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  1. Flashtirade

    About three minutes in...

    There are actually 2 CVs per team in that screenshot.
  2. Flashtirade

    384 planes downed in one match

    The only way this situation ever happens is when CVs fight each other in close proximity, like an extreme version of Coral Sea. Squads will sustain horrific losses for chip damage (since no DoT effect will stick), and both sides will be calling in as many fighters as they can muster on top of AA that vaporizes half of them on arrival. Especially Enterprise, who calls in more fighters than any other CV in the game, even more than Midway.
  3. The way I'd do it is an opt-in system that can be switched into and out of, very similar to how players can switch to guns to torps and back again. The 4 key doesn't currently do anything, so I'd put it there. It would redirect a portion of both continuous and flak AA to a reticle that the player holds over the aircraft. And I do mean a portion, only some of it will be in the player's control while the rest remains automated. Fully automated AA defense would still be the same as it is right now. If the player is engaged by both ships and aircraft, it's up to the player to prioritize threats. If the planes are the primary threat (by keeping them spotted), then maybe they could knock out two birds with one stone by focusing down the spotters. Or maybe the aircraft are just a secondary threat that can be mitigated with passive AA and maneuvers alone, in which case there's no need to switch to manual control. Or maybe the threat level of both kinds of attacks are more even, and the player has to make a tough choice. But it is a choice, like choosing between which ship to angle against, or choosing to fire even when on low health if it could kill an enemy, or choosing to hold or retreat from a losing flank. And maybe there's no right answer and the player is doomed no matter what they choose. But it's still an action that the player participates in. It's not just "the CV is coming for me and I hope his aim is bad," it's also "the CV is coming for me and I hope my aim is good."
  4. Actually yes. This is why I advocate for a manual AA system, not to significantly increase the effects of AA but to make the surface ship a more active participant in their self-defense.
  5. Can you post the full screenshots and possibly a replay? From what little I can glean from your cropped images, I can see that the friendly DD is firmly in your long range AA, which is mostly made up of flak. Even if you are AA specced, the long range flak isn't going to protect anything especially if you're not the intended target. I also can't see the friendly BB you say is also in range providing AA. I can't help but think we're not getting the full picture when said picture has been heavily cropped.
  6. If they can add this and then remove the far spawn points (making everyone spawn together in a big group), then that would be great. I don't know what a CV player is going to be doing during the downtime though, maybe draw stars with the waypoints or something.
  7. If anything, giving them the choice is the one change I'd suggest: make players choose between smoke and MBRB.
  8. The thing is that those are choices the player can make. If the player finds smoke more comfortable to use (like I do with IJN DDs), then they can always go back to it. The French DDs don't have a choice.
  9. Flashtirade

    How do you go on with a cursed ship?

    Switch ships and come back to her later.
  10. Terrible ports are not a phenomenon exclusive to WG.
  11. Flashtirade

    How often do CVs die last, or at all.

    Frankly speaking, CVs are actually losing money by not being shot at more often than their teammates. Dodging and mitigating damage are rewarded, simply surviving is not. Plus, base service costs are the same whether or not the ship survives the battle, the only additional costs are ordnance and premium consumables. With CVs balanced currently as a sustained DPS class that needs time to rack up the same amount of damage that surface ships match in a few good salvos, survivability by itself is less meaningful to look at and instead should be considered along with damage output over time. In terms of actual effect on gameplay, I think the closest ships to compare CVs to are visible open-water harassers like Khabarovsk and French cruisers.
  12. WG could remove the regen mechanic entirely and just give CVs 1.5x their current reserves as their total reserves, and it wouldn't make a substantial difference to the majority of gameplay.
  13. Continuous DPS is applied to every squad in the aura, modified by the hit chance. They might distract flak though. Fighter squads vary by CV, and the on-squad summons differ from auto-CAP.
  14. Flashtirade

    Seriously Wargaming?

    I'm guessing from the 6 AP hits for nearly 30k damage, he took citadel hits early in the match (could be from the Yamato) and pulled back. HE shell damage could have come from the Zao and Cleveland, but maybe also other ships not shown. From the aircraft ordnance hits, I'm guessing he took 1 TB pass, 2 DB passes, and 1 rocket pass. The two TB hits were probably what broke the steering and were definitely the source of the flood, warranting instant damage control. The biggest thing here is the large amount of fire damage taken. The amount of HE shells is kinda low, but Zao HE has high alpha and fire chance. I'm guessing around 1 or 2 of the 5 fires listed came from shell fire, which he let burn. After repairing from the TB attack, the DB and rocket attacks did little damage on their own but set the remaining fires, resulting in OP burning down.
  15. I've only been in one game where the defenders lost, and that was because our side lost basically half our ships by 5 minutes in (including a DD trying to TK the generators). Another match, the defenders barely won since the enemy team needed about 10 or 20 seconds more of shooting to take down the station, and the mission ends before the countdown timer does. Every other match, the attackers succeed in taking down some defenders and generators, but they run out of time before they break the final generator(s). It only takes 2 or 3 skilled defenders to stall for a win.