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  1. Non-IFHE Akizuki means having a Benson/Fletcher/Gearing run you down bow-on because you almost literally cannot damage him (other T8+ German and Russian DDs are as capable, but USN ones are usually the most aggressive bullies).
  2. IJN DD status

    Have not played post-split Minekaze or Mutsuki. Don't think I would like the latter very much though. Post-split Fubuki is actually fine with CE. Post-split Hatsuharu is a miserable experience that thankfully is not very long. Akatsuki is my bae and I am way too comfortable with her. Didn't play Shiratsuyu post-nerf much but she seems fine, but a bit too slow for my tastes. I hated Kagerou for the longest time until I suddenly didn't, she's okay. Akizuki is a murderbeast that I still need to grind captain xp to fully utilize. Only played a few games with Yuugumo but she's just a better Kagerou. Have not played Shimakaze.
  3. War Thunder actually does publish names in its ban waves. Some of those accounts spent a lot of money to acquire exclusive vehicles...
  4. Is there a way to fix the Saipan?

    Posted this in some other thread somewhere:
  5. Independence was never that disadvantaged against RJ, especially with the latter commonly running 1-2-2. The only real issues I have with T6 CVs are the plane capacity disparity between the two and that RJ can still take 3-1-1 which IMO is dumb and now completely unnecessary since Indy lost her AS package. Here's how I would change things: - Independence A hull now carries 37 planes (dunno why WG locks plane capacity for USN CVs behind hulls but I'll do it here to be consistent with them) - Independence B hull now carries 45 planes (later ships of the same class carried this amount) - Ryuujou AS loadout changed to 2-1-2 (can still muscle around USN's single fighter with some skill instead of overpowering it through sheer numbers and less oppressive to 1-2-2 Ryuujous, gains some more DoT potential back)
  6. Musashi Free XP Cost

    The increased XP costs only solidified my option to cave and spend 60 bucks to convert for Missouri now, since I can actually kit out my Missouri to play distinctly different from my (eventual) Iowa. Musashi isn't going to offer a separate playstyle to Yamato, just a slightly worse version of the same. The XP would be better used skipping Izumo entirely and getting Yamato.
  7. Upgraded Fletcher torps exist. Gearing torps exist. Hit almost as hard, swim just as fast (excluding suicidal F3s), reload faster, detected at closer distance. And the ships carrying them have significantly better guns and smoke, and can swap out speed boost for defensive fire. As to the main topic, both TRB and DWT are both terrible gimmicks to give the Shima. TRB was already a band-aid for the terrible performance of IJN DDs with 2 quad launchers (3x triple launcher DDs were/are fine, see old T8 Fubuki). The only thing that makes the consumable viable is the concealment of the ships that carry it. Imagine if Shiratsuyu had the same concealment as the gunboats in the same tier, she would be completely gutted if she ever got spotted while carrying TRB. That's why it's significantly harder to spot her in the first place. Kagerou and Yuugumo are in similar situations, though they are at least as fast as their peers and are better at kiting away any pursuers due to gun placement. If concealment was the only factor, then Shima would totally be unfit for TRB. But there are two aspects that mitigate this ability. The first one is that Shima is pretty fast. Faster than the predators she can't outspot (barring Grozovoi I think), and the only one she can't outspeed (Khab) being much more visible. The second is that Shima has 15 torps, and doubling that amount is going to be nothing short of broken and cancerous. DWT are just a terrible meme like AP bombs, both specialized weapons made instead of making the standard weapons less awful. The Pan-Asian line saddled with them had to be given other buffs to compensate for these torps, and Shima's are even more limited without any kind of compensation. As they are, they will largely be ignored. There's only one good and reasonable change in all of this, and it's that the 12km torps are being made the stock option.
  8. T1: PT is almost a universal pick T2: EM for slow turrets, usually IJN cruisers /// AR otherwise, might as well get buffs for any damage you take /// LS for those with very fragile rudders/engines T3: DE is almost always good /// SI for consumable-heavy playstyles (smoke, radar, hydro) and any cruiser that can heal /// Vigilance is meh, getting caught off-guard by torps should be pretty rare in a cruiser /// BoS for any T9-T10 pseudo-battleship builds (along with SI) /// BFT for any dedicated AA build T4: CE is pretty much universal /// AFT is a good second option since it buffs DF /// MFCAA is for heavy AA spec on certain ships, you'd have to give up CE or AFT for it though /// FP again for pseudo-battleships In order: #1. (1 point) PT #2. (2 points) AR or LS (2 points) depending on how many times your engine/rudder breaks #3. (3 points) SI for more hydro uses or Vigilance for better torp avoidance without it (with the low ranges of low tiers I don't think it's worth it, but you may have nightmares of IJN DDs and I can't blame you) #4. (4 points) CE #5a: (1 point) DCCA for ships that carry catapult spotters/fighters, otherwise skip to #5b #5b: (3 points) SI or Vigilance, the one you didn't pick for #3 #6: (2 points) JoAT for faster recharge on hydro (combine with flag for a substantial -10% reload) Throw the remaining 3 or 4 points at any skills you fancy. DE would be the best option to round out the build against other ships, but it's not the only thing you can pick.
  9. Skipping the new DD line.

    I think Notser was right on this line in that I'd probably build them as gunboats and then use the torps situationally. The T7 looks mighty nasty for that.
  10. TBH a lot of their current power comes from being underestimated or ignored. Tiers 5 and 6 (barring Fubuki and Shinonome) could use some love, but otherwise I think the lines are okay.
  11. PnFMods don't seem to work with the Steam version.
  12. If they just went ahead and deleted all of the IJN AS setups in the same patch, this rebalancing would go a lot smoother.
  13. If Midway retains her current TB drop patterns then I'm okay with the downtiered planes. She has a deep hangar anyways. The reluctance to nerf the Hak is a completely separate issue.
  14. 1-1-2 Ranger/Lex is still worse than 2-2-2 Hiryuu/Shoukaku, but it will be miles more playable than the current setups
  15. Concerns about the Cleveland

    If it works like the IJN DD and RU DD splits, you will receive the following: - the T8 Cleveland and its permanent camo - the T6 Pensacola and its permanent camo - your 14 point captain - a second captain with probably 6 to 8 skill points I forgot which captains will be assigned to which ship, you may have to shell out doubloons to have them helm the ship you want.