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  1. SpudZero

    Error with Benham normal camo?

    Thank you!
  2. SpudZero

    So tired I accidentally clicked 'try your luck'

    It most definitely improves your odd's of getting 4 signals
  3. SpudZero

    Error with Benham normal camo?

    Well, they've been asked twice now on this, no response generally means...
  4. SpudZero

    Error with Benham normal camo?

    I fear Vader could be right, still no official word on this @Radar_X @Kami ? Is the Benham supposed to have the tier 8 permanent camo benefits and not tier 9 permanent camo benefits? without using the (ugly) for a lack of better words one.
  5. Would love to see steel monsters come back around again, or a variation of that. Would also like to see a resource that we can work towards that could be converted into any other resource at whatever ratio is needed to obtain things I'm simply to lazy to work for, such as copper or ranked tokens. ^^ True story.
  6. SpudZero

    Error with Benham normal camo?

    I doubt it was intentional, they just forgot to upgrade the standard tier 8 perm camo to tier 9 since it's really a Benson with more torps.
  7. SpudZero

    Forum Game - Word Association

    NBA Champs Toronto Raptors!
  8. I hate that, that annoys me to no end! at least finish the damn match! I stopped capping when I play DD's unless I see we're behind the 8ball. That damn clock can tick down to zero so fast, drives me nuts just let the game end when one side has completely killed the other.
  9. SpudZero

    Cheating going on . A hack for sure.

    Yep, they have them too..
  10. SpudZero

    Too much bbs...

    Heck no, I say MORE BB's They're the only damn things I can half way hit in my CV's in co-op Seriously, we need more BB's in PVE, make it so number one WeeGee
  11. SpudZero

    Odd game ban and WG response.

    Pretty sure you can catch heck just for talking about a ban on the forum. best not too.
  12. SpudZero

    So 3 years ago

    x2 Oh heck yeah, WG needs to revisit those both!