link: https://na.wows-numbers.com/clan/transfers/1000055957,SMKIN-Smokin-Guns/
  14. LastoftheFallen

    Is it just me or is the 20th anniversary lackluster?

    Keep in mind that the Wargaming anniversary and the World of Warships anniversary are two different events at different times of the year. Typically the WoWS anniversary has the better deals. Additionally, German ships are on credit discount this weekend at least.
  15. LastoftheFallen

    Narai : It's been Ultimate frontiered

    Don't even try it with a CV. Every cruiser has defensive AA, the forts are worse, and the Missouri, well... it's a Missouri, so it naturally eats planes. Oh and for some reason the enemy CV has permanent defensive AA triggered??????? Not sure how that works, but where do I get that module?