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  1. I just got kicked off server while battle loaded. Now I cant contact player support, their page is unresponsive. Forum is working i see. Anyone else having problems?
  2. ClosedCoffin

    RIP Norm

    Norm MacDonald died today. I liked most of his comedy and sometimes he really made me laugh.
  3. ClosedCoffin

    Free Captain Reset Ending Soon

    Individual free resets still working at 2:45am Eastern, probably free for 3 more hours I'm guessing.
  4. ClosedCoffin


    Still working, Thanks!!!
  5. ClosedCoffin

    10m timelapse of Rotterdam to Amsterdam by boat

    That was a fun watch with my lunch, Thanks. And this is what the tow was..
  6. ClosedCoffin

    Your COOP Battles with over 1000 BXP

    Nice one danmh, 3 sub kills taking full health from 2 of them. Great XP score.
  7. I'm curious about the most ships/subs your sub has sunk in one battle. Or conversely how many subs a surface ship or sub has sunk in one battle, i guess 3 would be the most we'd see in battle. I haven't played a sub yet but I've sunk 2 in a battle with my Thunderer and Yamato. later that evening...
  8. ClosedCoffin

    Making secondariy BB's great again!

    That's the truth, and great advice. JeanBart - 75 secondary hits against an Iowa and Massachusetts today - no damage. 17mm pen no good against BBs at these tiers. Edit: Ill have to take the Inertia fuse skill I think. boosts secondary pen to 21.25mm which should be enough to pen all BB superstructures.
  9. ClosedCoffin

    Your COOP Battles with over 1000 BXP

    Thunderer did 1033xp in the new co-op w subs mode. The games are lasting longer as enemy subs survive beyond all except their Carrier usually. This game was over 8-minutes and with only 4 humans playing it helped my score.
  10. ClosedCoffin

    I kinda like subs in Coop?

    I'm kinda liking it so far in 20 or so games in T-10 BBs. My scores generally seem higher because, as you say, the matches are longer. After people get better at killing subs the matches will shorten again I'm sure. Even the Thunderer without ASW can take out subs with HE when they're above 20m or so. Yamato close quarters w sub Yamato kills sub w HE 2021.08.11 -
  11. ClosedCoffin

    Research Point bonus rollover notice

    Here's a link to a Tech Tree XP calculator that I found helpful in my deciding whether to reset or not. https://wowsft.com/research?lang=en
  12. ClosedCoffin

    Mouse Presents: Screenshot Theatre

    My Cossack_B bounces a G.J.Maerker in Co-op. GJM gets torped 2021.08.07.mp4
  13. ClosedCoffin

    My annual PVP games (PVE Thread)

    I tried a couple T-6 Randoms yesterday, I never play Random and the results showed it. Me and my Fuso contributed little and both games were losses. So enough of that I said and went back to my Yamato in Coop... well I got distracted and forgot to change modes of course and didn't realize it until I noticed some nice evasive maneuvers from the enemy. was thrilling but I was obviously out of my element - another loss.
  14. ClosedCoffin

    PSA: New Code

    Still valid 3:30pm EDT, Thx Admiral.