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  1. LastoftheFallen


    Thanks for posting. About half of them still work at the time of my post.
  2. LastoftheFallen

    Super Container haul, what did you get?

    15 SCs opened so far and I'm doing well... 50 Halloween Camo 15,000 Coal 50,000 Free XP 25 Wyvern Flags 100 Juliet Charlie Flags (anti-detonation) 100 India X-ray Flags (fire chance boost) 1,500 Steel 100 India X-ray Flags (fire chance boost) 100 Sierra Mike Flags (zoom-zoom) 100 Zulu Flags (rolling in the cash) 50 Ocean Soul Camo (prison stripes are probably cool somewhere) 15,000 Coal 50,000 Free XP 15,000 Coal Tier VIII Italian BB Roma + a 10 pt. commander (my G.C. gets a new friend)
  3. LastoftheFallen

    Fix the Victory Event notifications....

    This has actually been that way since last year. They have the two pop-up banners in reverse order. The banner for "Point-scoring begins" is actually the countdown to the end of the point-scoring day and as you have shown in your image, the "Point-scoring ends" banner counts down to the start of scoring for the new day. As a late night player, this has been a funny little annoyance and I was wondering if somebody would take the time to make a forum post about it. Turns out it bugs you a little more. In honor of this fun situation, have a smiley face / +1.
  4. I'd settle for something minor like a different color for discount tags in the tech tree when a ship/line is actually on sale. This way, you could see at a quick glance when a sale is happening. Currently, the clan discount tags make it so you have to hover over ships in one nation, then compare those prices to another nation's ships at that tier to know if something really is discounted beyond your clan discount.
  5. LastoftheFallen

    Appeal for Commander/Dep Commanders' Benefits

    Keep in mind that the idea of starting a clan is to either group up your friends and/or to get sufficient players in your clan to grind out the daily oil, so you can build the structures that provide the discounts. If there was a large enough bonus to Commanders and Deputies, then you would likely get a disproportionate number of clans with 1 or 2 members. If however, you truly feel that you as a Commander should be entitled to more, then make such use of the new Clan Treasury building and pay yourself extra. Be warned however, that if your standard clan members see this as you stealing, many will likely bail on your clan. This was a large enough issue back in World of Tanks that a number of clans imploded over gold theft allegations.
  6. LastoftheFallen

    When two T8 CVs make your T9 Cruiser their Pet Project

    Enterprise actually has huge fighter consumables that summon 10 planes each, so 9 waves of 5 from the Lex and a further 9 waves of 10 from the Big E. That's 135 planes right there if they kept popping them to spot. Still, the CVs were obviously careless with their planes and made poor target selection choices. Made for a good laugh though.
  7. 10pm PST on a Sunday night really did seem like an awkward start time. No wonder they blew it.
  8. LastoftheFallen

    St Louis vs Charleston

    This is correct. St. Louis has a firing range of 12.5km, whereas Charleston has a firing range of 12.4km. The rudder shift difference, as others have pointed out, is the main difference. Rudder shift on the St. Louis is 6.4s. Rudder shift on the Charleston is 8.5s
  9. LastoftheFallen

    T7 Ops and CV's

    Although there are some CV players that would do well even with a tier 6 CV, there are likely a few too many chances that a new/stock/less skilled CV commander may try a tier 7 scenario and end up hurting the chances of their team. Tier 8 CVs are just much better balanced against ships like the Missouri in Narai that would essentially deplane a tier 6 CV.
  10. LastoftheFallen

    T7 Ops and CV's

    Bumping this back up to keep the discussion going, particularly due to Narai now being the op of the week. Come on wargaming, give us a chance to make good use of our tier 8 CVs that doesn't involve random battles.
  11. LastoftheFallen

    New Code

    It's a code for World of Tanks only that gives 1.5x XP for each win if you're in the top 10 players on your team this weekend. Unfortunately it appears to have no effect in Warships. https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/missions/x-1-5-xp-weekend-0419/
  12. LastoftheFallen

    PSA: Naval Aviation Containers

    And yet these are the most expensive containers in warships history by a wide margin. The 20 pack is a full $20-$30 (depending on your local currency) higher than any previous 20 pack of crates/containers. It's time for wargaming to start posting the percentage chances of each reward being received.
  13. LastoftheFallen

    T7 Ops and CV's

    Being able to use tier 8 CVs in the tier 7 operations would be a welcome change for me, especially given that all the premium CVs are tier 8. While we're adding this change, perhaps Wargaming can swap out the Izumo in Defense of Naval Station Newport with a tier correct Nagato. Getting anywhere near a tier 9 BB with tier 6 CV planes is a lesson in frustration.
  14. A win to enter the draw and a crazy 506,000 damage loss when I couldn't quite carry hard enough. Fun times