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  1. ClosedCoffin

    Mouse Presents: Screenshot Theatre

    Here's an Omaha my Colorado blew out of the water a couple weeks ago. Some say it's a programming glitch but it still looks really cool.
  2. ClosedCoffin

    You have warship meme's?

  3. ClosedCoffin

    World of Warplanes - anyone here playing it?

    Warplanes is fun for me, with the action usually starting seconds after battle start. Capturing sectors is the goal, either by shooting down enemy and/or neutral bot planes or destroying ground targets. The most attractive feature in warplanes for me early on was the respawn aspect. If killed you can respawn in any battle multiple times up until the "squall line" occurs, at the 7 minute mark i think it is. As a rookie player i liked this. I've seen no coupons lately for new players but third party vendors like alienware used to have them. the game is worth a try i think, you may like it. After 10,000 WOWP games i came to ships for a change of scenery and I'm liking it.
  4. ClosedCoffin

    R.I.P. SRV - Thirty years on

    Amen He's my favorite guitar player of all time. Here's another from the Austin Tx concert.
  5. ClosedCoffin

    Blown out of the water

    I made a slo mo video of the omaha explosion from the WG replay. It looks great close up, almost like a designed effect of a magazine exploding while grounded,. The file was too big for direct upload so I used YT.
  6. ClosedCoffin

    Blown out of the water

    interesting, I've been stuck a couple times myself. Is that because of this WGPhysics problem you speak of or are these beachings by design? It would be ok with me if it only happened to bot tho.
  7. ClosedCoffin

    Blown out of the water

    So how often do destroyed ships actually appear to get blown out of the water in this game? I've never seen it before. Pretty cool effect, or is it my connection that's messing with me. Omaha gets blown out of the water 2020.08.20.mp4