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  1. Battlecruiser_Yavuz

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    So apparently we're getting Winter's Crown as the next event, possibly in between Graf Spee and Yat Sen.
  2. Battlecruiser_Yavuz

    Kelvin Timeline is dead. Long Live the Prime Timeline.

    Eh...Star Trek had variety, which is what helped it survive for a long time. Some love the camp action of TOS, the thoughtful exploration of TNG, the dark underbelly of DS9, the creature of the week in VOY, the innocent beginnings of ENT or even the cinematic action of DSC.
  3. Battlecruiser_Yavuz

    Kelvin Timeline is dead. Long Live the Prime Timeline.

    Eh...Star Trek may not always be swashbuckling, but that was the embodiment of Captain James T Kirk. Keep in mind that Gene's original choice for the lead was Captain Christopher Pike. However, his episode "The Cage" was deemed, in the words of the executives, "too cerebral" and was thus rejected by NBC. To quote Gene about The Cage and Pike overall, "I wrote and produced what I thought was a highly imaginative idea, and I realized I had gone too far. I should actually have ended it with a fistfight between the hero and the villain if I wanted it on television […] because that's the way shows were being made at the time. The great mass audience would say, 'Well, if you don't have a fistfight when it's ended, how do we know that's the finish?,' and things like that."
  4. Battlecruiser_Yavuz

    Kelvin Timeline is dead. Long Live the Prime Timeline.

    On the other hand, CBS owns Star Trek Online and one of their expansions went to the Kelvin Timeline. There is also this recent mobile game, which is clearly set in the Kelvin Timeline...
  5. Battlecruiser_Yavuz

    Kelvin Timeline is dead. Long Live the Prime Timeline.

    Axanar was axed...partly because the creator of the show was embroiled in a lot of shady dealings. You'll find a lot more information on Star Trek-affiliated sites, but the creator of Axanar was using crowd-funded movie to create a movie studio for his own personal gain. That and he was using Trek-branded merchandise (search Axanar coffee) to fund this business, which wasn't necessarily all going to the fan-film.
  6. Battlecruiser_Yavuz

    Kelvin Timeline is dead. Long Live the Prime Timeline.

    I recall that it's probably going to deal with the destruction of Romulus and Remus as seen in the 2009 film. Interestingly enough, the showrunners of the Picard show asked for the story outline of Star Trek Online - a Star Trek MMO that dealt with the fallout of this event. In regards to the Kelvin Timeline, it's a bit sad that they're not continuing it because it made Trek quite fun and vibrant. Heck! My main's ship in Star Trek Online is a vessel from the in-game Kelvin Timeline, mainly because it looks imposing and has lots of fighters:
  7. Battlecruiser_Yavuz

    This is not fun anymore

    Maybe take a break from the game for a bit? I did that after Open Beta since I played so much that I started to get frustrated easily at a loss.
  8. Battlecruiser_Yavuz

    New Kancolle Anime Project Announced

    To top that off, their naval tradition and design bureaus were gutted. Thus, they were forced into odd situations when it came to their overall naval style. Japan was part of the victors of WW1, so that's probably another factor on why they still remained powerful.
  9. Battlecruiser_Yavuz

    New Kancolle Anime Project Announced

    On the flip side, I argue that the Japanese were more cutting edge than the Kriegsmarine, who were more obsessed with oddball experiments like the Deutschlands or throwbacks like the Scharmhorsts and Bismarcks.
  10. Battlecruiser_Yavuz

    New Kancolle Anime Project Announced

    Fair point. Japan’s tendency to backstab each other had a lot of downfalls. However, scholars do admit that Japan had a few good points in their navy: -The Shokaku-class carrier was considered one of the best carriers during the war design-wise (sans damage control quality) and wouldn’t be outdone till the Essex-class carriers arrived. -They were very good at night-fighting, which helped them win the earlier engagements in the war. -The IJN planes were very fast and good at dogfighting till the arrival of the latter USN planes (Hellcat, Dauntless, etc).
  11. Battlecruiser_Yavuz

    New Kancolle Anime Project Announced

    In regards to revision history, the American-made Battlestations: Pacific has a Japanese campaign in which you do the real-life Japanese victories (destruction of HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse) and some what-ifs (using Yamato to destroy Iowa, win Midway). The end scene is MacArthur and the American brass surrendering in San Francisco Bay on the Yamato:
  12. Battlecruiser_Yavuz

    New Kancolle Anime Project Announced

    To be fair, the West isn't the market for the game anyways. It's pretty much Japan. The rest of us fans are just outliers picked up by the random convention or Internet site. Though I'm aware its somewhat ham-fisted with its praise for Japan, I just run with it and enjoy the history and designs. Besides, we Americans have just as good ham and cheese when it comes to our praise for our country. To clarify, I enjoy some good military porn:
  13. Battlecruiser_Yavuz

    New Kancolle Anime Project Announced

    In regards to the English, it was arrogance that led to the destruction of Prince of Wales and Repulse. That being said, Japan's airforce outclassed the English at that point in the war, so even the addition of an English carrier wasn't going to change much if the Japanese went all-in for obliterating both warships. That and the Destroyers for Bases Agreement England made with America prevented the former from really taking care of its Pacific colonies... Also, the Italians and Germans were considered the lesser problems for the United States, which is why the two weaker carriers, Ranger and Wasp, went to fight there while the bigger guns fought in the Pacific. On the other hand, Japan trying to fight the RN is kind of insane...for the Japanese. The RN had a lot of ships, so even taking out one wouldn't mean too much in the long run. Japan had quality, but they severely lacked in both quantity and a way to effectively replace those losses. The USN had quality, quantity and a good way to replace losses, which sealed Japan's fate in the war.
  14. Battlecruiser_Yavuz

    New Kancolle Anime Project Announced

    As a fan of both Azur Lane and Kantai Collection, the latter was made more for the Japanese audience anyways. I recall reading that the guys who made Kancolle don't really care about international fans and thus only work to appeal to the Japanese-centric audience. On the other hand, Azur Lane seems to have been geared to having a wider appeal and thus opened with a larger variety of ships. A few things to note though: -Azur Lane don't make the Axis the true main enemy. If anything, the true Big Bad are the Sirens since they're the ones pulling the strings for the whole game. There are even protagonist Japanese ships in the form of Ayanami, the Crane Sisters and Mikasa. They form the basis of the "good" Sakura Empire warships that fight against the rest of the Sakura Empire ships. -Though this thread is somewhat badgering Kantai Collection, I do think it deserves merit for being the first big ship-girl game in the area. If it wasn't for Kancolle, there wouldn't be an Azur Lane. -Modern Japan has been re-establishing ties with China and they've been both trying to pursue a better relationship. On the flip side, Japan has been getting icy with South Korea over war-related issues (payment over war-era forced laborers). Japan is also heavily rearming with blessings from the United States, so there's that as well... In regards to the anime film, I'm excited to see what they're planning to do with it. The "Kancolle girls are Abyssals" idea makes it on par with Persona and the flashbacks to the actual war make for interesting drama. It seems that the film is going full-on with the drama like the first movie, so I hope it does well.
  15. Battlecruiser_Yavuz

    Premium Ship PREVIEW: HMS Exeter

    Thanks for the review. She's definitely going to be an interesting one to watch.