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  1. You're wrong. The game mechanics of the subs is way more intrusive and ridiculous than the destroyer torps. Destroyer torps don't home in on you at 90 degree angles. You can detect a DD when you get close enough - even in smoke. Subs are invisible for the most part, attack with impunity, and launch spreads of torps that defy logic and physics. They're broken. And, despite what you say, a lot of people pay to play this game. Without that, it will die. They're not programming this out of the kindness of their hearts. So... yeah, no. You're so wrong ...
  2. KDinLA


    Wargaming. You will get no money from me ever again until you fix them. They are broken, over-powered, and game breaking. Fix them or we're gone. Get it?
  3. I've had it with subs. The torps are RIDICULOUSLY hard to counter - especially if the sub is tiered above you. Countermeasures are practically non-existent on many ships, and even the ones we have, are often pointless/useless. I have been playing for years and have spent a lot of money on this game. I do not intend to do so any longer. Once my subscription to Premium runs out, I'm done. I suggest we "vote with our wallet" against Wargaming to show them our frustration with the latest changes like subs and the laughably game-breaking hybrids.
  4. Just got killed by a sub that could ping me in a DD faster than I could use Damage Control to counter the ping. The torps followed me AROUND THE CORNER OF AN ISLAND and sunk me. No defense. Nothing I could do but watch the homing torps come in and sink me. Did you know, that's NOT how torpedoes worked in WWII? Also, I'm in a DD, but I have no Sonar. None. Nuthin' Do you know what Destroyers were invented to hunt? SUBMARINES!!! FIX THE SUB MECHANICS! THEY ARE TICKING PEOPLE OFF!
  5. They are broken. We all hate them. What does it take for you guys to realize they're a bad idea that's making your customers VERY ANGRY. Angry customers vote with their wallets... as in, buying no more Premium 365s... no more premium ships... no more doubloons... nada. Done with this. Get them out or I'm leaving and taking my credit card with me.
  6. The boat is completely outclassed... Poor aiming stats, slow turret speeds, only 8 guns, limited range, poor dispersal. AA is next to worthless. Secondaries are lack luster. This thing needs either a buff, or to be sent to Tier VI.
  7. KDinLA

    Update 0.8.5 - Bugs Report

    I have 2 problems with CVs that I'm sure others have reported: 1) PLANES FLY IN "CIRCLES" When flying to a target, especially when holding the "W" key to try and maximize speed, suddenly the planes will get confused and start to loop in a circle. This happens frequently. It's especially annoying when trying to fly AWAY from AA and suddenly you're flying BACK into AA cover. 2) PLANES UNCONTROLLABLE ON ATTACK RUN As you begin an attack run and try to adjust fire to keep the target lined up properly, suddenly the planes STOP responding to adjustments in trajectory. This can last for the entire attack run - so I know it's not a lag spike. Those only last for a second or two - these are the ENTIRE run. As a result, you usually miss the target. This most frequently happens when attacking with missiles.
  8. KDinLA

    Update 0.8.5.: Rogue Wave!

    This Rogue Wave game mode is horrible. The game play is terrible. Boring. Hate it. Seriously the WORST thing you've come out with in years. Damn near ready to uninstall over this.
  9. KDinLA

    Why Carriers Are Great

    No that's NOT what I'm saying. What I'm saying is, relatively speaking, the fact that a single TIer VIII ship is brought into a match predominately made up of Tier Xs means the CV is going to be more than useless. It's just wasting credits on the part of the CV player. You can't spot, you can't attack, you can't do diddly. I've played a LOT of Tier VIII ships - and the mis-match for CVs, in this particular scenario, is extraordinary. It's unfair to the CV player. (And that's about the only time you'll hear me defending a CV player at this point.) Perhaps with the new rules that cancel out the overlapping AA effect it will be better. I have to test it... But prior to making that adjustment, it was unfair. Your ships detect range and the AA range of the Tier Xs made it nothing more than a shooting gallery for the Tier X ships.
  10. KDinLA

    Why Carriers Are Great

    It's not. But it's off the chain now. In Tier X CV games, the BBs and CLs hide significantly more than in the past.
  11. KDinLA

    Why Carriers Are Great

    By the way, as another bit of evidence to the negative impact of the CV rework on gameplay, has anyone else noticed the number of matches now where people just pull in behind an island and camp the entire game? With the CVs spotting everything under the sun (literally) everyone's hunkering down behind cover. Makes for boring gameplay. CVs are broken.
  12. KDinLA

    Why Carriers Are Great

    I agree. I have no interest in playing CVs anymore or playing WITH CVs anymore. They kill the fun. A match with CVs in it is rarely enjoyable.
  13. KDinLA

    Why Carriers Are Great

    Reading through some of the comments here I'm beyond frustrated... CV gameplay hasn't "improved" the game. To the contrary, it's ruining it. Low and mid-tier CVs are painful to play and laughably ineffective when low-tiered. In my Lexington, when I'm in a Tier X match you can't be effective other than spotting - and god help you if the enemy spreads out his forces because your ships can't spot relevant targets without melting in AA crossfire (and BTW - that happens a LOT... I"m sometimes the ONLY Tier VIII ship in the match. That's insane.). Tier X CVs are ridiculously over powered. If you're in a lower tier DD and you get a Midway on you... shut it down. You're done. He's going to kill you 100% of the time. Especially if you're in a British DD with short smoke times or a Japanese DD that has a torp loader instead of a smoke generator. The game mechanics so favor the CVs that it's not even a discussion - it's painfully obvious to the way spotting works, the aiming mechanics of the CVs and let's not forget, the CVs are now tankier than a BB. I can sink a Tier VIII BB faster than I can a Tier X CV. That's ridiculous and punitive to the other players. Fix it. The old game play might have been a little boring, but at least it was balanced. This is anything BUT balanced.