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  1. From what I've heard, buoyancy as a mechanic was removed early on in testing because it wasn't fun.
  2. If you think that's impressive, try dropping seven 1000 lb bombs. Most of them will miss, but one will hit and start a fire.
  3. This always gets brought up when there are lots of unrealistic compromises for gameplay purposes, like how high the overmatch coefficient is or the ability to regenerate health.
  4. I still have no idea how spotting the castle works, but I've gotten some 5-star games anyways. I don't think the bots themselves are much more difficult, it's having a team that knows how to do the secondary objectives that is the real pain. Also people sleepin' on my boy Barracuda.
  5. Flashtirade

    Gneisenau AA

    Several high-tier cruisers get enough bow armor to bounce 380mm AP. Overmatch is purely dependent on caliber and is checked before any other penetration mechanics come into play.
  6. Flashtirade

    Zipper Sub Unusable

    Don't have Killer Whale so I can't rate. Otherwise, for me it's: 1. Seelowe - High burst damage on a short reload kills ships dead. Lacks a gimmick but I feel like having solid, reliable performance every time is a good enough shtick. 2. Barracuda - Theoretically similar burst damage to Seelowe, but in reality must wait longer for full reloads. Makes up for it with fire-starting potential via secondaries, but must risk its generous health pool to do so. Multi-fires on Rasputin drain its health so much faster than floods alone. Detection blows and puts a strain on its oxygen supply, luckily it's very good at killing things that can see it. 3. Gerfalcon - Speed makes it a good choice for the spotting objectives. Torpedo armament is immense but I find the playstyle of back-launching torps unwieldy, especially if there is more than one ship in the area to deal with. Versus only one enemy, back-torping is fun. 4. Zipper Sub - Odd choice for a name considering it's the slowest of the bunch (also why does it have "sub" in the name). High-damage freezing torpedoes are nice, but the lack of burst due to just 2 single tubes with the longest reloads is atrocious. I've never had serious oxygen problems in the other submarines, so the other gimmick has no value to me.
  7. Flashtirade

    Shima got a buff? Sweet!

    My Asashio is at 60% W/R with 60k damage (which is actually still about average), with more main battery kills than torpedo kills. Learn to use your guns.
  8. Flashtirade

    Jean Bart

    Bought it with my Not-Salem rocks + discount. Don't have the credits to kit her at the moment, but I'm sure she will be capable.
  9. How dare you throw out such wild accusations! Of course there are a few burned, inedible pieces, but they are certainly not the majority of bacon strips. Don't make me use my army of baconbots to prove a point on the Internet! #Baconcide #BaconLivesMatter #ThinBaconLine
  10. Flashtirade

    Matchup Monday - Scharnhorst vs. Nagato

    Pretty sure Churchill ordered them to "sink the Bismarck" and he would have accepted nothing less.
  11. Flashtirade

    Matchup Monday - Scharnhorst vs. Nagato

    I was not aware of the turret thing, that's pretty convenient. I think one of Nagato's biggest issues in this fight is getting significant damage on Scharnhorst before being forced into CQC. Standard pens into the superstructure can only do so much, but if Nagato can get even more while also knocking out the turrets then that's a big plus. What I do know is that Scharns in general don't make use of their HE when they are only scratching with their AP. I think a Scharn could easily put one or two fires on a Nagato before entering secondary range, making it harder for the latter to choose when to damecon. I wouldn't mind being either ship in the 1v1 scenario really.
  12. Flashtirade

    Matchup Monday - Scharnhorst vs. Nagato

    1v1 I think it would be in Scharnhorst's favor but not by a landslide. The ideal engagement for both ships would be Nagato (survivability build) kiting at an angle and Scharnhorst (secondary build) pushing bow-in. Nagato has big guns and fair accuracy, but Scharnhorst is extremely durable. Scharnhorst will inevitably catch up and initiate CQC, but Nagato will not take a lot of damage while kiting due to Scharnhorst lacking caliber. This is Scharnhorst's fight to win, but there are some caveats: 1. She needs to be in close quarters to have any chance at victory against a skilled Nagato, a fight at medium or long ranges is a sure defeat. 2. Scharnhorst will probably have to resort to HE while approaching. German HE is not good, but at least she has a fast rate of fire. 3. A lot of her CQC bite comes from the torpedoes. Failing to use them effectively gives Nagato much better odds at victory. 4. She will be more vulnerable to HE because of the secondary build. This isn't as big of an issue since IJN BBs don't usually fire HE (their secondaries sure don't), but the option is still there for Nagato. Nagato has an uphill battle, but it's not all hopeless: 1. The longer she can stay out of CQC the better the fight will go. Kiting is mandatory. Avoiding the torpedoes is mandatory. 2. Proper damage control will be of utmost importance. Scharnhorst will be throwing out a lot of HE and threaten flooding. If the enemy fails to put up a sufficient amount of DoT damage before entering CQC, then Nagato has better chances of killing the Scharnhorst with raw AP pens before the secondary damage starts to rack up. 3. Disabling or even destroying Scharnhorst's main guns and torpedo tubes is possible due to Scharnhorst's build. The odds are not in your favor, but the tactic is worth considering.
  13. Flashtirade

    Idea to Make Ranked Less Hostile

    Ranked without star-saving degenerated into disadvantaged teams suiciding to get into the next match quickly. Do people forget what previous seasons were like so easily?
  14. Flashtirade

    PSA for penetration changes on PTS

    The moment they pull the change, the forums will explode with even more anti-BB and anti-DD vitriol. Prepare your favorite camping chair and some popcorn or s'mores.