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  1. SpudZero

    What annoys you the most in WoWS

    Everything gated behind some sort of paywall. The fun has been replaced with grind, and to grind less you have to Pay real $$$. This has made many, like myself, stop playing, or take long breaks from playing aka (spending). And before the FTP folks show up, I don't care. =)
  2. SpudZero

    what player has the most ships in World of Warships?

    I know for sure AdmiralThunder has well over 500! You can look up any player to see what ships they have, only people that have their stats hidden won't show that info.
  3. SpudZero

    Finally free!

    My last 2 month break lasted 8 months, Like many here, I get tired of it all, and go play other titles, or yanno... GO OUT SIDE. lol It gets easy to step away when it's summer out, and summer is coming! and the game is kinda feeling a little to much like a money grab and less and less about having a good time.
  4. SpudZero

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Have you tried playing super ships early am or late night? I've had luck getting all bot matches even during the day! Most matches though are one or two other humans, but in the right ship the rewards are great! And despite what many people say, you CAN make a lot of credits with the use of those high credit multipliers, I've had matches with 500K+ credits after deductions. I've only just started playing the super ships, but I don't find them all that "super" lol just different. The gimmicks they come with are all but useless, but because you can buy them for just credits and no XP or use of FXP they seem cheap in that regard.
  5. SpudZero

    About that meaningless Karma...

    Sometimes it's just because lol Have a +1 Good match!
  6. SpudZero

    New HP Omen Gaming Code

    Thank you!
  7. SpudZero

    About that meaningless Karma...

    Reasons you may have gotten a karma point in a PVE match. You played well. You helped your team win. You communicated with the team and acknowledged others for their input in the match. You finished top of the board. You saw someone that you know and exchanged a karma point. There are many reasons to get a Karma point. Reasons you may have lost a karma point in a PVE match. You played well. Someone on the team played poorly. You helped your team win. Someone was sunk at the start of the match and blamed everyone else for it. You finished top of the board. Someone didn't have a great game and saw very little play. Someone didn't like the camo you had loaded that time. Someone didn't like the ship you were playing. You wished the team well at the start of the match. People can be very petty.....
  8. What's REALLY worthless are ships with depth charges when you're being attacked from the front. I think the only ships that need depth charges are DD's and everything else should have air strike!
  9. SpudZero

    Symbols and Patches update

    I think what he's getting at is, if you're going to go to the trouble, at least put some effort into it. or don't bother.
  10. SpudZero

    12.1 Battle Pass

    Can't argue that, RB points, steel, coal, hell even FXP rank higher to me that a tech tree ship!
  11. SpudZero

    12.1 Battle Pass

    I think wee gee is still testing the waters, see how low they can go and still have people shell out for the premium pass. It's honestly what I would do too, they need to set the very lowest base value, then they can play with it as they wish. As long as there is steel involved, I'm in. no steel, chances are I'll pass.
  12. SpudZero

    Your COOP Battles with over 1000 BXP

    I honestly don't recall, when I finished off the Eagle The match ended, the battle went just over 14 mins, was a fun one! I've had a few of these all tier 11 matches, one on the PT took me over 450K damage but I didn't take any screen shots and it won't "replay" because of the client number or some error like that. That match I was in Hannover!
  13. SpudZero

    Your go-to BB.

    Always GK!
  14. SpudZero

    New Code

    Thank you, Cheers!