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  1. Can I have a 'no DD' option when I want to play BBs? Every class has a counter, I don't see why DD should be able to disable theirs.
  2. They way to counter CVs is actually to be aggressive. They have a limited amount of time(soon to be 19 minutes) to deal damage to you. Moving as a group to the objectives and focus firing the enemy surface ships will give you your best success against CVs. CVs want long games where the enemy does not advance against them. They want people to spread out, be alone, etc. AA builds will not counter a CV. You will kill more planes, faster, if you have some AA, but it will not guarantee your safety or those around you. So if you have a ship that benefits from a few AA captain perks and can spare them, sure, put points there. But there is no guarantee your game will have CVs in it or that the CV will attack you, so I would recommend adapting your playstyle accordingly rather than putting faith in AA talents.
  3. LuckyStarFan

    Skipping “Lazo”, yay or nay?

    It's a premium Schors with some very minor differences. Has anyone ever been thrilled by Schors? Complained she was too strong/weak? I can't recall any such comments. The most important part of a premium(to me) is whether it is fun to play. Tier 7 premiums are already well represented by a lot of tried and true winners which, in my opinion, Lazo does not join.
  4. LuckyStarFan

    Concerns for Yoshino (Yes, I know its WIP)

    I have Zao, I don't see Yoshino as doing anything better really. Same as DM/Salem, except Salem has some small upsides.
  5. LuckyStarFan

    0 damage pens need to go

    Agreed. At least label it as a shatter or deflection if no damage is dealt. Even if some module is damaged, if no damage is done it should not be registered as a penetrating hit.
  6. Without free players you lose 90% of the playerbase. Without a playerbase you have 3 versus 3 matches and the whales have no fun. Every player in this game has a say in this argument as they are supporting it by playing. He also has a say because he has to play against overpowered ships as much as anyone else.
  7. LuckyStarFan

    Shoot 30 planes

    Buy Nicholas, play Nicholas, finish mission in two games.
  8. LuckyStarFan

    Alaska Feedback: Underwhelming

    Haven't played her, but every time I see one I can't help but think she would be stronger with standard USN CA 8 inch guns. The 12s don't give her any real advantages.
  9. LuckyStarFan

    This is why players are no longer playing CV

    Band-aid fix is giving 4-6-8 CVs +1/-1 MM until they figure out how to make them work against +2/-2. I doubt WG will do it though.
  10. LuckyStarFan

    Spending intentions poll

    My spending hasn't changed. If WG puts up something I think is worth buying, I will buy it. I support the GC change and ongoing efforts to make CV fit into the game.
  11. GC is an extremely popular ship. Did you play the tier 5 ranked sprint? They were extremely common and made every other tier 5 BB a bad pick in comparison. The ship has been compared to tier 7s favorably since she was released. This is one of the best moves WG has made in a long time. There's a reason she hasn't been on sale and has never been available in tech tree for dubs.
  12. The health of the game is more important. GC is one of the most well known, imbalanced ships and it trivializes so much of tier 5. This is an excellent change from WG and hopefully more will follow, like moving Belfast to tier 8 where it belongs.
  13. LuckyStarFan

    The dangerous road of bait and switch.

    That is not what a bait and switch is.
  14. LuckyStarFan

    "AA has been nerfed to hell!"

    Planes get shredded by flak bursts, simple as. If your ship puts out few flak bursts, your flak bursts get spread out too much, or the CV is able to fly around them you won't kill many planes. The more ships with strong long range AA are together, the more unapproachable that group is. Single DDs have obviously noticed this as they mount only a few DP guns and are usually alone. But when a squad gets hit by a flak burst they are losing half their HP at a minimum. The constant damage from mid/short range AA is only strong enough to knock out already hurt planes. People will adjust to this new system in a week or two, adjusting their gameplay accordingly.
  15. Funny how DD players use 'it's an arcade game' to justify why 16 inch shells don't take half their HP, or why they get infinitely reloading torpedoes, or why you magically cannot see them 6km away, but then turn it around when something goes against them. Please do continue this is quite entertaining.