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  1. lewellenfawr

    Huge exploit in Naval Battle

    Wow that’s actually a huge exploit.
  2. lewellenfawr

    Theory of Use - New German Destroyers

    In a PvE setting, I was thinking about how to use the new German Destroyers. If there really is no role then should I push to acquire them in early access? The description suggests that they will not do well-contesting caps with other destroyers early on in the game. If yne could infiltrate behind the first wave of red destroyers they may have a use against the following cruisers with their guns and then with torps against the battleships. It seems a bit overspecialized to me at this point. I'm really asking if any of our PvE mains have thought about this? Enjoy tomorrow... update day.
  3. I know that this week we are skipping naval battles because the server is down for maintenance. I wonder if we were credited for last weeks battles. This morning when I logged on there was no indication of either victory or defeat.
  4. lewellenfawr

    Bonus Code from Naval Legends video...

    Many thanks... both codes worked.
  5. lewellenfawr

    I'm becoming an Italian weeaboo

    Perhaps... yet they were on the winning side and did make a contribution in holding down Austrian forces. They were rewarded for their contribution after the war by a slice of Austrian alpine territory. The Italians and allied troops finally defeated the Austrians at Vittorio Veneto... and captured Trieste and Trento. They felt pretty good about the results as it rounded out Italian territory not redeemed during the war for independence. Now this will get me "shat" on. I think that in WWII Italy punched well above what might otherwise be expected considering the defects in the Italian industrial and resource base. They sort of kept the supply lines open to North Africa. They were fighting the world's greatest naval power... England... and they kept in the game for three years. They also contributed forces in Russia, the Balkans, and Africa. Ultimately of course soundly defeated. On the bravery of the individual Italian solder Rommel is purported to have said " "The German soldier has impressed the world, however, the Italian Bersagliere soldier has impressed the German soldier" When competently officered the Italian troops gave a good account of themselves. They did have some notable victories but these were overshadowed by the ultimate defeat.
  6. lewellenfawr

    I'm becoming an Italian weeaboo

    NP enjoy your day...
  7. I found a great video of the Roma in action... it's short watch it here: What is really cool is that the video is set to the music of Puccini... the "Inno a Roma" which is a fascist era pean to the strength, glory, and virtue of a resurgent Italy... united as a nation... victorious in WW I... and now ready to reclaim the mantel of global leadership of the Roman Empire. Watch Inno a Roma here:
  8. Found another great youtube video of the Italian forces at the beginning of Italy's war likely April 1940. After a string of victories over the UK... things were looking pretty good. Some great footage of the Navy along with frogmen and mini-subs. Check it out. Oh... the lyrics are great as well. As you can tell I'm actually liking the Italian BB arc.
  9. lewellenfawr

    Amazing period video of Italian BB's in action

    I am sure you are right however as a propaganda piece it is curious that it shows damage to ships and casualty.
  10. I came across this amazing video of Italian BBs in action. I think WG really got them right. Very human... a bit like Das Boot in places. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kd5meoQo3as
  11. lewellenfawr

    How are italian BBs?

    That is a very disappointing assessment. I was really hoping that the line would be fun to play... robust like Cesare with hard hitting if wonky guns like Roma... with SAP as a more powerful form of HE. I have 4 and 5 now and I must say that so far the line has been as described... I'll press on and hope for better. I'm a coop/ops main so I am looking forward especially to the tier 6 and 7 ships. Perhaps these will find a nitch.
  12. lewellenfawr


    Many thanks... worked for me and my alts
  13. lewellenfawr

    Leutjens and Secondary Build

    Very nice and thank you for sharing the build.
  14. lewellenfawr

    Commander Skills, Premium Ships and PVE

    would you care to share your build Vader? A most impressive outcome.
  15. Greetings Comrades, Although it is still early days I would like some perspective from the PVE community on the way forward. Specifically, the 10.0 changes provide some opportunities to rethink ship management and specification... perhaps to better tailor them to PVE. For example, the skills rework can mean that premium ships will become very important as one can spec a Captain with 21 points for all ship types and move them between ships with no penalty. Thus one Captain can do the work of multiple Captains that were required in the past. The catch is that you may have only one tech tree ship assigned along with your multiple premiums. While I have 4M Captain experience and can promote several to 21 point status I can also dismiss many of my Captains to generate further points... as they will not be needed. I have made a considerable investment over the years in secondary specialized German BB's both tech tree and premium. I had hoped to use Lutgens for GK, Pommern, Oden, Tirpitz, and Scharnhorst. Alas, the skills rework seems to have badly reduced the secondary damage that these ships output notwithstanding the range boost. So... what I have observed is that DD's regularly are producing more damage and are typically at the top positions in the game results. The conclusion that I am considering is switching from BB's to DD's as my main ship class... I have a couple of coupons that will enable me to fill out the German premium DD roster. This will also conform well with the upcoming German DD arc. Does this make any sense? This thinking can also be applied to other nations. Last some of the actual skills seem to be better suited to PVE than others. Typically LWM and other contributors focus on PvP in their revies and guides. I propose that well recognized PvE mains (I'm looking at you Admiral) post their recommended builds in a thread in the PvE section of the forum. We have a month and we will need to work out many kinks but perhaps on the other side, we will come out with a net gain. Regards, Lewellenfawr