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  1. It's really disheartening to see a team collapse the first minutes. DD's or CL's hunting and getting killed by the BB's or an allied BB not going north to kill the Atlanta. When you find you are down two ships after the first several minutes because of deaths or AFK's you know that no matter what you do a basic win is likely to be elusive. A random team is a real crapshoot... with the dice loaded against you.
  2. I won the Russian captain last night. Posters above are correct in that the Raptor Scenario currently running makes killing the three Japanese boats painless. I completed that phase of the task in two runs. Now the KM task was a pain. Over a period of two days, I played about 20 Co-op rounds with the Shchors and Budyonny. In about half of these games, no KM ships were present. In the others... you can be spawned on the wrong side of the map, or your other 7 team players also are hunting these ships. The RU Cruisers do not have high alpha strikes so you need to peck the KM targets down. My first 10 games or so I had no KM kills. It was dispiriting. Then it began to happen because I began to really hunt them... not so much playing to win but rather to finish the objective. So, for those frustrated... keep on it is doable but a pain. Perhaps on Wednesday with the OP changes, we will get one with German ships, which will make it easier.
  3. +1 to WG for giving us good deals

    I won the Graf and play it on the regular server. If I buy the Steam Special will receive another Graf for play on Steam or will I receive its value in gold?
  4. Killer Whale - Operation

    Fun, what a great word. You hit it.
  5. Killer Whale - Operation

    I have played through a couple of the Killer Whale operations this morning. Unlike the previous Operations, this iteration seems to be untouched. I wonder if this means that all or the other Operations will revert to the "Normal" difficulty going forward. I wish that WG was transparent about what has been going on the past several weeks with the difficulty level.
  6. Ultimate Frontier Buffed?

    I'd like to know why Wargaming felt the need to make the change. I'd like to know (but will likely never know) why they chose to do it without notice or acknowledgment that a change had been made. Wednesday will tell us if Wargaming is going to apply the new normal to all of the Operations. For my part I know I am playing less.
  7. Ultimate Frontier Buffed?

    For me, the real problem is a lack of transparency on WG's part. There may be good reasons why the difficulty level of these Ops has been kicked up but I don't know what they are. While our player base may be casual the reality is that WG adjusted the gameplay beyond the reach of the mass of players with no prior notice and with no response to this thread or any of the many other threads about the changes to gameplay. I have read repeatedly on the forum that rewards are commensurate with difficulty. At this point, the difficulty in obtaining a win in these ops exceeds that of random play. Will the reward structure be adjusted to reflect this new normal? In truth it's not really about rewards, rather it is about enjoying playing the game. These OPs are not really fun to play, as you feel that the deck has been stacked. I'd welcome some response from Wargaming through some channel about the planned future direction of the Operations.
  8. Operation Frontier PSA

    No doubt the difficulty level has been turned up. I'm not sure if the sigma for the bots has been adjusted or if the composition of the bot teams has been made stronger but the change is noticeable. Before the change, my win rate was 90%. Now it is below 40% without a single 5-star victory. Whatever the changes, the effect has been to severely punish poor team play. Even one player who goes off script will compromise the team's ability to win. I'm sure wargaming has the stats that will show the impact of the change and I'm sure that they will make an adjustment. I would welcome some transparency about what has happened.
  9. Dev Blog - New Port Kronshtadt

    Another thought... Kronstadt is well known for its role in the Russian Revolution. It was the home port for the cruiser Aurora. It also had a role in the counter-revolutionary activity during the 20's.
  10. I recently watched a video showing the effectiveness of an IFHE build for the Alsace in random play. I was thinking about the effectiveness of such a build for tier 8, 7 and 6 and the Dunkirk French BB's in operations where you will find lower-tier opponents. My 19 point captain, in the Richelieu, with a non-IFHE secondary build, was very successful in the past Hermes operation. I don't know how to evaluate the effectiveness of the IFHE build in scenarios. Any guidance would be appreciated. The Panzerknacker video: The build is: PT, PM AR BFT MFCS, IFHE, AFT
  11. PT Boats

    I think the only way it could work is if we had a "little ships" version of the game... With DD's being the largest class of ships...
  12. Winter Mystery

    I have played several tier 7 and 8 battles in co-op... all victories and have sunk a number of ships but the victory condition marker in Winter Mystery does not recognize them. Is any one else having this problem?
  13. Where are the Santa Crates?

    I’m out of town this Christmas until the 30th. Any wisdom about how long the crates will last