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  1. Because IJN historically did shift to 2x quad launchers, it's just that WG made them the suboptimal setup. Akatsuki is my bae, but I'm not really feeling it for Kagerou. No word on the last two yet.
  2. QE it's 6 minutes into an Epicenter match, you don't need to push center I (Mahan) got it QE i'll smoke for you just stop QE no There's being aggressive, and there's being suicidal.
  3. Megazao HE doesn't "counter" bow-camping battleships, it only hurts them. It doesn't encourage them to be aggressive, instead it pushes them further back. In fact, the HE is even more punishing to aggressive BBs than passive ones, as Flamu demonstrated with the Montana in this match. The enemy BB was moving to help his team at the cap, and he was rewarded with 8 fires. Super HE is no magic bullet that solves passive play. The whole system needs to be reworked if the game is to see dynamic play at high tiers.
  4. If you know your point of view is outdated, then why did you bother making this thread
  5. Honestly the default recharge needs to be cut to 3 minutes or less so it's an attractive option. I actually think it can be very useful at times (like smoke shooting), but most don't even bother getting the premium version since they'll realistically use the spotting maybe twice per match.
  6. Destroyer that refused to capture a point that he sailed through without opposition because his only job was to sneak into the enemy back lines and scare the enemy team into submission.
  7. 24.99 USD - 10.34 USD: 2000 doubloons - 6.69 USD: 7 days premium time ------------------ 7.96 USD: 2 million credits + cosmetic flag I'm gonna let this one pass.
  8. Ranger and Hiryuu can field a maximum of 24 planes at a time, with a total hangar of 72. Let's say a bad CV skipper in one of these messes up really badly and loses the entirety of their first wave to strafes and/or AA. His CV has lost 1/3 of its full capacity, so he loses 1/3 of his total health. Now not only does the CV have to wait forever for his planes to come back, he's now in severe danger of being outright killed by a snipe attempt. Also a CV with little reserves left at the end of the game will refuse to use them to scout, because even a DD will shoot down planes eventually. E: just came up with some marvelous new meta 1. Spot the enemy CV with your fighters so allied BBs can shoot at him. Make him take losses trying to clear the spotters, he will lose health for that. He will lose further health from BBs. If the enemy CV successfully clears the spotters, he has to play immaculately so he doesn't die to plane attrition. If he fails to clear the spotters, then he is nearly guaranteed to die. 2. Combine the above with a snipe attempt.
  9. If you as a battleship only begin to turn when torpedoes are detected, then of course they're going to hit. Maybe not the Shima 20km ones, but all others will hit for major damage in if you start to maneuver that late. A battleship should regularly be changing heading and throttle long before the torpedoes are spotted if he has any inkling that he's under attack. The plethora of options that spot torpedoes early won't help you if you make yourself an easy target in the first place. Back to the subject matter at hand, I'm not sure what these DDs will do to the game as a whole. If they just play like USN DDs but with DW torps and short-duration radar, then they'll just powercreep USN DDs. If they get a nerf or two in some other area (smoke, maneuverability, guns, etc.) then they'll just be an alternate version of the German line.
  10. What game mode(s) will Clan Wars even use? That'll also be a deciding factor in what meta develops.
  11. The ban on CVs is understandable, but it's also a sign that WG should have started trying to fix them earlier.
  12. Give Mutsu her additional torps as well and then we'll talk
  13. ~35% like every other BB if their durability gets nerfed too, or ~30% if those stay the same.
  14. Almost any T3 or T4 BB should be fine (Kiyo has listed the exceptions). They'll show the base appeal of the game real fast.
  15. I love my Akatsuki to death, but she's definitely the least torpboat-y of all IJN DDs besides Akizuki.