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  1. Flashtirade

    USS Colorado

    Colorado was always tenuously balanced with other T7 battleships, but she (along with Nagato) is almost completely outclassed by Sinop. It's a shame.
  2. Flashtirade

    So I bought the 40k Pre-Sale Pack

    I didn't read the notes fully for the collab so I thought these crates were just 5x camos. I haven't seen anything else up until this point either.
  3. Flashtirade

    [ALL] Kleiner_Kreuzer's Skin Arsenal

    Red_Knight uploaded a Richelieu skin years ago, but I don't think it's up anywhere though.
  4. Flashtirade

    Update Hayate for Free XP

    20km torps - 2.5km detection 12km torps - 1.9km detection* 8km torps - 1.8km or 1.9km detection* *From memory, may not be entirely correct.
  5. Flashtirade

    Mogami which guns do you prefer?

    If you're playing 155 Mogami, you gotta commit to it. Have a separate dedicated captain for IFHE and take double rudder. The nature of the 155s mean that either you will be spamming from cover so concealment doesn't matter, or you will be kiting away in the open while constantly lighting yourself up and your concealment still doesn't matter.
  6. Flashtirade

    Disturbing trend in WoWs

    WG can only tweak gun and torp stats so much to differentiate destroyer trees from one another. They started experimenting with tweaking through survivability and consumables as far back as the Russian DD line.
  7. Flashtirade

    BB's and CV Divisions has to stop

    As godawful as CV sniping (by any method) is to the balance of a match, if this gets normal spotting removed from all attack flights I can't say I'm against it.
  8. Flashtirade

    [ALL] Kleiner_Kreuzer's Skin Arsenal

    Ark Royal is mostly white, grey, and silver with some red and brown-red at the tips of various places.
  9. Flashtirade

    World of BBs (and CVs)

    Battleships have never not been popular, and there's no reason why that wouldn't be the case now.
  10. Flashtirade

    What LM/UU's to focus first before they go to RB?

    Midway and Hak UUs are non-functional as of right now. Maybe they'll be reinstated when they get reworked. Zao and Moskva UUs are direct buffs. Henri and Khab are also buffs but with big tradeoffs. The rest are either sidegrades or potentially downgrades depending on your playstyle. Edit: All UUs are subject to change. Nobody knows what they'll be in the future.
  11. Then I'm all for it. There's tons of valid gripes about CVs, but this is the most incessant ones that's not actually one of the core design issues.
  12. Unless the hardcap on planes is strict for all carriers, the second system would be virtually identical to what we have now. But if it gets people to stop whining about infinite planes I'm all for it.
  13. Flashtirade

    Save the Atlanta! (...and Flint too)

    For clarity's sake, what Navalpride is referring to is AP shell standard penetrations, which would inflict about 3000 to 4000 damage depending on the battleship firing it.
  14. Flashtirade

    sooo why is worchester not hated as much as smolensk and colbert?

    Worcester got plenty of hate after her release. Smolensk is just worse because she has greater effective range and isn't tied to islands.
  15. Narai isn't the only operation with pathing problems. Raptor Rescue frequently has one or two of the support ships getting caught in the island chain that Raptor is initially stuck in. Sometimes they'll be stuck there the entire match, sometimes they'll break free and go on their own little adventure. Either way they're at the mercy of the enemy reinforcement fleet that spawns in behind them that isn't meant to be engaged until much later.