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  1. lordholland4293

    Back to School not worth the aggravation

    then need to make it play battles and spring sky, Asian, and the other really special camo
  2. lordholland4293

    American secondary build help

    secondary build for Georgia and Massachusetts
  3. lordholland4293

    Changes for Wows that are good

    So the changes that I am excited to see in wows are the daily ops including research points, steel to dailys, new lightening for operatiosns, play on pt server look great. Hopefully that old ones will come back not likely😧😤😠. Wargaming screwing up the dockyard again maybe, who knows? Changes I don't like- adding more tech lines.
  4. yeah I agree I would leave if I could find a better game to invest in
  5. wargaming doesn't care there whole system is about making money and screwing players.
  6. boring, git good or quit, up tier is good more ex
  7. lordholland4293

    This new teamwork is awesome.

    they can't spot a sub it will outspot them
  8. lordholland4293

    This new teamwork is awesome.

    Yeah an that shows, O7 and 007 are good clans feel with competitive players I have respect for them and flamu guess like me we know the game and we know what has been happening, competent players will wreck in these subs and no teamwork will migrate the damage.
  9. lordholland4293

    This new teamwork is awesome.

    you only lived due to that sub saving you, you are blind as a bat and your data does back you up. You were at the mercy of him if that sub hadn't rescued you. And you still lost half your health. Open your eyes, and quit being arrogant
  10. lordholland4293


    agreed, I may close my wallet, what's the point in supporting company that doesnt listen.
  11. lordholland4293


    I don't know how Hapa and other sleep at night working for such a vile company that doesn't care for its playerbase, stupid russians.
  12. lordholland4293

    Coal Grinding

    use cash and buy in premium shop or join a clan with a fully upgraded coal base
  13. lordholland4293

    Flamu: Subs - a disaster brewing

    flamu is a well respected cc and has been playing them since the beginning. You are newbie who has probably played them only a little
  14. lordholland4293

    Upcoming changes to the Premium Shop: A World Without Poi.

    agreed yuchadi is the only good one on the list I feel. Poltava maybe
  15. lordholland4293

    Russians need carrier to counter Venezias

    They are partially, to blame cause they didn't being a cv so they loose air dominance