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  1. Battlecruiser_Yavuz

    Italians are coming!

    RIP the pasta-bote .
  2. Battlecruiser_Yavuz

    Why most people like BBs?

    I can buy that since they are way more forgiving when it comes to mistakes.
  3. Battlecruiser_Yavuz

    Italians are coming!

    Tier 8 could be the Bolzano since she was built after the Zaras. She was effectively a Trento with lot of improvements from the Zaras. Granted, she would make a better premium ship, but it does make historically more sense if she came after the Zaras.
  4. Battlecruiser_Yavuz

    Italians are coming!

    Whoo! Time to celebrate pasta time!
  5. Battlecruiser_Yavuz


    Fantastic advice!
  6. Battlecruiser_Yavuz

    I see the forum is back to normal...

    Bring in the submarines!
  7. Battlecruiser_Yavuz

    Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    It is definitely a bit sad considering that they could've easily taken the monopoly on the ship-girl genre if they focused on their international fame. Azur Lane rose up quickly to knock KC out, even within Japan itself. Personally, maybe they should focus on a KC 2 in some way, whether they want to go back to WW2 or another time-period. Though Japan didn't have much in the way of assets, I think a Cold War-inspired KC would be quite interesting since nobody has done that before. If they need a campaign, they can utilize the skeleton of some what-if WW3 fiction like Tom Clancy's famous Red Storm Rising.
  8. Battlecruiser_Yavuz

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    She is trying her best though . That being said, the KC film and KC Season 2 (whenever it will come) focus on the drama than the silly slice-of-life stuff. The former was pretty much the swan-song of Fubuki and the latter will be focused on Shigure in her role during the Battle of Surigao Strait.
  9. Battlecruiser_Yavuz

    HUNT MARAUDERS, WIN DOUBLOONS - Marauder Bounty Event

    Well, the weekends are when a lot more people have time to play the game, meaning that the player-base becomes more casual.
  10. Battlecruiser_Yavuz

    HUNT MARAUDERS, WIN DOUBLOONS - Marauder Bounty Event

    Nice! Registered! EDIT: Oh shoot! I'm busy that weekend. My apologies. If I'm selected, please give my invitation to somebody else.
  11. Battlecruiser_Yavuz

    How is this not loot boxing?

    I would just buy the ship straight out of the shop. It's much cheaper than gambling for an opportunity for it.
  12. Battlecruiser_Yavuz

    Why do we still play?

    EvE though requires a large investment on the part of the player to truly get good. I really wanted to get into EvE, but I don't really like the amount of time it takes to really maximize your effort within the game itself.
  13. Battlecruiser_Yavuz

    Why do we still play?

    I personally still play because I enjoy the warships aspect of the game. PvP is also exciting because I do like the idea of hunting down actual players in-game. Is this game perfect? Nope. Is this game still fun for me? Yes.
  14. Battlecruiser_Yavuz

    WG, your marketing scheme confuses me.

    They did do that with OP tanks in World of Tanks and the community erupted in fury. The E-25 debacle is probably the biggest example of this.
  15. Battlecruiser_Yavuz

    @WG: Fair Fights Are More Fun

    I try not to look at systems like that since they only give percentages of "maybe" winning. That and stats can be manipulated since some people could have high wins on low-tiers when they're in a game with high-tier ships.