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  1. She was specced for it IRL and it did not end well.
  2. Literally everything encourages passive play from BBs.
  3. The anti-detonation flag sets your chance to go boom to 0 even if you're running with other things that increase that chance.
  4. I'd love to have both radar and hydro available to those that can equip either (excluding those that also get smoke) in exchange for needing line of sight, but like that'll ever happen. E: supposed to be hydro and defensive fire, not radar so this statement doesn't apply It's down to how the skill works. It bumps up the "assured detection" range of 2 km (often called proximity spotting) and bumps it up whatever the radar range is. WG could totally rework it, it's not an engine limitation. It's whether or not they find it necessary and beneficial (for them) to do so.
  5. why not just buff heavy cruisers so that they remain competitive with ifhe light cruisers
  6. The gun firing effect looks flat to me, but everything else is 5/7 perfect score
  7. Saipan beats Hiryuu for damage on NA. I would look at the other servers, but the pages don't load for me.
  8. My numbers are great. I have the greatest numbers. Some people say they're the best. I can point you to a certain table that says so. #UnicumAtEveryWinRate This joke doesn't really work with my current stats :^(
  9. You wanna know how I "stat-padded"? I learned how to perform well in non-meta ships that I enjoyed, like the Bogue (pre-nerf) and the Akatsuki.
  10. I'm pretty sure they have no idea what an American WW2 bomber besides the B-17 looks like.
  11. Nikolai also almost exclusively faces ships that have to turn near-full broadside to fire more than half of their guns while she can bring 3/4ths of hers to bear with only a slight angle (and I'm pretty sure she can angle well), so it's more of a relative comparison. And while sigma isn't the end-all-be-all of accuracy, 1.8 is pretty good.
  12. How dare you try to stat-shame! I'll have you know that my stats are hereditary, and they're perfectly normal! #UnicumAtEveryWinRate
  13. There's no way that WG in their right minds would let a T7 BB that can point 9x (or 6x) 406mm guns without exposing its sides bowtank the 356mm guns it would consistently face. They learned from the Nikolai.
  14. Is there any specific reason as to why DX11 causes the crashes? Because I played a few games with skins on and had no issues, while other games I was constantly crashing.
  15. I'd only try out this line if they can toggle between regular narrow spreads and deep-running narrow spreads in the same way that British DDs can toggle between regular narrow and single-fire.