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  1. lordholland4293

    How long are ticket times right now?

    Expect longer wait times, it will take several days
  2. lordholland4293

    PTS 12.5 pt 1

    Make The New Assystmatic mode only 4 players and in divs of two, it is dulll and boring. The bots are no smarter then co op bots, I don't know if this is an attempt to get more people into randoms. My feedback Divisons of two 4 people max Increase the bots to superships
  3. lordholland4293

    NA Server down?

    same thing happen to me on Sunday, had a great game but couldn't share it due being disconnected
  4. lordholland4293

    NA Server down?

    Is this due to frequent disconnections on the weekend?
  5. lordholland4293

    WoWS Mod Station

    Has anyone had any trouble with the game disconnecting at -35 fps today?
  6. lordholland4293

    Mods Causing Frequent Disconnect

    I am also wondering if it is because there are too many people on, seems like the more people on the server, the more lag on the game server. Wargaming needs to put more money into servers cause it cant support this many people.
  7. Has anyone had issues with mods from modstation causing frequent disconnects. If so what mods have been doing it? @Ahskance WoWS_report.gch
  8. lordholland4293

    Talk about a little luck

    I wish I could give you community token if I could have like 55k, that after spending mine
  9. lordholland4293

    KOTS XV Official Rebroadcast Marathon is live!!!

    doesn't really make sense to rebroadcast something that is old like that. I mean the majority of players watch it just for the free stuff, no free stuff. Besides if you have it for marathon timestamp it and just throw it on YouTube.
  10. I was thinking about the YouTube thing but was like nope after see the rewards.
  11. lordholland4293

    PSA: WoWs Player Trends with Graphs

    question is I guarantee that graph only includes mainly PvP but screws over PVE and co op, I know slot of players who just do ops.
  12. lordholland4293

    Recognizing Operation Players Success

    You don't need to send one just the usual post battle stuff will work. really only applies to musashi/yammy solos
  13. lordholland4293

    28k Steel for a TX submarine?

    FDR Too
  14. lordholland4293

    28k Steel for a TX submarine?

    Rather Take An bourgogne or incomp
  15. lordholland4293

    PSA: WoWs Player Trends with Graphs

    I feel generous, I was gonna say 3/10 but was holding off. I would love to interview Ahskance if he quit his job today I would love to hear his real opinion. Lets be honest without ourselves my mother says that the majority of people hate there jobs in some aspect. I would't be surprised if employees suffer from depression