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  1. lewellenfawr

    Gamescon 2019

    With the German themed missions in honor of Gamescon I wondered if we would see the release of the Siegfried. I’m hopeful
  2. lewellenfawr

    Valadavostok in PVE

    I am a disappointed PvE main. I had hoped that the Vlad would prove to be a real contribution to co-op brawling style gameplay but I can't seem to get the ship to work. It is fully upgraded with a 15 point Captain. It is a slow ship even with speed flag. The reload is very frustrating at 32 seconds. It seems as if many opportunities are lost while I'm reloading. Close in the turret traverse is poor even with a Captain with traverse boost. If you stay at mid-range the DD's on your own team, in our current meta, will eat your lunch. If you go in close you are likely to take heavy damage from your weak broadside. The guns, even close not consistent. Yes... closer than 12 km they are accurate if a bit floaty but you can have a broadside cruiser take 2 citadels once and than over pens or low output with the next broadside... when the target should have been put away. For me, the proof is that my damage output is about half of that of the Tirpitz or Bismark. Vlad's damage average is about 42K while the Germans put out 80K plus. Have any of the PvE mains here gotten it to sing? I'm concerned that it may not be worth pushing for tier 9 or 10 when the line drops.
  3. lewellenfawr

    Premium CV's In Co-Op... any Point?

    I'm a PVE Main and have been disappointed in the performance of CV's in Co-Op. I understand DOT. For those of you who have played the premiums in Co-Op are any of them competitive? Are any of them better than the tech tree tier 8's? Would it be better to move ahead to tier 10's or is this just more of the same? I had thought that GZ might play more effectively in Co-Op because of the speed of its aircraft but reviews and comments suggest not. At this point, I'm ready for the RU BB's. Any guidance would be appreciated.
  4. lewellenfawr

    Bonus Code: 11 Apr 2019

    Worked... many thanks for the notice
  5. I guess it happened... nice job of research Admiral.
  6. lewellenfawr

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You WG

    I am so pleased to see this section on the forum. While the contents on other parts that have a PvP tone is useful there are so many differences that PvE has needed a section of its own. A recent example is the CV play. Cv's (currently player only) perform very differently in the PvE environment. Cv's are DOT ships and co-op especially rewards quick action. The bots also behave differently than human players, bunching and moving forward to engage. I would be very interested in the evaluation of cv play and how one might cope with this environment. I do not think that the visibility this section grants to PvE will hurt PvP play. Many people now play both for different reasons. All of us want to improve, regardless of our mode preference.
  7. lewellenfawr

    Any new CV grinders? Thoughts wanted...

    Very low DPM. I free exped from 4 to 6. Its also frustrating play and in its inability to carry. Other types can carry but cv's not so much. Just check out where cv's place at the end of the game. Typically at or near the bottom. I like flying but as a class, at low tier the experience is poor. I don't have an answer to the cv's underperformance at low tier and extreme OP at 10. I for one will follow this along as the Developers find a good balance. It will take several patches.
  8. lewellenfawr

    Phantom Salvos?

    I have it as well. Mass? I'll check that as well.
  9. lewellenfawr

    Tier IV carriers unfun

    The problem in coop for the cv's is that they do not have the potential to really contribute let alone carry a battle. All of the other classes can carry... in the dds case with high alpha strikes. I played the Midway on the PTS and it can dish out damage but the grind to get there is formidable. The tier 4 - 6 - 8 CV's are pretty anemic... in coop at least. I've pretty much stopped playing them in coop in favor of dd's to take advantage of the extra BB's on the red team.
  10. lewellenfawr

    50% WR in Co-op? Seriously?

    The problem at tiers 4 and 6 is that the cv's do not have enough potential to carry. The damage output is much lower than that of the BB that is replacing the cv on the red team. When I played on the PTS it was not until tier 10 that the cv's developed sufficient strike power to carry themselves. Now I am grinding up the cv tree so with losses it takes much more time.
  11. Many thanks to all. Rereading the task it seems now obvious. I played one game in Random. Number three on the winning team with the tier 6 Bayern. Base experience 1081. Final task completed. ...and to all a good night.
  12. Greetings, I'm trying to complete the final task in stage 6 of the Mighty Prinz Campaign. I have earned 1,000 base points several times over and the counter does not register them. I and doing the Campaign in co-op. The criteria seem to suggest that any tier 6 - 10 ship will work. I have exited the game and rebooted it... but no luck. The counter refuses to recognize base experience following a win. Any perspective? Happy New Year to all.
  13. Damage output is underwhelming and inconsistent
  14. lewellenfawr

    Snowflake Progress Thread

    Only tier 10 left to do... with 6 snowflakes to dust off. I'll save that for tomorrow if I get a chance or on the 26th.
  15. lewellenfawr

    Snowflakes are the best idea in a while Wargaming

    Agree with all that has been said above. It's a wonderful event. I would not mind seeing it several times a year.