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  1. As I see it KOTS was fun and engaging. If anything I have a question as to how the teams that had the same wins as losses ie the bottom of the move on bracket 4 wins 3 losses. which there was 1 at 25 , how are they ranked? as to say the team that was 25th had the same number of wins and losses as the 14 above them.
  2. Tillman I Tillman II Tillman III Tillman IV Tillman IV-1 Tillman IV-2 South Dakota class Iowa class Montana class Design 13 Dec 1916 13 Dec 1916 13 Dec 1916 29 Dec 1916 30 Jan 1917 30 Jan 1917 8 Jul 1918 9 Jun 1938 6 Feb 1940 Displace- ment 70,000 short tons (63,500 t) 70,000 short tons (63,500 t) 63,500 short tons (57,600 t) 80,000 short tons (72,600 t) 80,000 short tons (72,600 t) 80,000 short tons (72,600 t) 43,200 short tons (39,200 t) 45,000 short tons (40,800 t) 70,000 short tons (63,500 t) Length 975 feet (297 m) 660 feet (200 m) 860 feet (260 m) 921 feet (281 m) Beam 108 feet (33 m) 106 feet (32 m) 108 feet (33 m) 121 feet (37 m) Draft 32 feet 9 inches (10 m) 32 feet 9 inches (10 m) 36 feet (11 m) 36 feet (11 m) Speed 26.5 knots (49.1 km/h; 30.5 mph) 26.5 knots (49.1 km/h; 30.5 mph) 30 knots (56 km/h; 35 mph) 25.2 knots (46.7 km/h; 29.0 mph) 25.2 knots (46.7 km/h; 29.0 mph) 25.2 knots (46.7 km/h; 29.0 mph) 23.5 knots (43.5 km/h; 27.0 mph) 33 knots (61 km/h; 38 mph) 28 knots (52 km/h; 32 mph) Main battery (12) 16-inch (406 mm), 50-caliber guns in four triple turrets (24) 16-inch (406 mm), 50-caliber guns in four six-gun turrets (12) 16-inch (406 mm), 50-caliber guns in four triple turrets (24) 16-inch (406 mm), 50-caliber guns in four six-gun turrets (13) 18-inch (457 mm), 50-caliber guns in five twin and one triple turret (15) 18-inch (457 mm), 50-caliber guns in five triple turrets (12) 16-inch (406 mm), 50-caliber guns in four triple turrets (9) 16-inch (406 mm), 50-caliber guns in three triple turrets (12) 16-inch (406 mm), 50-caliber guns in four triple turrets Belt armor 9–18-inch (229–457 mm) 7–13-inch (178–330 mm) 7–13-inch (178–330 mm) 8–19-inch (203–483 mm) 8–16-inch (203–406 mm) 8–16-inch (203–406 mm) 8–13.5-inch (203–343 mm) 4–12.1-inch (102–307 mm) 10.2–16.1-inch (259–409 mm) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maximum_battleship
  3. MEANN

    Not Stat shaming

    if you are willing to spend a lil money less than 30 bucks the W. Va is wayy fun!
  4. MEANN

    Not Stat shaming

    some perspective, if you go to the bar and buy a round of drinks you will spend on average 20 bucks. For half that round or 10 bucks you can get 30 days of prem acct. which makes all the grinding and credit loss a none issue. the boats you buy in the game and get to keep for as long as you play are at times high. but not really. 50 bucks is a dinner out at a nice steakhouse. i dont think it is the money as much as people get in their head they dont pay to win. you are not paying to win you are enjoying a game that most of us spend several hours a day doing. if i considered how much fun i have for 50 bucks. it is east to buy a few boats that i want. https://na.wargaming.net/shop/wows/premium/12853/
  5. MEANN

    Not Stat shaming

    i dont agree, you can get a 19 point cptn pretty easy. most of the events give signals with 100% free and cptn xp. pick on boat that you like and are proficient and build that captain to 19, and repeat the task till you have several. also use the earned premium boats to farm elite commander xp by putting the 19 point captain on that boat. most of the good players dont play t4 they play t8 or above.
  6. MEANN

    Not Stat shaming

    every sunday i have a pick up clan battle format for anyone to come get a chance to play with top teams in a casual open to learning format.
  7. I want to qualify this post, I am not picking at anyone or will I post anyone's stats. As the a clan leader I am forever on the hunt for new players, that is just a part of running a clan. You are always replacing folks that quit, left, moved on to other games, take breaks, and the various reasons people leave a clan. So I check stats a lot, Here is my observation. Most of the last 100 or so players I have looked at in t10 have had stats in the sub 30k average damage and 40% or less win rate over all. Some and not a few but a lot had sub 20k ave dmg stats. I am leaving out anyone with less then 2k games. I was seeing players with 6k games 22k ave dmg. How do you play that many games and not figure out how to win or at least deal a decent amount of damage? What is the community or WG missing to help these players? I know that these players like the game and want to have fun, none of them like losing im sure of it. None of them want to be terrible in their top tier boats. I'll bet a 199k game would make them just as happy as a unicum player that does it often. lots of the aforementioned players have not broken 110k dmg on any boat. What is the disconnect for there to be so large a population of player that very obviously have no earthly idea how to play the game. They are everyone's teammates. We all get them on our teams. Even the most kind person will have a moment in a match where a player just does some really stupid crap and everyone loses their mind! I have players that are coming to me and asking me to explain how every stat they have is getting better and their win rate is going down? BTW the player in question is 70k global ave dmg. (not cv) So that prompted this thread. What can we as a player base and a community do to help these players so that the base overall gets better. as the idea of skill based mm seems to be sacrilege.
  8. MEANN

    HATE Recruiting

    Are you looking for a active comp team. we have two comp teams and recruiting for both
  9. sell them, get a nice battleship and you will feel better. :)
  10. MEANN

    You've Been Smolensk'd!

    you by definition are a keyboard warrior. you have a comment to everything, you hide your stats as to hide weather or not you are any good at the game. i guess for someone that lives in their moms basement you would have nothing to do but whine on the forums. I have never once said i was awesome, just a lil better then average. however i have played 9k plus games and have a lot of experience. you hide your credentials "stats" as to even consider your opinion. to listen to someone that hides their stats is like listening to a divorcee on marriage.
  11. MEANN

    Best DD line for knife fighting?

    @CaptainKaitoGhost the ijn gun boats at t 8 9 and 10 are very hard to beat. the brits, i have not gone up yet. i do know the daring is broken. French are also high dmp. Americans are a jack of all trade. the gearing with the correct set up will net you a 2.4 sec reload 16k torps, and a very long smoke. but the ijn will gun you down. so will a daring
  12. you are not looking at the right thing, it has buddy guns and perth smoke. and good torps
  13. and every bb cruiser dd cv driver in the game that has done it. dont drive broadside and it will happen a lot less.
  14. MEANN

    You've Been Smolensk'd!

    that is really condescending of you, considering you hide your stats from everyone. so it is easy to say you did x. but uncover the stats and let all the world judge you as you have cast judgement on a very high dmg game. that im sure was the reason the team one.