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  1. They are probably going to release it around Gamescom the German battleships.
  2. Dang it! Buying a 'bama for 30% off isn't bad.
  3. I got one long ago for the Indy. So this is a random deal? Yeah...I wonder. I would probably use mine to either buy dubloons or an Alabama before the deal runs out. 30% off a 'bama doesn't seem bad
  4. Hello! I heard a coupon that gives people 30% off at the premium shop is going around to a few players. I don't know if anybody could answer this...but how do you qualify for this? I didn't receive one on my account. I'm not trying to create a complaint. I'm just curious on how this coupon was distributed or how one can get access to it. 30% off is really good Thanks!
  5. I bought ships here and there, but I think I went a bit...ahem...overboard with the Christmas crates last year. I do have to say though...the drop-rates for those crates were really good.
  6. I seal-club with my Nikolai I and my Arkansas Beta
  7. To be honest, he seems a lot happier now than as a CC. He now has the power of doing whatever he wants for video content, which makes everything feel fresh.
  8. It was featured because LWM went on a trolling spree with the ship
  9. I kinda agree. KGVs can now punch Tier Vs and VIs and avoid being put in the same game as the cursed Yamato
  10. Thanks for the info, Pigeon. Time to start saving then, I suppose
  11. People could be immature at any age. The reason why people can act like children more on the Internet is because of anonymity. People can hide behind their screens and mock others since they can't do that in-person. But yeah...people were immature back then, but they usually had to have the guts to say the insults in a person's face...which could result in death.
  12. Reminds me of this speech from the X-Files. This could be applied if you're having a losing streak .
  13. The problem is that the history crowd wants the original KGV.
  14. I think WG (and even Jingles mentioned this) that the KGV's armament is a bit weak for the tier, especially if she will be fighting monsters like Yamato. We could technically make KGV into a pseudo-Scharnhorst - a punchy battleship that mostly focuses on cruisers and destroyers instead of battleships. Jingles talked about the KGV in this video...
  15. To be fair, Nolan used a post-war French destroyer as a stand-in vessel.