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  1. SpudZero


    @CAPTMUDDXX, I'm not sure why you're on a witch hunt for an absolute definitive answer from WG as to how bot AI is programmed, nobody cares. They'd be crazy telling people anyway, can you say steamroll 100% of the time if you knew literally every bot move in advance. We have seen it, we have felt it, the bots can, and have been on occasion, down right magical, and guess what? The majority of PVE players enjoy it!. I can't imagine what PVE would be like with boring very predictable always the same never changing bots. Yes, once in a while a thread will pop up by someone that may or may not have, just had a bad game, or a player with not so many games that's just frustrated, will want to vent, and that's fine to. Many experienced, well versed PVE players often help out in those threads and educate many of us, I can assure you nobody needs you to pop in and start name calling and offer nothing but useless fluff. If you're just looking for post counts, there are other threads for that. So there's nothing to prove nor disprove, it is what it is, and the vast majority that play PVE as their main mode of game play, are quite fine the way things are.
  2. SpudZero


    Seriously made me laugh, +1 for actually making me laugh. Are you enjoying your tier 6 matches? of course you are, NOBODY looses at that tier, well at least it's seriously difficult to. Try tier 10 with a CV or not on your team right now, and 4 to 5 bot players that melt as quickly as the other human players do If you're lucky, you can still pull off a win as long as you get as already stated above..:clippy: and :youvegotmail: But if you get :deepblue: and his band of mercenaries, it's a loss fort sure. Unlike some other players in this thread that spend most of their time on the forums talking out their butts. Players like AdmiralThunder, Taylor3006 and quite a few others, have been playing PVE and more importantly, advocating PVE changes and Improvements for ages. Many changes in PVE have come from the PVE community of players, so WG listens, and maybe you should spend a little more time doing that, rather than just spewing crap all the time.
  3. SpudZero

    New In Game Combat Mission

    I completely understand your point, and often wonder myself why WG throws us a bone now and then and then drops the ball. They haven't figured out the real loser in all this isn't the player, it's the company that takes the loss. Exclude me from events/missions/whatever, by trying to twist my arm to play a mode I will not, and you also lose my revenue in whatever form that may be.
  4. Looking back at my flags, I notice I don't have anything for the 2017 Xmas event, my first xmas event flag is from the 2016 event. did I miss one? or perhaps there was no flag that year?
  5. SpudZero

    How did you get your GC?

    Paid when it first came out.
  6. SpudZero

    Forum Game - Word Association

    DVP, literally named as it should be.
  7. SpudZero


    I'm sure all of this you knew well before going in. odd you'd be complaining and disappointed after. The ship is actually not to shabby, if you like Kutuzov, you'll like this one too, the torps are a nice change! Nope, you can only get the doubloons IF you get the ship in one of the first 2 sets of crates. My ship arrived in the third set of crates, no dubbbbbbs for me. and dun care. The camo's for the other ships are nice!
  8. SpudZero

    Forum Game - Word Association

    Gal reminds me of a highway between Forth Worth and Dallas – no curves
  9. SpudZero

    Why are detonation's still a thing?

    Do detonations happen in PVE mode @LittleWhiteMouse? I ask because I don't actually know if I'm being "detonated" or just deleted in my DD because in PVE there are no notifications for them like PVP. I honestly don't know, I have a pile of DET flags from containers, and have been using them lately and haven't been deleted in a while. When I say deleted, I mean being hit by a single shell at close to 3/4 health down to zero. If there are no detentions for sure in PVE, then I can switch that flag out for another.