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  1. Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    ^^ that is actually very true, I too have had some of my best games human free. lately on the PTS the bots have been really stepping up, just last night in a tier X match, I was the only human, I was in my gearing, the match was awesome, our CV was hammering the red's, in the end, it had sunk 4 ships! I survived with just a sliver of life left after sinking the final BB, but would have for sure lost the match had it not been for that courageous CV BOT! ... If only we could complement them lol And this wasn't an isolated incident, it happens more and more, makes me wonder if WG is actually working on making a smarter bot.
  2. DD captains now a days

  3. Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    It can be even worse playing a DD alone with nothing but bots, especially in high tier matches, and even worse yet with CV's lol But I still play em! cuzz I'm Canadian! Insane! and it's fun eh!. lol
  4. The New Cleveland Sort of Sucks

    ^^ X2, My Cleveland only gets played in operations now. My Atlanta does a far better job of hugging islands and showering HE down on the red's if I'm lucky enough to get to one.
  5. Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    +1 Admiral, well played match my friend! I need to start playing this game again, I'm beginning to miss it lol P.S. The video format is MUCH more enjoyable then still shots! =)
  6. Cruiser Collection Complete

    You don't have enough flags. lol That mission is going to be a nitemare for co-op only play. I guess the silver lining is, eventually... it can be completed. Good Luck! Admiral. o7
  7. I had an Idea.

    I thought the bell chime was to let you know your guns have reloaded? It's only as random as your firing.
  8. I gotta say, I was genuinely worried about my Cleveland going from Tier VI to VIII, but after playing her in her new form.. she's fine! Nice work WG Thank you! She is just so beautiful in her new camo too!
  9. Bot aiming

    A lot better, and yes, they do play more like humans than bots actually, including pulling a Notser now and then. It's the uncanny aim that always throws me off lol like HOW did you hit me lol
  10. How to fix Izumo?

    How to Fix Izumo, free XP past it. /end =) lol
  11. Game is no longer fun.

    Same here, sunny warm days, I'm outside! and I think it's actually good to take a break from wows now and then, otherwise it gets stale. It's a great game and easily the longest played game by me next to all the Quake versions lol OP, just hang in there, as already mentioned, play other tiers take a break and chillax.... Play Quake LOL =)
  12. Toxic even in coop

    This loss was definitely NOT on you. You played your part, you did well you sank half the damn red team, sadly you had complete scrubs as teammates, yep, co-op is littered with all sorts of garbage, including toxic trash. Well played, hats off to you, don't let them deter you from doing anything you want!
  13. Public test Rewards

    Don't forget to grab your free stuff for playing the last public test. https://worldofwarships.com/en/userbonus/?emst=AaDrHAzCHC_386301_800152_362 A link for those that don't know where to check. Cheers!
  14. Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men.... my mom used to say that all the time. You're old too lol
  15. Killer Whale - Fortresses

    Killer whale is one of the easier operations, when driving my Cleveland, I fire HE only, and it's very effective against both land targets and ones a float. everything burns!! My only gripe if I can have one, is people rushing in and over extending and taking too much damage early, then falling back to do nothing because they don't want to die! or getting outright sunk right at the getgo silly DD's mostly. Or you get the two guys in a division that drive off to the back and wait until the CV's spawn only to get wrecked right away! lol thanks for coming out!!! Or the one guy that wants to rush off to get that fort way up north (direction might be off) (if you've played this mission you know the one I mean) and by the time he gets it done, other ships are spawning around him and he's starts asking for help from the team, only the team is nowhere near him because they followed the plan lol