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  1. I've tried that several times with no luck.
  2. Ok, so I'm not the only one lol
  3. In any event, good luck, I hate it when my computer acts up.
  4. I don't think this is a WG problem as much as it may be a problem with your system. Do a google search for "EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION" and you'll get a whole host of causes, and some solutions.
  5. I just logged in now to the game, no issues.
  6. Didn't mean to hurt anyone's e-feelings, Obviously I've struck a nerve, my apologies Lert.
  7. Naw, PTS is about FREE stuff lol Just got 5 stars completing the new operation, which by the way is awesome!
  8. Whole heartily agree +1
  9. Is it an SSD drive? If so, I've had the same issue before. My fix was to install to my main HD, then move the entire folder to the SSD and that solved my problem. I can't recall what the tech guys said about SSD drives, but was something along the lines of software stumbles after installing to SSD drives, bits getting messed up.
  10. A Round of Applaud...

    Congrats, it's rare to get teams like that, but such a great feeling when you do! and hats off to you for bringing it to the forefront! +1
  11. Well done! Congrats on the ship, and glad you enjoy her! you earned it. =)
  12. Co-op Players Are Transnaval

    It's unfortunate lines get drawn in the sand like this. Courage can come from a bottle or can, and also anonymity behind a screen where slinging insults is easy, and carry little to no repercussions other than peoples perception of said persons. But hey, what do I know, I'm a little blue dude spinning a potato lol
  13. @Pigeon_of_War Was curious as to why achievements in scenarios don't show up (on your screen) as they happen, as they do in Random matches? Like Kraken etc?
  14. I don't play the Okhotchick enough, may have to have another look at it.