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  1. Battlecruiser_Yavuz

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    There is a way they could expand Ironblood - go into the WW1 warships since there were a butt-load of material there. Heck! Ironblood still has a few candidates they could use that are still within the WW2 timeline: The Deutschland-class battleships, which were remnants of the German Navy from WW1 - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deutschland-class_battleship The training cruiser Emden...unless they want to add in the more famous SMS Emden The various ships that were turned into anti-aircraft batteries - some old German Empire cruisers and captured vessels Flugzeugträger B - the unfinished Graf Zeppelin-class aircraft carrier (rumored to be named Peter Strasser) The incomplete heavy cruiser Lützow (lest they want to make her Soviet) The unfinished Jade-class aircraft carriers (rumored to be named Jade and Elbe) What could be fun though is if they wanted to do torpedo boats or even auxiliary cruisers...though I kind of doubt they'll design new classes around those ships.
  2. Battlecruiser_Yavuz

    Littlewhitemouse's Avatar

    Here is the ending song to that anime...with Kantai Collection ship-girls
  3. I mean...it's a multiplayer game. You're always going to get crappy players...or crappy plays (me included). When you have a bad game, somebody else has a good game.
  4. Battlecruiser_Yavuz

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    I mean...Soyuz is gorgeous. Enterprise at the moment:
  5. Battlecruiser_Yavuz

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    I did ten rolls...and I got the Soviet Trashcan from it.
  6. Battlecruiser_Yavuz

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    The legendary Dishwasher struck again with a wonderful tribute to the Motherland!
  7. Battlecruiser_Yavuz

    should I buy smolensk

    If you love a cancer HE ship, you should buy it. It is going away after all and it is a wonderfully trollish vessel. Of course, she isn't invincible though. Her armor is pretty laughable and her guns aren't overly strong. Heck! I consider the Kutuzov to be a bit of a better ship because her guns can still hurt people overall. You do need an experienced commander to really maximize Smolensk, though her rate of fire can cause rage in hilarious proportions.
  8. Battlecruiser_Yavuz

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Loved the Red Alert games. Kind of controversial, but I kind of enjoyed RA3 the most because of how it didn't take itself too seriously. That and it had a lot of decently-big name actors involved in its production: JK Simmons, George Takei, Tim Curry and Jonathan Pryce.
  9. Battlecruiser_Yavuz

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    I must roll for her!
  10. Battlecruiser_Yavuz

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

  11. Battlecruiser_Yavuz

    WG why not try something really different for a change?

    True. This game even advertises itself as an arcade shooter as opposed to a simulator.
  12. Battlecruiser_Yavuz

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    I...would frankly laugh my [edited] off, but it is because I'm not really interested in PR - in this game and possibly in AL (depending on "waifu" she looks).
  13. Battlecruiser_Yavuz

    A Shout-Out to my 1 v 1 Ranked Sprint Opponents

    I definitely loved this rank style as well. One complaint though: I hated fighting against carriers since they could just run around the map and fling stuff at you from any distance. If there were no carriers in the next 1v1 ranked, I would be elated. When I didn't fight against a carrier though, it was fun.
  14. Battlecruiser_Yavuz

    Ranked 1 v 1 and Tirpitz

    A bit? The Tirpitz is a versatile ship, but she isn't invincible. I have sunk a lot of Tirpitz with Big Mamie by burning her down and keeping my distance to render her torp advantage useless. Carriers are also a good way to destroy her, though I hate playing against them because they can bomb / torp somebody to death from afar.
  15. Battlecruiser_Yavuz

    Results of 40 Santa Crates...sigh

    *curses in various languages*