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  1. SpudZero

    The fun is gone

    When last I played some months ago, hadn't they already addressed that problem, and set limits? Or am I misremembering lol
  2. SpudZero

    PVE AI Changes

    So, bots are a bit better, but not really much of a challenge still. le sigh.
  3. SpudZero

    Marlborough Dockyard Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    Good Job Admiral! You always inspire me to do better. But... It's time for a Vacation from wows for me, dockyard be dammed, I'm just not enjoying myself these days in the game. I shall see you all in a few months my friend! Take care!
  4. SpudZero

    Subs are Broken

    Subs are not OP, they're just annoying. They bring a different element to the game, they make you play differently if you know there is one in front of you. Ships with rear depth charges have no real defence against one coming right at them, in most cases, once you see those really cool curving torps, in many cases it's too late to do anything if you've just used a DCP. Once I start getting pings, I lose track of what's going on around me and focus on that damn sub lol just knowing any sec will bring that string of connected fish! I'll be honest, I've sunk far more subs than have sunk me, but it's just weird how that one unseen sub can make you play so cautious.
  5. SpudZero

    Premium Ship Review - Marlborough

    100% correct in my case, I whale them all for that reason alone, getting a "good" ship is a bonus. However, so far out of the events I have whaled, only this one and one other has produced a stinker of a ship IMO... looking at you De Zeven. It's unfortunate, but I have come to never expect a much from WG anymore. They'll toss out whatever heap they want these days.
  6. SpudZero

    NEW CODES (4 from video ) UPDATED

    All worked, TY you Nasty man you! =) +1
  7. SpudZero

    Winrates and Wins

    Had a great night last night,, played 16 matches, won 100% of them, averaged 128K per. No match monitor needed, I'm a team of one! Co-op so rarely disappoints
  8. Yeah, It's really hard for me to want to play any DD other than Klubber in PVE, it just does everything better. Mind you, this is right NOW!, "IF" the bots even return to where they once were, then Klubber may have to take a back seat to Haru or maybe more Shima. When I got it, I thought that it would bring something different to the game for me, but the lack of daka daka, and horrible handling, I see no reason to play IT over Shima, hell shima out guns it and out torps it. But it does have a pile of great tools for the long game. so there is that!
  9. Can't speak for PVP, but for PVE I wish I could get back my coal! SO many other MUCH better dd's.
  10. SpudZero

    WoW twitch streams, and lack thereof.

    WG be like, No time for streams!!! Too much money to count from xmas sales.
  11. SpudZero

    Speed is King in coop so…

    My Mino doesn't care, BB, CA, DD, it can kill everything equally, mind you it can struggle with CV decks from range silly Britt AP lol
  12. Perhaps his involvement with the "community" will be of a different nature than say Boggsy or Ahskance, those two have direct communication covered pretty damn well, or perhaps he'll have no direct involvement at all. I'd say 99% of the issues that arise on the forums are game related, someone with all but no experience certainly can't speak to such things anyways, so perhaps he's just here for other reasons not yet revealed. I suppose time will tell.
  13. Must suck where you live. Cops where I live have my full respect, they don't bother me, and the very few times I've been involved with them, they've shown me respect, and have never caused me harm nor given me reason to be unreasonable with them. They have a job to do just like everyone else. Years ago, a cop was first on scene and saved my life in a car wreck, you'll never catch me looking down my nose at them.
  14. wow, people still use that crapapp? But feel free to paste what he said!
  15. SpudZero

    Grinding Battleship Potential Damage

    I absolutely agree!!!!, with the second part of your statement. =)