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  1. That's kinda my view as well. This is just a game and you're here to win. There's nothing to feel bad over...
  2. Congrats to Niko for his first kraken!!!

    Actually...that might be a cool idea for a clan name. That could be fun :).
  3. Halloween crates... ugh

    You can get Nikolai's camo for 4000 dubloons, which is about $20 for a skin. That's in line with groups like Riot or Gaijin.
  4. Dear WG - any point play high tier cruisers?

    You can still kill battleships with cruisers. You just have to play dirty against them - ambush them or gang up on a battleship with multiple ships. For me, I never go broadside or solo-fight a higher-tier battleship. I always coordinate with my team and we punish them for playing battleships. For one game, I was in a Kutuzov and I raked a Tirpitz with flames alongside two Atlantas. In another game, I was in an Atago and I worked with a Shimikaze to release all of our torps at the same time, catching two Yamatos off-guard.
  5. Who's with me and wants night battles?

    Could the night battles be similar to the fog that happens from game to game? We could also make the maps smaller in order to help facilitate combat better.
  6. After trial, will you buy a Scharnhorst?

    I personally own a Shiny Horse, but I believe that a trial run is good for sales. Shiny Horse is a good ship for yolo brawls .
  7. To those freaking out about the XP conversion

    I'm not raging, though I bought dubloons thinking that this ship XP thing was going to be all servers. I'm a little disappointed, but I can just save my dubloons for another ship XP event - something that will come eventually.
  8. I bought dubloons hoping for a conversion to get the Nelson. I'm on vacation at the moment, so I didn't want to use hotel internet to do my purchases. After all, I thought that all servers were going to get the same thing for the Anniversary. I guess I was wrong ...
  9. Elite XP Conversion Sale

    I'm one of those people who bought dubloons hoping I could get the Nelson for cheaper today. Oh well... . I hope we get a free EXP sooner than later on our server.
  10. For my 12 T10s Wargaming gave to me ...

    It's not Christmas yet
  11. what's the next BB line and when?!

    Dunno when, but I think the French are next.
  12. Did BBabies cry out another nerf to DDs?

    Violent, but hilarious way of showing the IJN and IJA tensions of World War 2.
  13. WG stepped up and did the right thing

    As a person who studied public relations in college, at least WG owned up to their fault and attacked the situation while the iron is hot. That's contrasted to Fochgate...where they didn't respond directly to the problem and only added onto the chaos by creating a whole new problem.
  14. Cursing was even fine because Notser used foul language in his own review. Referring directly toe WG employees was the reason iChase got the boot.
  15. Could be a fun Halloween ship. I don't know if I will buy it for cash money (waiting for Roma and saving for Nelson), but I don't mind using one someday