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  1. ClosedCoffin

    New Code

    Both worked. Thanks
  2. ClosedCoffin


    Same thing in Co-op, no battle, got penalized also sent ticket w screenshots and replay edit: cleared mods and reinstalled w ModStation fixed problem
  3. Hey trikke , I would love to watch this game of yours. You can upload the replay to https://replayswows.com/ from your World_of_Warships/Replays folder and we can download and view it from there. As long as 0.10.11 is still the current version.
  4. ClosedCoffin

    PSA: Code From The New Year Video

    Thanks and Happy New Year !!
  5. ClosedCoffin

    New code

  6. ClosedCoffin

    Epic bonus code still valid!

    Still valid for me, Thanks
  7. ClosedCoffin

    Bonus Codes

    Thanks, 👍
  8. ClosedCoffin

    Birthday coupon

    Here's a screenshot video of how i activated my bday coupon.I 635519405_WGHBDaycoupon.mp4.a68351307b5fcb6e549ba0bbc375044f.mp4
  9. ClosedCoffin

    Birthday coupon

    You'll have to spend 100 real dollars to get 50k doubloons. Buy 25k dbs for $100 in the Premium Shop after you click on your birthday coupon. This will then give you another 25k dbs as a 100% refund. Be sure to click on your coupon before buying anything. If you buy the $98 crate of 25k doubloons you'll end up with 49,500 dbs because of the $2 discount on that crate.
  10. ClosedCoffin

    Christmas Intro - How to replay it?

    Not sure how to replay it but I captured some of it... xmas opening video 2021.12.08 - 50.mp4
  11. ClosedCoffin

    BF crate code - with a surprise?

    All 3 still working, Thanks guys
  12. ClosedCoffin

    5 new codes

    Thanks, And thanks for the handy links too
  13. ClosedCoffin

    PSA: Opt in Mission and Quiz

    Thanks, that's how I like to take quizzes, with the answers provided.
  14. Exactly, first day of availability I purchased 25 premium crates, won or was awarded 3 more premium crates that dayand got one ship out of all of them. It was exactly the ship I wanted and would have purchased anyway but the point is rng rules.
  15. ClosedCoffin

    Code for Free Stuff

    Thanks, 869 left! For current players - 1 day premium, 10 scifi space camo, 10 restless fire camo, For brand new players - lots of cool stuff