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  1. Forum Game - Word Association

    Warp drive
  2. +1 lol Man I love your reply's sometimes, I read that and burst out laughing.. seriously thank you!
  3. Is MISSOURI coming back?

    We all want things we can't seem to get our hands on, (That's a flint for me) and WG knows this. They'd be fools to NOT bring her back, they could literally ask whatever they wanted, and from some, would get it! I think she'll be back, at some point, for a very limited time perhaps through some special mission or in a Xmas box. I don't believe they'd nerf her credit earning potential, that would take away from what she truly is and make her much less desired. My MO really helped me out getting through the Halsey mission in co-op, I can't imagine doing that again without her. lol She'll be back!! I hope everyone at some point can have a chance.
  4. Game crash first battle

    Well at least I'm not the only one lol same damn problem. I'm just doing a complete reinstall now as I got sick of it. That last update broke the game client lol
  5. WG Lies

    I'm not so sure it was a lie, but rather a change in plans. Perhaps an unpopular one to many, but it seems to me it's a last ditch effort to keep the game alive and keep the coffer full if possible.
  6. My Night of Co-op

    That says it all, and really, what else matters, you had fun, co-op or pvp, as long as you're having fun that's what counts. People will yammer on until the end of this game about this mode and that mode, you hit the nail on the head. I love a great co-op brawl where my GK does all the work lol have at it sailor!

    13 Tier X's. I made out quite well I believe. =) Could use a little more Steel, I'm kinda a LONG way off from the Flint. But hey! it's a start!!!!
  8. Surprise in Co-op

    Another Co-op main here.. I believe i have some 60ish premiums. @gillhunter you have 3800+ matches in the Orlan lol Not knocking that at all, I'm just amazed how someone can like tier 1 so much! Good on you man!
  9. Recommended ship for Op Aegis?

    I always use Nurnberg or Fuso now for this one, was always Cleveland in the past... but WG...
  10. Video card drivers up to date?
  11. Charles Martel - CBCK

    Nice games, my Kutuzov does well in this one too. long reach!

    Although I agree with you, the AI is what it is, and it's going to take some time for all this to sink in and smooth itself out. You need to change your play style to more PVP ish. The bots have a little better aim now, but can still be out manoeuvred, and beat. We can't rush them like we used to, we need to work more as a team. Gone are the days of mass slaughters, you'll find you have to chase them down at times, we all need to adapt, or die quickly. Division up if you need to, it always helps with the hunt, why do you think the bots do it. lol lil bastards. Cheers!
  13. Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    My matches in CB although "ok" I mean we 5 star no problem, but yeah ...well done! @MajesticHeavenlyForce ain't no way I'm topping that one.
  14. Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Thanks Admiral, I'll have to start tracking this. The bigger worry is the pace now, lol it's just not my thing. But, we press on.
  15. Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Is it just me, or have credits been cut? I seem to be actually loosing credits now in tier X And before anyone asks, yes I was "making" decent credits before, I use the standard flags, the premium tier X camo, but none of the fancy flags. If this is typical, then I have no idea what I was doing before. It's not a really good game, but it's not horrible either. The master of accounting and records might be able to help me out @AdmiralThunder lol Am I crazy?... don't answer that. All in all I do like these new changes to some degree, but I'm worried tier X is going to become so boring to play, only lower tier matches will be fun, if at all. I played a tier VIII match just before posting this... the results look better, but damn we almost lost lol The bots are really catching people off guard, there was a bama that went into cap with me, I know cuzz I shot him by accident aka "I had a lapse in judgement." He was all but full health one second, next I hear BOOM and he was gone lol HOW!!! it wasn't torps cuzz I was just dodging them just as he blowed up real good.