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  1. Flashtirade

    Atago Buyers Remorse

    If you're giving broadsides to try to use your torpedoes offensively you're going to die, even with Atago's improved forward arcs. Japanese cruisers have high citadels, and she is no exception.
  2. Flashtirade

    DDs aren't played anymore.....

    2016 is off to a great start.
  3. This won't affect bow-tanking as much as Yamato/Musashi already do (aka they don't), since 510mm doesn't cross any relevant thresholds after 32mm. Honestly I don't get why they made this ship because it's not going to be substantially different from Yamato unless they shove it full of gimmicks like Georgia or Ohio.
  4. Flashtirade

    Who are the real AA ships?

    We have come full circle when it comes to AA logic, except now the large contribution of long-range mounts in pre-rework AA numbers is now tied up in RNG flak.
  5. Flashtirade

    what bad choices look like

    Maybe crates should come with a freshness seal.
  6. Flashtirade


    1. The only DDs I can think of that NdJ can face that will have 13km range or greater are Russian gunboats and Akizuki-types that have AFT (and/or the range module for T9s). 2. The short range is to balance it against the tech tree Helena, which does not have a heal. And the Helena is a reasonably balanced ship. The only legitimate complaint is the one-ship "nation" commander problem, and that's more of an issue with the need for IFHE on most CLs in order to be effective.
  7. Flashtirade

    Kill credit

    Battlefield has "assist counts as kill" for 90+% damage and it's a great solution, but it's never going to be implemented here.
  8. So what you're telling me is that Smolensk needs radar. Or MBRB. Or both.
  9. Eh, looks like it has Ark Royal-style slosh bombing1 but using fast planes alongside some standard-ish rockets. I wouldn't really call this OP unless there's some super hidden stats or strats that I'm missing. 1. My own term for it, the bombs fall out like water being poured out of a bucket instead of an orderly sequential or simultaneous drop like bombs of other nations.
  10. Flashtirade

    Ranked 1 v 1 and Tirpitz

    The worst type of German BB is the patient one that's willing to just sit on the caps and force you to approach. The ones who rush into CQC can be "easily" kited, though most maps don't give you enough room to do that for long.
  11. Flashtirade

    WG, Please fix the Ramming Mechanics

    Someone definitely wins the 1v1 if both ships die by ramming. You can see who the winner is by seeing who got the 1250 xp.
  12. Flashtirade

    cv in ranked

    Only CV I've seen so far was a GZ against my Charles Martel. I barely cinched the win by landing some crucial torps. The planes were annoying as always, but the secondaries were the real killer.
  13. Flashtirade

    Puerto Rico Question?

    Nah, they're lost forever, like tears in the rain. Also there was a refund period whose announcement was buried in a large thread, but that's now over too. Happy holidays.
  14. There are very few people who are good enough in DDs to not take last stand, and they aren't the kind of people that are getting wrecked by cruisers so badly they need RPF to find them instead of their own eyes and map awareness.