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  1. Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    ah another GK fan, my goto ship when I'm not DD derp'n around. Nice matches!
  2. Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Well played Admiral, And congrats on the 19PT Captain. =) I have a 19PT captain on my very OP mini Kitakami Derzki lol This little ship always brings a smile to my face
  3. That's crappy, I did get mine for both. Hope you will soon!
  4. The rewards for playing the last two PTS are available now. Those that don't have the link, here you go. Click here Cheers!
  5. Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Yeah, that counts and well done too! damn
  6. Sounds like a pretty cool idea, down for that for sure!
  7. But seriously, 20 pages now? lol

    ^^^ all of this, play in PVE, we're always happy to have new players, and yep, we don't care if you haven't a clue, there are LOTS of players in PVE with thousands of matches that STILL haven't a clue, it's what makes PVE so entertaining! lol
  9. Pretty much yep. I remember a thread a while back about a mentor idea, where say an "above average player" stats wise, division up with a .. "less knowledgeable" player and help them learn the mechanics of the game. That would build confidence for sure and help encourage players to keep at it. I know there are some players that offer to help others, like Reymu, but with the loss of the old training room to this new bot parking lot they gave us, it makes it hard to expect anyone to want to help if it's going to start to costing them money. unless it's them vs you, and then that would go over like a lead balloon lol I think there are PVE players that want to play PVP but just don't want the headache, and turning off chat, or ignoring etc etc doesn't help. Yeah, people need to "gitgud" to not be detrimental to the team, but it's not that easy for some. and some, like myself just rather play bots because that's what I enjoy.
  10. I think the KOTSV was awesome, I felt a little sad for O7, WGP2W flat out played better. But O7 never gave up and IMO clearly are the Best of the best here on NA. Next time!! Both you @Lord_Zath and SeaRaptor were great! And the after game show with Pulicat, was cool, he's a such a class act. O7 take's flack on the forums for troll posts sometimes, lol but it's all in good fun, and when you're as good as those guys are at this game, who can argue lol
  11. Great coverage on the KOTSV Lord_Zath! really enjoyed it today. So happy our best clan O7 is in the final tomorrow against WGP2W I know O7 must be feeling the pressure, but I really believe these guys can do it, they have great talent and really work as a team as we all saw today. I'll be watching and cheering them on!
  12. 12 now, last one added was the Z52. GK is my goto ship.
  13. yeah, still nada. Like you said, they'll fix it soon enough, just happy they finally added it Admiral.
  14. I use chrome, I backspaced the na out of the url and replaced it with eu which took me to the eu site, but oddly enough the cart shows there lol but still not on NA
  15. I envy you, I'd love to play CV's, god knows I've tried so many times on the PTS and training rooms, but I simply can't chew bubblegum and walk lol I'm way to hyper-focused to play them. And I believe your right about the style of play, I do badly at random's I think because I can't "slow" enough to see the big picture quite often, I like a fast pace, and I get that in Co-op, it's a lot slower in random, there's a lot more to think about as far as positioning and trying to stay a few steps ahead of the red guys. In co-op it's much faster paced, and you don't generally have to do a lot of thinking, just shooting, red come's right at you. lol I really believe the two modes are well balanced in their own respects. aside from a slightly toxic few players, this game is great, and as you say, people can always ignore chat, hell I don't even know what's being said there half the time I'm so damn focused on the game haha