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  1. I know that every survey I have ever taken in wows asked me if I wanted more cv's in the game. I always said yes. So, you listened to us and made bb/cv's so we can have up to 3 to 5 cv's per side. I know you heard us when we asked for you to invent a bunch of bb/cv's and make them op. This way there is not 1 chance that you could get a game without a cv. I really appreciate you for not fixing anything like: zao and other legacy ships being power crept. new maps bb shells falling short for no reason match making to have some semblance of balance make aa work on any ship new missions real WWII battles with correct ships to be able to test our skills. clan divs of more than 3 up to 6? I'll bet that the forum readers could list a bunch of other things you could have fixed instead of making this crap bb/cv magic.
  2. I was reading the news and clicked on the obtain button for a free item in the shop in the game. once there nothing would let me leave. esc nothing, selecting anything also didnt work. has anyone else had this experience? i has to restart client. so wg if you want us to buy things to escape the menu for stuff. it is a bad way as most will just log and never go back to the shop
  3. MEANN

    Brawl is terrible

  4. MEANN

    WG: You are driving players away.

    That was my first game of the day
  5. MEANN

    WG: You are driving players away.

    here is a prime example of what is wrong with the game. Almost all of the players on my team were bad. it used to take time to get into the higher tiers. Now money has removed any skill to move up. Also how is this fun?
  6. MEANN

    Sub Guide

    good buddy, how about you?
  7. MEANN

    Sub Guide

  8. MEANN

    Thank you WG

    it is more that they take a surface ship and health pool that is not equaled in the match with their effectiveness compared to a dd that is replaces. as most sub player are not skilled in the game. they tend to be new and very bad overall players. the converse is when the uni players come in and wrekk the team.
  9. rts cv was in some ways balanced, as your cv could effectively contest the other cv. but now cvs get to attack with impunity. every 1st and 2nd attack will land or at least be able to attempt. Also, it is so fun and fair for a cv to be able to attack 3 time after death. as if any other ship can.
  10. MEANN

    Thank you WG

    you joy is my misery.
  11. MEANN

    Thank you WG

    whatever you are smokin please share.
  12. I see for the most part every game is a blow out. especially when 10 out of the 24 players have a pr of 600 or less. the worst part is that one side will have 6 or 7 of the roses and a bunch of roses means you lose no matter how much dmg you do.
  13. i would pay to not have cv. fyi i will not give you a dollar of my money again until you stop forcing subs and cvs on every game mode. i have given you all thousands of dollars. more importantly. I stopped telling anyone to play your game. your player base is proof you have lost so many players. most of the active player base is bad. by a large margin. as you have made jumping to top tier a money thing not skill and effort. i am sad as this was my favorite thing to do.
  14. it seems to me that any game without subs or cv, someone says thank god, and everyone else agrees. how about putting a survey out asking the base if they would like a random non sub cv mode? bet that you would have basically no one in the sub cv mode and 90% in the cv'/ sub free zone. A carrot. Most players like the arms race mode. if you want to make the game more fun and dynamic. do things like that. Stop force feeding a class of broken and unfun game play.
  15. MEANN

    mod station

    Reinstalled it and it is working.