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  1. I made a post just yesterday asking if there was any hope Johnston would make it into the game and someone pointed me to this. Love the ideas for her but Lert, can I make a suggestion regarding her guns? Do you think she could 1/4 caliber HE pen with reduced fire set chance and damage or some gimmick? Considering she's most well known for Samar and the fact she went down slugging it out with Japanese battleships and cruisers. Also I'd rather see her at T9 and as a FXP or Coal ships. Any fans of naval history, here's a must watch. This gives a detailed account of Samar and a lot of details on Johnston's actions during the battle before she sank. This also shows why i suggested the HE gimmick for the guns, the Japanese confused Johnston for a light cruiser due to the amounts of damage she inflicted.
  2. I'm just gonna leave this right here and let Zoup do the talking
  3. Mernyr

    Think CV were OP check out the Smolensk-->>>

    I'm laughing at this, it gets smoke, retarded HE performance, retarded fire set chance,benefits from both AFT and BFT, not to mention the armor is so thin everything just over pens at any range with the exceptions of DD caliber guns. Only mistake regarding this ship was it's addition to the game. It's destroying gameplay for tiers 8 - 10. It needs to be removed permanently no exceptions. Or have it's smoke, HE, and benefits from BFT and AFT removed then it will be balanced.
  4. I get what you're saying but good luck getting within 12km with more than 50% of your health left and not having 2 - 4 fires burning on your ship. The HE spam meta of the game's higher tiers has gotten WAY out of hand, throw in DDs with their ability to spam infinite numbers of torps which suffer no drawbacks of being affected by rng and a 90% damage resistance to BB AP shells and you've got the entire summary of WoWs anti battleship meta... just wait for subs to show up... I've revisited the Freddy lately and can't enjoy her at all, the secondaries seem to have had an accuracy nerf since i last played her in late 2017-early 2018 but that seems to be what happened to all german bbs, even mighty ole kurfurst is starting to show similar symptoms of the meta's lack of mercy as i lost a 2 v 1 duel with a pair of tier 9 cruisers in the kurfurst. They just sat at 12km and just hosed me down with HE setting fire after fire after fire and i couldn't manage to hit them due to the accuracy of the kurfurst's guns. Not much you can do when rng screws you and the fire resistance that tier 10s are suppose to have is a load of crap.
  5. Graf Zeppelin Pros and Cons: Pros: Trollish Secondaries Okay Torpedo Bombers Hard hitting rockets ("tiny fritz" or what ever you want to nickname them) Decent AA Cons: Terrible plane reserves Terrible plane hp Terrible Dive bombers with inaccurate reticle Slow aerial dropped torps with the weakest hitting power in it tier Massive Detection Range Slowest rocket planes at its tier My opinion: Seeing whats happened Wargaming needs to do one of the following: Give it Kaga level reserves with an accuracy increase to the dive bombers Buff the speed and plane hp to their original status along with changing the bomber aiming back to pre 0.8.4 Introduce an alternate DB choice like a flight of 9 JU 87s armed with 1000lb HE bombers with the trade off of speed for slight durability increase (even still WG seriously its a WW2 German carrier, why does it not have Stukas?) Or since they've broken their company rule of never nerfing a premium they should just allow everyone who owns it to A get a refund or B trade it for a tier 8 premium that they want Other Comments: I really like this ship and everyone says it needed a nerf but prior to this patch every time i'd encounter a GZ it would get it butt handed to it by a Kaga or Enterprise (which hardly got nerfed at all), usually the player using the GZ would attempt to rush in and bomb the first target he saw as a threat but generally lost his planes to DFAA cruisers in the area. The speed nerf was completely uncalled for as was the BD aiming reticle but to add insult to injury we get this plane HP nerf across the board. Considering historically the GZ had twice the hangar space of the Lexington i personally would be fine if they gave it a huge reserve increase and maybe just the stukas with he bombs as a trade off.
  6. Have no issue with carriers outside of their MM. I just thought this was pretty funny

    wows meme.png

  7. Mernyr

    I love CVs

    Found this, I myself have no opinion with CVs except the tier 10s and the MM carriers get, but i thought this was pretty funny.