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  1. Something funky going on for sure, I noticed the Des Moines vanish in the second screen shot and in the third it's fazing back in. Is that because it's an aerial view?
  2. SpudZero

    9v9 Co-Op: Pros and Cons?

    Thank you AT, good to know, I haven't played much this past month to be honest, maybe 6 matches, been busy with other projects, but I hope to get back in the swing of things by this weekend! I have zero interest in the Italian lines, so i've been doing other things. The coming xmas events look great, looking forward to those for sure. Perhaps see you around soon! Cheers!!
  3. SpudZero

    Server is up

    I do, and thanks!
  4. SpudZero

    Server is up

    I can't play until tonight after work, If you have time admiral, can you post up your thoughts after a few matches? I'd be curious to see what you think having played a few games.
  5. SpudZero

    9v9 Co-Op: Pros and Cons?

    He's been farming down votes, nothing more, he posts crappy content, and gains a few more rep points, he rarely has anything positive to add to the conversation.
  6. Here is another one.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SATN-KJDrlY
  7. I've been playing the PTS as always, and have noticed another change, when you get a mid tier match and you're the only human, the red bots seem to play much better than the green ones. I've seen this a lot on the PTS and have lost matches due to green bots melting away, and the red bots capping and winning on points. The red bots are just outplaying the green team, even with 3-4 even 5 kills, it's increasingly harder to carry in the 9v9 meta in the lower tiers. Having said that, I can still make decent credits at tier X and have yet to lose a battle at high tier, even solo. So I'm not sure what that's all about with the lower tiers, only thing I can think of are the boats themselves, High tier I play Harugumo, Kitakami, and GK, Krem boats that are tanky and and boats with high fire power, but you have to play more conservatively now, the days of yolo rushing will just get you killed that much faster, AI almost never miss the target. I'm also seeing a lot less matches with CV's, I think WG has thrown in the towel on trying to make them work, and perhaps have noticed how easy it has been for PVE players to farm them for XP/credits. But as already said, I highly doubt the AI from over there will makes it's way here any time soon. If it does, it'll sure spice things up around here!
  8. SpudZero

    COOP only players may want to check out PUBLIC TEST 0.8.10

    You'll be happy to know, the bots are just as dumb in 9v9 as they are now in 8v8, and cv's are still a non issue, if you have any sort of aa, even a guy with a slingshot on deck, or a broom painted to look like a gun barrel, the bot planes don't stand a chance. it's still very very easy. I'm a little disappointed actually, I think it would have been nice if they ramp'd the bot AI up a tad, even a smidge, but nope.
  9. No opt in, it'll just be in your regular missions is my guess.
  10. SpudZero

    WG can you chill please?

    That would be amazing if they could do that.
  11. SpudZero

    WG can you chill please?

    I hear ya buddy, and all i'm saying is, if you DO miss some stuff, it's perfectly ok. heck I took a month off this past summer, I'm sure there was some content that I passed on, I don't feel the loss.
  12. SpudZero

    WG can you chill please?

    ^^ Exactly this, I took the long weekend off to do non ship stuff, I don't feel I missed out on anything, not the first time for it, and won't be the last for sure. It's no biggie if I miss some content, it's just not that important that I have EVERYTHING!!
  13. SpudZero

    So, the Kremlin's getting nerfed

    Ok, so it needs an extra half salvo to send you back to port now. I'm ok with these heavy handed changes.
  14. SpudZero

    Who have you seen in game

    Had a match last night with @Lord_Zath, in PVE, he was still doing super containers, absolute gentleman he is, started out the match by offering everyone complements! He was just finishing up for the night, and had some extras remaining, which also gave me pause for thought, we should be using up all of out complement limits each time we play. I often don't pay attention to that, I will now though, was an awesome gesture Zath!
  15. SpudZero

    0.8.10 Supertest has changes to Co-op

    I like the change, adding an extra bot can only make things better IMO, more damage to farm only increases your XP and credits, yes it may in some cases add a small amount of time. Depending on what time you play, people may not even notice a difference, if you play at the right times of day, you can make this work well, and as AT says, no chicken bots lol Nothing worse than 2 to 3 minute matches, I absolutely detest them, is one of the reasons I play so many dd's, I know I'm going to get fed, playing a bb at high population times is a waste of time. This change might help in those situations... time will tell.