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  1. To be fair, a lot of top tiers are filled by paper ships. I think the bigger exceptions are the Americans, the Japanese, and a bit of the Russians (though they mostly used Cold War tech). I don't mind having a standard battleship line vs the fast battleship line. I'm more fond of the giant sluggers anyways
  2. Authenticate: Metal plaque from battleship California

    Wow! Thank you for the resource and your help! The seller said that the item was from an estate sale, so that unfortunately doesn't help too much. Also, thank you for your service to the USN.
  3. Authenticate: Metal plaque from battleship California

    That could make sense. That being said, I don't know if the USN was that cheap during the inter-war era. A lot of these standard-type battleships were launched only a few years away from each other. What makes it a bit difficult is finding any source of authentication to prove whether this object comes from the era or is a modern souvenir, especially since it is a Pearl Harbor battleship. Granted, the California isn't as famous as the Arizona or the Oklahoma, but its presence in such an iconic part of American history can make it ripe for souvenir makers. Thanks for the input! I know that the USN cranked similar-looking items during the war when the Essex-class carriers were coming online. I'm just not that sure they were that cheap during the inter-war period. The design at least does look similar to the inter-war USS California (launched in 1919): The picture though doesn't look like the USS Oklahoma (launched in 1914):
  4. Authenticate: Metal plaque from battleship California

    I do have a piece like that at home. I was more wondering whether anybody can confirm that a plaque like this was given out during launching ceremonies. For the California, I've only seen souvenir life rings and medals given out for the occasion.
  5. Hello! I need a bit of help again with identification. This is a plaque that is supposedly for the battleship California: https://thumbs.worthpoint.com/zoom/images1/1/0616/26/uss-california-bb-44-plaque-c1920s_1_3ea89bfb1975cc3f7f6ba1d0462e88b0.jpg It's a very nice piece, but I am mainly wondering whether this is actually an interwar commemorative piece that was given during the ship launching. I'm just a bit concerned because the battleship California is somewhat famous for being at Pearl Harbor. Also, I also see that there was a similar object that was sold for the USS Oklahoma, which makes me question the authenticity of it a bit. https://thumbs.worthpoint.com/zoom/images1/1/0617/16/s-oklahoma-bb-37-pewter-plaque-ww1_1_cade0375e9322c0f49d0117adac3f202.jpg I thus ask: Was this a case of the US government being cheap in recycling designs (the two battleships came out at similar times after all) or is this a modern commemorative piece from after the war (despite the design looking interwar). Thanks!
  6. Why won't people engage then enemy anymore?

    That's how it feels when you have no backup and you yolo charge...
  7. Hello! I know this has been awhile, but I finally got a response from a museum specialist from Naval History and Heritage Command in Washington DC about the item: The 9"x4" vase/urn is an interesting item. Looking at the item, I was not able to determine with certainty, however I felt it might be a funerary or church flower vase. The dates on the piece indicate the time it was in World War II, but it could also be the service dates of someone serving on the ship. Looking at the lettering on the vase, it appears to be old letter engraving with the style matching other lettering styles of the time period of the 1940's or 1950's. The rust and patina on the vase certainly appear old via the photos though there was not a photo of the interior of the vase to better determine my theory. Also finding images of this vase online from the ebay auction there is a green felt on the bottom that has water damage which might support the theory of a vase. Looking online at gravesite flower vases, it certainly has a similar style as those found at gravesites, though as mentioned before, I could not say with certainty since I cannot find another exactly like it. I then asked whether he thinks that the item was made on the ship If it is a funerary vase, it was most likely not made on the ship. I did see someone mention on a blog that it could be a shell casing piece, and my belief is this is not one of these because the shell casing pieces would show a melding of the pieces, and this piece seems to be made with a little more precision and exacting than that. If the item is in fact a funeral flower vase dating to 1945, that could be plausible because 1945 was a rough year for the San Jacinto. She conducted a lot of operations and fought against many kamikaze pilots, which could've resulted in the loss of a few of her crew.
  8. I'll definitely keep that in mind. I was just mainly going by the font. If nothing else, it looks nice in my American ship collection Me seeing nice naval militaria on the Internet:
  9. Well...emailed the Center a few weeks ago and they have no idea. I contacted the Naval Museum and they haven't gotten back to me yet. I'm still holding out on some answers because I do think its authentic. It's just that some proof would be nice
  10. Flag dimensions for US war-era ships?

    Thanks everybody! The flag I'm looking at is a standard 48 stars-and-stripes flag that is 9 foot by 5 foot. I thought that is casket length, but the seller claims it is a ship flag.
  11. Hello! This is just a general question, but does anybody have good resources on US flag sizes for warships? Thanks!
  12. I might look at that as well. I haven't gotten a response back from the naval museum. It's a bit hard since the ship is scrapped... Maybe I should email the President HW Bush Museum since he was a vet on the ship .
  13. That's definitely interesting. Unfortunately, the bottom is covered in some sort of green covering. I've been trying to look for a name, but I can't locate it on the object. The font seems to be consistent with some other war-era pieces I've seen, so it could be standardized.
  14. Enjoy yourself

    Kutuzov is also very fun. While she can't really carry games, I tend to do decent in her as long as the enemies are paying attention to somebody else and I'm hiding in smoke .