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  1. SpudZero

    Red Takao Camo

    If you buy the Red Takao, you get back 8800 dubs, so really, as long as your ok with the dubs, the camo costs about 26 bucks CDN, but you also get a 10pt commander, port slot and a mission for xp yada yada... It's the only way you can get it as far as I can see, at least for now.
  2. SpudZero

    Forum Game - Word Association

    Lightning McQueen
  3. SpudZero

    Forum Game - Word Association

    What a shame such a shapely sash should such shabby stitches show
  4. Ships smoke does the same thing, that's been in the game since forever, hardly a gray area.
  5. SpudZero

    Farming Accounts

    lol If it's ships they want! have I got an account for them! Well, that "could" make sense IF you were so inclined, but to buy an account with a pile of tech tree ships and a 30% WR.... lol
  6. SpudZero

    Forum Game - Word Association

    Horizontal boogie.
  7. SpudZero

    Farming Accounts

    Yeah, I've heard of those, but who would pay someone to "These "players" are either putting their ships in a corner, charging into a cap and stopping for the whole word to see (dying soon after, parking up to an island to go afk, or just just afk from the start to the end. " The account would be trash! Farming losses maybe lol
  8. SpudZero

    Farming Accounts

    Can someone explain what the player would get out of doing this? Honest question, I just don't see the point in it.
  9. SpudZero

    What is the main reason for CO-OP?

    That's a LOT of practicing lol You sure that's the real reason you play that mode?
  10. SpudZero

    *faints* Wukong from first free Lunar crate

    Congrats OP! I completed all the free ones, just camo and 250 dubs, not gunna complain, was free, and easy to do.
  11. SpudZero

    just about done

    CV's seem to be popular enough to have at least 1 in every match, many players actually complain there there are too many matches with two a side. .. I myself don't play them... Just say'n.
  12. SpudZero

    Forum Game - Word Association

    Fast Food
  13. SpudZero

    Forum Game - Word Association

    Jumping Jacks
  14. SpudZero

    Forum Game - Word Association

    Road Runner!
  15. SpudZero

    migrate to windows 10

    Move the game to a separate drive, upgrade to windows 10, then move the game back. I have moved my game from computer to computer many times, this has never been a problem.