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  1. Freecloud

    Duca D'Aosta needs a small gun buff...

    Agreed. They need pretty buffed captains to do well. A captain with little to no skills will not serve well on these two boats.
  2. Freecloud

    Duca D'Aosta needs a small gun buff...

    I recall that her buffed-up sister Abruzzi is no better - a upper-tier Duca with similar weaknesses and gimmicks. I do enjoy her though as an annoying fire-starting troll. I know she isn't the best ship for the job, but I find it amusingly satisfying when I can take down a foe in this lackluster boat.
  3. Freecloud

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Now that is a gorgeous cosplay. Top marks for her! Since I have all the Russians for this round, I'm just building up two Japanese fleets to grind for Hakuryuu. I recently added Parseval to my fleet, so I need to grind her up.
  4. Freecloud

    That's it, I'm done for the night

    Great advice. I do the same as well. A losing streak just makes me pissed and stressed, which contributes to a bigger losing streak in the immediate future.
  5. Freecloud

    What would improve the game?

    Yup. We're a pretty limited bunch of folks: more fanatical and invested than the average Joe who wants to blow up a few ships.
  6. Freecloud

    What would improve the game?

    I've been poking around the modern tank game Armored Warfare as of late and I think more robust PvE, especially if it has a campaign and voice acting attached to it, could bring in and maintain a good cadre of players that don't particularly like PvP. I mean...I'm fine with PvP here, but I'm not so good at it in Armored Warfare. Because of that, I find PvE in that game to be relaxing, fun and interesting, mainly because the campaign has an engaging story to it. To give incentives, the devs here could supply those who complete the campaign with money, XP and special decals. Heck! Maybe a special camo could be thrown in to further allow players to customize their ships. Trailer of the current PvE campaign, which is a post-apocalyptic wasteland where you and your comrades in tanks fight various folks to survive.
  7. Thank you for running the numbers.
  8. Freecloud

    I am going to defend WG.

    Definitely agree, especially with the highlighted part. I mean...this is just a video game at best. I get that WoWS can improve on this or that, but this isn't real life: this is ultimately just recreation. If you win, you win. If you lose, you lose.
  9. Freecloud

    8 Certificate Mega Crates opened : )

    Indeed. You win some, you lose some.
  10. Freecloud

    8 Certificate Mega Crates opened : )

    That ship was discontinued for being very broken - she hits hard, moves fast and can shift her direction quite well. Once you master her, you'll get addicted to her. I bought one long ago before the ship was removed for being too OP. She is a monster on the high seas, even if she is against higher tiered opponents.
  11. I do agree, speaking as an old sailor who has spent money on the game. They're players who contribute their time to the production. If it isn't for them, the game wouldn't be populated and the whole experience would suffer.
  12. Freecloud

    8 Certificate Mega Crates opened : )

    I kinda wanted that ship. I unfortunately didn't grind hard enough for her, so I only have her lower-tiered, but very broken earlier form. Is there any way to get her besides the crates...or is that it? EDIT: Nevermind. Found it for sale in the shop.
  13. Freecloud

    Santa's Gifts

    Resist the urge...or just budget appropriately. Remember though that this is a gamble. You might get something nice...or you might just get garbage.
  14. Freecloud

    Brain Surgery and WoWs…or lack of WoWs

    I agree with the others. Focus on your health above all else. At the end of the day, this is just a video game - nothing more, nothing less.
  15. Freecloud

    Be sensible, be responsible today.

    Was it the first Santa crate run? If so, that too was broken for me: Nikolai and Kutuzov for my fleet. While I don't use the former that often, I take the latter out a lot...and she is a beast.