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  1. So, the Nagato-class battleships were used as defensive ships rather than the faster, older battleships?
  2. She can really bring pain to battleships though. I have fun causing misery to close-range battleships with my AP.
  3. Hello! I thought this was an interesting question. Out of all the Japanese battleships deployed during WW2, it seems that the Nagato-class battleship sisters, Nagato and Mutsu, weren't used that much in the conflict, despite being one of the more powerful Japanese battleships fielded during the war. If anything, they mostly just puttered around with training, not really firing their guns in anger like their older Kongo-class battleship and Fuso-class battleship predecessors. Why was that? Could it be because the Nagatos were seen as flagships (more Nagato than Mutsu, but the latter did host the emperor in the 30s) and thus too special for engaging in brawls? Could it be because the Japanese were looking for that famed decisive battle, which never came? I'm just quite curious that these ships, for all their strength in armament and defensive systems, weren't used more effectively by the usually savvy Japanese Navy.
  4. I don't know, to be honest. The name l'Audacieux is roughly translated to "the audacious one." She's definitely not as famous as the Le Fantasque or the Le Terrible, but she at least did something during the war (admittedly on the Vichy French) instead of merely getting scuttled at Toulon.
  5. That is definitely something! Thank you for searching.
  6. Hmmmmmm...that could be a possibility since the French produced a lot of tompions. The tompions are still being manufactured for the French Navy today. Do you think that the above tompion is war-era? I kind of think so because it looks faded and I doubt the French would want to commemorate a Vichy French destroyer. On the other hand, a modern version of this name exists in the French Navy. Thanks again for stopping by!
  7. Thanks for your well-wishes. This isn't so easy to find since a lot of groups aren't interested in French naval history during the war, especially since the country officially surrendered to the Nazis. I run into a similar problem with my questions concerning the Italians... Hmmmmmm...I might try that too. Thanks!
  8. French Cruisers - are they worth the grind?

    Don't the French cruisers have pretty good AP as well? I recall that the upper tiered French cruisers could reasonably pen battleships at comfortable ranges.
  9. Hello! Since we're discussing French warships these last few days, I thought this would be an apt question...though I completely understand if I get no answers because French warships aren't that popular, especially during the war-era. I was looking at purchasing a ship gun covering / tompion for myself. The one I'm interested thus far belongs to the destroyer l'Audacieux - a member of the famous Le Fantasque-class and a vessel that fought for the Vichy French at Dakar (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Dakar) before being scuttled at Toulon. However, the seller and I are having trouble dating the item (I'm wondering if its war-era), mainly because of the manufacturer's mark: a mysterious RGJ. This is the back of the l'Audacieux tompion with the RGJ: I did some searching around and found that a lot of people (mostly French sellers) do not know of this RGJ. However, he seemingly is also on ships that are more modern. Below is one RGJ found on a ship built in the 1950s - the destroyer Cassard (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T_47-class_destroyer) I don't know if I can find the answer to my question on this forum since French warships - war-era and otherwise - aren't everybody's big topic, but more heads is better than just my lone head. I would appreciate it if somebody can find the identity of this mysterious person. Additionally, finding out if the first tompion (the one for the Vichy French destroyer) is actually war-era in manufacturing would be a big help to me and the seller. Thanks!
  10. The Life of a Corgi

    I guess that's true. I also do have a tendency to disengage and retreat toward allies if it gets too hot. I don't want to willingly die .
  11. The Life of a Corgi

    If he was good, he could still own you in regular ships. I would like to have people sink me, but I have had games where I wasn't sunk.
  12. Finally Topped 50%

    Congrats! As you keep playing, you learn a lot more about...well...everything. That will help your win-rate continue to rise. I'm rooting for you as well!
  13. To be honest, I would've rather had Massachusetts over Alabama since the former did a decent amount during the war (i.e. fought Jean Bart to a standstill). I wouldn't have minded the Supertesters getting Alabama as a prize ship for their work, though I think Indiana might've been better since that ship didn't do that much.
  14. The Life of a Corgi

    We're trying our best! I usually try to play low to mid tiers in the wee hours of California.
  15. The Life of a Corgi

    You could always sneak around the back and destroy the Corgi. I did that to an enemy Corgi Saipan long ago