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  1. Being able to buy things that are straight up better than what's available to the nonpaying player is also how you destroy game balance. It's not even like the de Grasse situation where there are technically tradeoffs that don't matter, these captains are just straight better than normal captains. The original captains were a reward for being a dedicated customer who played well, you couldn't just throw money at the tasks to complete them. OP premium ships are usually a result of WG's terrible balancing rather than corporate greed, and most pulled out of the shop indefinitely. These captains set a terrible precedent, no matter if you think they're worth the money or not. Pay-to-win needs to be called out the moment it starts happening, or the WG will start pushing the boundaries even further.
  2. Repairing ships

    It also isn't realistic having three torpedoes blowing holes in your hull, only to have them magically fixed in at max 20 seconds. Who knows, maybe your crew ran out of water buckets.
  3. If the CV UI was actually responsive, 100 APM would be babymode compared to other RTSes. This only goes to show how much is expected out of CV players, and how much realistically most of them can('t) deliver.
  4. Battleships firing from the Bow?

    Ships wanted to get as many of their guns on target as they could because: 1. Arbitrary amounts of thin angled plate didn't bounce shells that could pen 20x their thickness 2. Fights occurred at like double the ranges that we're used to seeing in-game, and accuracy was in the single digits for everyone involved Video games aren't real-life.
  5. Just cause I'm tired of hearing it.

    175 Fletchers alone.
  6. Why so barbaric? We must fight like modern men, by sending cease & desist notices and pursuing litigation.
  7. Catapults? What treachery is this? Trebuchets only.
  8. I don't know why you got downvoted because this is absolutely correct.
  9. Star saving was implemented so that a disadvantaged team wouldn't just bail out of the match at the first sign of collapse and instead would try to fight it out as best they could. This would have been fine if the game actually rewarded playing for the objective better than it does farming damage.
  10. The Plight of the Henri

    Henri is just a big Khab.
  11. Grind US CV line or no?

    The tried and true CV build: http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/0001010000010000001000000001100119 Substitutions: 1. AFT or CE -> MAA: Depends on your preference for concealment values and AA bubbles, generally speaking IJN CVs can afford to not take CE 2. TAE -> BFT: Again this is more of an IJN-specific trade-off due to faster reloads, but if you're relying a lot more on DBs for your damage output then this could be an option for you
  12. Ranked: Who needs enemies?

    That's how he finished the match prematurely. The maneuver was actually a decisive point in the match, it may have been the sole reason my team won.
  13. Ranked: Who needs enemies?

    Not ranked, but today I fought against an enemy Shima that finished the match (prematurely of course) with 2 TKs. I assume he's practicing to get to R1 today.
  14. Tier 10 Special Module Additions

    Cheezus Crisp they really are going in on the battleship Hindenburg idea
  15. Torpedo Damage

    The Mark 17 torpedo was never used in combat by any ship. The USN relied more on the Mark 14 and Mark 15 torpedoes, the former mainly used on submarines and the latter having teething issues until about 1943.