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  1. Fireguard_

    Cruisers, why are they made of 99% CIT

    I'm new here, and up to Seattle. In Cleveland and Seattle I'm fairly aggressive around the caps early battle, radar gimmick to spot DDs etc, quite often I'm spotted early, I've never been deleted when spotted. Conclusion - play USN CLs and keep the pointy bit pointed at the biggest guns around.
  2. Fireguard_

    Yet another 3 sub per side game

    More than 1 in 4. At the moment it's 0 from however many I've played on NA since subs were inflicted on us.
  3. Fireguard_

    Yet another 3 sub per side game

    For us, our peak time for NA is obviously low server population, it is more likely to see queue dumps. On NA during their peak time I've not really seen any dodgy MM stuff. Beats the alternative though.
  4. Fireguard_

    Yet another 3 sub per side game

    Does it really happen that often though?
  5. Fireguard_

    When you should go for the enemy Carrier.

    A battle won isn't truly a win unless the enemy CV/s die.
  6. Fireguard_

    Report Triple Well Dones

    I tend to be more positive in what I say; "That's it Fuso, show them your full broadside "hey guys, don't bother spotting, maybe they're all afk "gj mate, sit in your smoke side on to them
  7. Fireguard_

    MM bug keeps me losing

    @Tom_VokeMM forgot to screw you on this one
  8. Fireguard_

    Collision Alarm

    There should also be an auto-avoidance feature if the aural/visual warnings aren't enough...
  9. Fireguard_

    My very first NSFW post :)

    Still a better love story than Twilight
  10. Fireguard_

    Collision Alarm

    There should be a visual warning as well, right in the middle of the screen...
  11. Fireguard_

    I got a question for yall

    It's encouraging to see this level of interaction between WG staff and players at the forum level. It never happens on Asia forum, certainly not in the English speaking sections anyway.
  12. Fireguard_

    I got a question for yall

    That should be question 2 on the survey
  13. Fireguard_


    I had a 1580 base XP loss in Cossack last night (AUS time), tier X battle, hard fought by both teams. It was a loss but one of the most enjoyable battles I've had in a long long time. The banter between teams and between me and the enemy right at the end was a big part of the enjoyment and I ended the battle with a smile on my face despite the result.
  14. Fireguard_

    Torpedoes, torpedoes everywhere

    Ssssh, don't let out the WASD secret.
  15. Fireguard_

    How To French Destroyers?

    Run and gun, start a fire, switch targets, start another fire. Repeat. If you can catch a DD in cap sitting in smoke and you have a radar cruiser with the nouse to use his radar in support you can often get in and smack the enemy DD hard, but it's a risky play. How many hit points are you willing to trade to take out an enemy DD?