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  1. fredfredburger86

    Santa Crates

    Hi Guys I just spent $47.99 on 20 big containers and got 0 ships. I had 3000 gold from it I used to buy another 5 big containers and 0 ships you have got to be kidding me. World of tanks is the best value you get your value in gold for $99.99 I got about 44k gold and a bunch of premium tanks, premium time, credits, etc... I submitted a ticket for refund which they can do but I hope it doesnt send my progress backwards I did do some ranked battles. Now, should I use that refund to buy the mega containers??? Any advice would help what you guys think...?
  2. Is Puerto Rico worth it? 

    I want to get it but I was too late to use the gold boosters and I am hitting the level 3 out of 6 today to get it.