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  1. MEANN

    Steamroll Hypothesis

    Lowering the standard because the player's skill is not there is not the solution.
  2. I was looking at your eu stats, and you have basically the same damage and pr and win rate as pre rework. So WG accomplished squat in balancing the game. they only made it easy for bad players to make damage numbers. to be actually good requires skill. and when you have skill the cv is a god. that about sum it up!
  3. So i see and hear most of the forums and players talk about mm being messed up. teams are way out of balance. blow outs every match. half the team yolo 7 boats to one cap 3 to the middle 2 to a and they of course die to th 7 at a while the 7 at c are stuck not able to kill the 3 at c. the middle is lost and 6 minutes in one team is down 5 players and 3 caps. no idea how it happened. Sound about like most games today. My thoughts about this. Every update of line release WG makes a gimmick or special attribute that makes the line or t10 amazing. There is almost monthly op gold ships. and then there is the super special steel ships. cough stali It seems to me that WG is raising the amount of damage a boat can do every patch every update. We are at a point where the tech tree boats cant stand up to any of the pay wall boats. You are a dd and a smole pops out of nowhere. you know your dead. the blow out is a product of one upmanship, every new boat is better then the last. So now we have a game filled with super powerful boats. now this is not to say that the people can use them. BUT the ones that can mop the floor. So enter mm and a few unicum players. MM sees ca ca ca ca dd dd dd dd bb bb bb bb. what we see. ohio, thunderer, kremlin, stali, smole, smole, benham, asashio, gumo, vs monty, gk, repub, yammy, zao, des moines, shimma, gearing, z52. now add skill to 3 or 4 of the first group and the second is toast. that is the issue.
  4. but that is how all of us feel about cv's. all of our friends suffer. the cv can kill indiscriminately. and there is not a cure for it either.
  5. MEANN

    Shells falling 1k short

    I use overwolf for my replays and they only capture cits and kills. I have not gone through and watched a game to see if i can get a video. I am not a video editor so i am not sure how to get that replay. Other than sending in an entire game.
  6. Ok this is getting very old. As much as the player base is getting worse, they are more often then not broadside cruisn. I level my point of aim just above the waterline. 8km away. all the shell hit the water 1k away. This is not just randoms but, i have had it happen in cbs. When will WG fix this obvious bug. I am not the only one. I have been talking about this with several different clans and they also have had the same experience. If this has happen to you let me know.
  7. MEANN

    This is Why We Complain about CVs

    YOU did no research. half of his games are above 7; 2nd to be a clubber he would need much better stats. the seal clubber is a player that is very good and plays low teir to win and pad stats. you however hide your stats as to make sure you cant be called out on your trash.
  8. you died in a cap on the red side. in less than 6 minutes. the time stamp 13:12 it is impossible to get to that spot unless you full speed and yolo'd in. the don is not that fast. and you should have been helping the c cap as that is the cap you have to take first on this map. going to the middle cap very early in the game will pretty much get you killed in less then 6 minutes. which is YOLOING!
  9. Go to https://na.wows-numbers.com/clans/ Check out each clan that you are interested in. IF the clan stats and figures are all red. STOP!
  10. Why would you go into the cap at B in less then 6 minutes into the game. As you were dead and on the mini map you are in the cap. So it would appear that you were yoloing into the b cap and thought that the bbs in the back were not as brilliant as you were to rush into your death. I would say you and the other 5 yoloyers were the main reason for your loss. as the bbs were not . It would appear that the other 5 just yoloyed into c to die. the mini map marks where you die. So it would appear that the blow out was due to poor advancement.
  11. Off the wall idea. How about Clan League MM. So Storm 2, Typhoon, and Hurricane have MM and Gale, Squall and the rest of the base that is not in a clan would populate that bracket. Exceptions would be players with a global ave of X based on the ave storm 2 clan. There is already a process for this division. it is fair as the teams would be sorted by their effort.
  12. MEANN


    They are Randoms. How do you mitigate the "cant aim"
  13. MEANN


    thanks ill give it a read
  14. MEANN


    Caps I have been in a lot of games lately that the caps are just not even contested. Less then 3 to 4 minutes reds have all 3 caps. I look at the mini map and most of the BB's are facing away from the enemy. Cruisers that should be moving into a radar position are also running away. I posted an article yesterday about roles of each class and over all sound tactics. I put the link below. In competitive play "clan wars/kots" The caps win games! I can't begin to tell you how many games have came down to seconds on the clock and less then 10 points separate the winner and loser. At the beginning of every CB match we are trying to get the cap first and get the 3 to 9 point advantage. Most of the top team have amazing cap control. Randoms I will preface this with cv vs no cv. When a cv is present obviously caution is the best strat. As a dd I would recommend politely asking the closest ca with good aa to help you get the closest cap. Without a cv, DD needs if there are 3 one at each cap. Not necessarily rushing in the cap but within striking distance of the cap or resetting it. The longer you can prevent the cap the more resources the Red team has to move to that cap to secure it. If you are a torp boat that is lots of fish to send out and bring joy and happiness to bb's . Use the mini map to see where the dd's go. DD's are your eyes. Move with them. even though randoms are not cooperative you are on a team. You mite want to start looking at the mini map and supporting the cap nearest to you. Cap Control I would ask that some of the more skilled players @DolphinPrincess @Edgecase add some insight to the best methods to accomplish this very easy and mostly failed task. Also I welcome any of the top teams to throw some input for the community, so that they can improve.
  15. MEANN

    Random Game tactics

    SO the issue of my stats are the volume of games. 10,273 in randoms alone. not counting 1200 or so in clan wars. I have for the past year and half have been working very much towards improving my stats and game play. Mostly form playing with unicom players and the competitive play translates into usable skills in randoms. my trailing 21 days is how i view myself as it is the most accurate representative of my current game play. most of the time that is a sample size of close to 200 games. as a snippet of my last 100 games or so. I can see where i can improve and where im doing well. As to your assessment of me and navalpride33 his estimate of what i would believe to be sound advise is wrong and i would ask if you agree with his or my opinion. ^^^^^FiFY Meann. would you mind settling this @Destroyer_KuroshioKai @DolphinPrincess my original post below and the criticism of @Navalpride33 DD Main role. Spot, cap, torp runs, fire starting, and herding Spotting. Seems pretty strait forward except that often times dd's will hide behind an island and allow for low health boats to escape and come back later mostly full. If you are spotting a ship hold the position long enough for your team to finish them off. Then continue on to torp or cap. Capping is a requirement of Randoms. However rushing into the cap in the first 3 minutes will usually net you dead. So instead of rushing in, move within 4km of the cap to wait for the other dd to rush in and allow for your team to focus them down and repel the rest of the team and usually will net you an easy cap as the first dd will die the second one will get the cap. Torp runs and herding. Top tip when using a dd with 3 sets of torps. Hold 1 set until the first 2 are spotted then send the 3rd at the turned path. Herding is about making campers move. how often do you see a radar boat sucked up to an island and they can control a cap just by their presence. Sending torps at them will force them to move or eat torps. either way you can made them no longer stationary. when you are open water torping consider making sure you are in an angle that requires the target to turn to either side giving your team his broadside and this is also a time when you keep spotting contact for your team. Pay attention to when you get floods and fire and when they damicon. Call out when they do so the rest of your team can relight them for permanent fires. CA Main role. AA support for bb, torp runs, cap control, radar, geography control, fire starting, AA support, it seems like a stupid thing however, if you protect your BB from being just punished you allow for your heavy hitters to do their jobs. torps are in most cases defensive but not in all ships. the IJN have great toprs. Usually used as a kite away and make your pursuer hate life or have to turn and give you a better angle for AP Cap control and geography control are accomplished in many different ways. I will highlight a few here. Radar boats on either flanking island will keep dd's from getting into positions to torp your team from behind. (this is very bad for winning if it is allowed to happen) Mino/Smole and their smoke and silly rates of fire will also keep bb and cruiser pushes on the flanks. As they can Smoke and repel many pushes. (DD spotting is how this is effective) Super cruisers ie Stali and co. can control a flank by just being 15k back as they are meant to kill cruisers. Fire starting. Well, Wooster, smole, zao and company are very good at this behavior. Just like a DD please call out when you have caused a damicon. BB Main role. Kill other bb's cruisers, and try not to eat torps from dd's Not all BB play if bow in and tank. All of the different lines have different skill sets. The American line of course has some of the best AP in the game and can tank copious amounts of damage. Decent AA, however they are not very fast or maneuverable. They French line is very fast and has a stupid fast reload. They are very good at flanking. GK/Kremlin are your in close brawlers. Yammy can sit at distance and send 18" of love accurately. However yammy has great torp protection but burns really easy. When a BB is bow in HE is your friend. Also if they BB is kiting away is also a good HE kinda moment. AP is broad side love. Take a moment and check out in the game under the armor scheme where best to shoot each BB in the game. Also BB's are not DD's If you charge a cap early you will 100% die. I have watched this happen in my last 4 games. Some GK or BB thinks I got this! Hint..you don't. CV Main Role. Spot, torp, set fires, kill DD, Keep positions of enemy spotted for smoke boats Spotting much like a DD however they are a limited time spotter. In the beginning most cv players will make a run around the map to show the formation of the red team. Often times if the cv player will not just race away from the boats as they are moving into initial positions the BB's on your team can cause a larges amount of damage in the very beginning of the game. So when you are rolling around the map at first and you spot a cruiser (stali) mid turn and broadside to your team hang out for 1 minutes or so they way your BB's can swing over and punish the offending boat. I can't tell you how many times if my cv had hung out 30 seconds or 15 more i would have been able to just smash a broadside cruiser. Torp and fires are much the same across the board of ships. call out damincons as it helps the team. If you have a smole, gumo, or mino protecting your flank and the dd has been removed spot for said cruiser as you will help kepp the flank. if your flank falls cv you are the first target. I hope this helps out. I am of course in no way scratching the surface of each individual lines idiosyncrasy. Do some online research about the main "gimmick" of each line. and I hope you have a great battle. Meann out!