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  1. lewellenfawr

    Beta test for CVs will require WGC.

    Sadly for me, I will be traveling on business and away from my gaming machine until the 25th. Will the invitation to participate still be valid on the 25th?
  2. lewellenfawr

    Legendary Kurfurst Module any good?

    It is excellent... close up and gives DD's something to think about.
  3. lewellenfawr

    Latest Submarines Q&A

    Actually, I think we could. In the Dunkirk Operation, we have the German Fast Boats. Imagine commanding a small flotilla of Fast Boats using the same mechanic as the in the upcoming CV reboot. The commander of the flotilla would guide his ships towards a target and a couple at a time would move in for the attack. The Fast Boats would take damage as do the aircraft in the new CV mechanic. Very fast action, very good concealment, very vulnerable to secondary fire or rapid fire guns of DD's. Historically DD's were actually developed to counter fast attack torpedo boats... so the inclusion of Fast Boats in the game would give the dd's another role.
  4. If cv play becomes popular I think that either an operation or a new game mode that is cv-centered would be wonderful. Imagine four cv’s aa cls and bbs in Midway style fights. We could use very large ocean maps perhaps with a small atol. Who finds who first? Which fleet can launch coordinated multi strikes. That is real cv combat rather than a cv as part of a fleet.
  5. lewellenfawr

    CV Rework Feedback

    This speaks for me.
  6. lewellenfawr

    CV Rework Feedback

    I do not think this has been asked or answered. Will the new reworked air to ship attack system be used by bots in both Operations and Co-Op? The announcement of the return of Operation Dynamo in the next patch also brings heavy land-based air attacks. Will the new system be applied to these AI land-based air attacks?
  7. lewellenfawr

    CV Rework Feedback

    I am guardedly optimistic. I stopped CV play at tier 4 as I was overwhelmed with micromanagement. The rework looks to make CV play accessible and enjoyable. CV's are an essential part of WW2 naval war and need to be represented in the game. For my part when the rework is completed I look forward to giving CV play a go.
  8. lewellenfawr

    Fail to desktop with Nari

    When I was there the town was very small... Farmers and Mechanics was the Bank. Lots of Dairy farming. Some Mennonites... not the old school ones lived on the adjacent farm. The raised Hogs and had Dairy. The Hogs stunk when the wind changed direction. They showed me how they slaughtered them. Not pretty. An old man who was my neighbor showed me how to stretch and fix barbed wire fences. A winery had just begun operations on the hill to the west of my little house. It took about 90 minutes for me to commute (drive) into DC. On the weekend I would unplug the clock and live by the sun. With a couple of buddies, we would set up targets and go plinking. As I recall they were just finishing a small mall on the south side of town. Actually, it was a bit of paradise. The song "Country Roads" would run thru my head as I would head back to the Farm. Thanks for the trip to memory lane.
  9. lewellenfawr

    Fail to desktop with Nari

    My point is that for all other operations and aspects of the game I'm fine. With the new revamped Nari I get sudden fails to the Desktop. These fails have occurred at the same place... in the end game in the Red water base. Oh... BTW in the 70's I used to live in Mt Airy and I know the Fredrick area well. Its a beautiful part of the State.
  10. lewellenfawr

    Fail to desktop with Nari

    In the past three games with the new OP Nari, I experienced a complete and sudden failure to the desktop during the final battle in the enemy base. All else in the game seems normal. This is a new development. I play on a high-end Mac. Has anyone else experienced this?
  11. Tks spud... I know that Prinz Eugen gives a bonus to Commander Exp. I'll check out Kii. I have enough free exp for Musashi but I am reluctant to spend it.
  12. I'm almost finished with Stage 3... two more stars to go. I was helped along by playing the G. Kurfurst unique module grind. A question... among tier 8 to 10 ships which offer the largest credit and captain exp bonuses. Sadly for me, I do not have the MO. I think it goes faster with high tier ships 10's specifically. Is this true?
  13. lewellenfawr

    Motivation Monday - The New Raptor Rescue

    I have cut way back playing the OP. This is sad for me because I like OP's a great deal. With a random team, the chances of 5 star are very small and the chances of even a win are 50%. The Op should be reliably winnable with a random team in which most (not all) of the members play the mission in a moderately competent manner. Unfortunately with the tweaked OP even with a good team the Raptor or its support ships can be sunk if the team is not correctly positioned. Wargaming has the stats on player numbers and player performance. I would welcome some transparency. The long-term solution to clans and well-organized teams farming the OP's to create two levels "hard" and "normal" with rewards corresponding to the degree of challenge. Perhaps the "normal" run could be limited to pick up teams and the "hard" level reserved for clans.
  14. lewellenfawr

    Would you like to see Statistics for Operations?

    The operations are so different from one another that stats would be of little use. I find the stats free environment of operations refreshing. Of course, I do like them and find them useful for other types of play.