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  1. range and dispersion

    I believe the close-quarters range extends out to 6km, after which both horizontal and vertical dispersion scale linearly. Accuracy modules reduce the maximum amount of dispersion only.
  2. It's taken me forever to get around to it, but I've done some experimenting to find out more about incompatible skins. The incompatibility seems to be based on the day the skin was last edited. This means that simply making a copy of the file does not work, nor does changing the listed date via something like Bulk File Changer. This leads me to believe that the game is reading from the file's metadata, and the solution that I've found is to open the file in an image editor and re-saving (with or without changes). I've only done tested dds files, I have no idea if modeling files can be handled in the same way or if they're even affected in the first place.
  3. Dual Trop Drop and Plane Health

    WG, please allow us to reskin USN bombs as toilets
  4. GK is actually not bad

    Going full secondaries isn't worth it. The potential DPS is fun to think about, but most games will not let the GK get close. However, partially speccing secondaries while taking some standard skills like CE or SI will still preserve some of the flavor without sacrificing too much survivability. I found out that trading AFT for CE on my Bismarck (only at 14 points) allowed me to get more secondary hits on average because I lived longer, letting me get into mid- and late-game brawls more often.
  5. Dev Diary and BB protection

    Don't worry, submarines are going to reduce camping, surely
  6. Tier X meta is very disappointing

    People make the same misplays they do at T7 as they do in T10. The difference is that the former may result in a citadel hit and/or 2 fires while the latter ends with a double/triple cit and 6+ fires. It'd be interesting instead of nerfing firepower or increasing survivability of high-tier ships, WG simply reduces the number of ships in a match instead. Maybe start at 10v10 and see how that goes.
  7. I disagree about the RN smoke. Unless there are CVs in play, it can be abused heavily and frequently. I love it to bits and would love to have something similar on the IJN torpboats. Acasta: desperately needs more torpedo range (probably 6.5km or 7km) and possibly a concealment buff too, guns are okay for a T5 DD Icarus: skipped playing this one but it looks like a less capable Gallant with hydro and special smoke, not a good trade-off to a ship that is already panned and I don't know what to recommend for it Jervis: has potential but putting the torpedoes to use consistently puts me in dangerous situations, a touch more range at 7.5km or 8km would make a world of difference
  8. Warspite is the best British battleship solely due to the fact that it's the only one that isn't balanced around braindead HE spam. QE is as close as you can get in the main line because she shares Warspite's accuracy, but she still has the short-fuse AP and super HE. I don't have a Gallant, but it appears that her only defining characteristic is the ability to single-fire her torpedoes. Which all RN DDs can do. She has a kilometer in torp range over the T6 Icarus though.
  9. Please let the players drag the stats down, so that WG will buff the ships. They surely aren't already good enough. I suggest adding a kilometer to their torp ranges.
  10. Why You Won't Get West Virginia '44

    I have >50 solo wr, therefore I do not exist
  11. Any Yorck fans?

    Old Yorck was just an average (or rather, below-average) HE spammer because she had not only anemic HE but also abysmal AP at range. Now that German HE gets the 1/4th pen rule and Yorck specifically got her shell speeds increased, she can probably (as I can't make definitive statements without re-acquiring her) put out more effective HE DPM and properly utilize her AP more.
  12. New opt in mission for more patches

    I'm pretty sure the reason WG makes these offers opt-in on their website is to generate traffic to the website instead of copypasted versions of it posted on Reddit or here.
  13. Those twin turrets house 406mm (16 in. guns), 25 turrets in total. There are also one hundred 140mm secondary mounts and another one hundred 100cm mounts, all casemate. And for good measure it has 50 twin 610mm torpedo launchers. Edit: some madlad modeled the thing
  14. This absolute travesty unit , read more from TAP here.