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  1. LuckyStarFan

    The Steel Snowflake Nerf Is Real

    Yup, those boxes for tier 10 are worth less than the tier 8 coal values, to say nothing of the lost steel.
  2. While I disapprove of giving WG so much money in such a way, what you do with your money is none of my business. I'm not going to mess myself up trying to grief a PR buyer.
  3. Everyone called this as soon as it was revealed tier 10 got flag/camo boxes instead of steel. Spreadsheets show steel gains are half what they were last year, unsurprisingly. Pretty much any excitement I had for the holiday season has deflated between this and the Puerto Rico disaster. Will probably just casually grind Gorizia over a month and not much else.
  4. LuckyStarFan

    Update 0.8.11: New Year

    Are the Italian cruiser tokens being liquidated this patch? I don't see it listed, so I assume not, but I don't want to get caught.
  5. LuckyStarFan

    Suggestion: New Game Modes and Modern Era equipment

    Yeah and I'm suggesting that modern era ships fighting WWII ships will be extremely unfun for the WWII ships. Like playing Arkansas Beta in a triple CV game, you will be helpless against many things and that is not fun.
  6. LuckyStarFan

    Suggestion: New Game Modes and Modern Era equipment

    Let's not do this. I'd prefer WoWs get perfectly balanced then Wargaming can make WoWs 2: Boogaloo for more modern stuff. Era mixing will always be extremely unfun, looking at you [edited].
  7. LuckyStarFan

    ST, British heavy cruisers

    So what is the pull of these exactly? Big fire chance? Not exactly the best selling point. I'm not sure why I would want to sail one of these over a Brit CL, or IJN CA, or USN CA/CL. And yeah, that Goliath superstructure is straight up ugly and bound to catch a ton of shells. I'm fine with the UK castle bridges, but that thing just screams 'industrial complex'. This line seems uninteresting.
  8. LuckyStarFan


    Oh I see it now. For whatever reason I never registered the quad torp launcher logo was a directive menu. Thanks.
  9. LuckyStarFan


    Thanks for posting these. For whatever reason they aren't listed in my client.
  10. Any clarification on the directives needed to get the VI Premium ship container? I do not have anything in my combat missions lists related to the anniversary. I had a mission to earn 2.5 million credits in soviet ships which I finished, but that was not listed in combat missions so I'm worried there are other ones I cannot see and need to do. Thanks.
  11. LuckyStarFan

    USS Arky B and a AA compromise

    I definitely stopped taking her out because pretty much every game at tier 4 is 2x CV now and you have no hope of outplaying them. It's just more frustration than it's worth. Should just give her some 1.5km .50 caliber MGs that will kill a plane after 30 seconds or something, anything is better than nothing.
  12. LuckyStarFan

    How about some love for the Gearing?

    I don't think Gearing needs a buff, she is very good currently. She got buffed extremely hard when they changed how 283mm+ AP works against DDs and her long range torpedoes are getting a buff next patch.
  13. LuckyStarFan

    Secondary armament overhaul

    All BBs should probably have Massachusetts/Georgia accuracy for a start.
  14. LuckyStarFan

    Are mid and low tiers being neglected by WG?

    Pretty sure they've admitted as much before, at least in regards to premium ships. Something along the lines of, "It takes the same amount of time and effort to make a tier 2 premium ship model as a tier 10." And of course, you can sell a tier 10 for many times a 2.
  15. Ships are more lethal at higher tiers. The advantages a DD has, speed, stealth and size are mitigated as players aim better. Taking a cruiser salvo at tier 5 may mean you eat just one hit, at tier 10 you can eat every shell and be crippled or dead. On top of people aiming better and doing more damage, radar is very common at 8-10 while it is very rare at 7.