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  1. lewellenfawr

    COOP Has Become 'World of Torpedoes' Now

    This is my view as well. The mode is so brain-damaged it has now become foolish for me to play. It used to require some degree of skill and was actually interesting in the early days. I have sharply reduced my play in wows and for me, this is sad as I so looked forward to this kind of game. Well, time and people do move on.
  2. lewellenfawr

    A PVE Main's Journey To 50% PVP WR (PVE Thread) *DONE!*

    Big shout out to you Admiral from a fellow PvE main who has gone over (on occasion) to the dark side for a 50.91% win rate and over 1k games. The rewards are most excellent.
  3. lewellenfawr

    Bots shooting better in Coop?

    I think when the change was announced there were a few days that bot accuracy improved. In the last week or so it seems to me as if they have dialed back the accuracy. The only lasting change has been the MM. CoOp remains a no-challenge proposition. When these changes are coupled with the reduced silver earnings especially at high tiers it seems as if only premium ships or ones with premium camo can make a profit.
  4. Merry Christmas all, I have had the thought that I would like to create a digital greeting card for friends, associates, and relatives of the place I live which is on the coast of Puerto Rico. I have photographs of the coast and elevation maps as well. I would like to turn these into 3-D representations in which I could add Christmas decorations. It would be great to be able to rotate the view of my home to see it from different perspectives. As a bonus, in Puerto Rico we celebrate 3 Kings Day... could I add the Kings coming to visit like WG has aircraft in the sky over the ports. I'm reasonably knowledgeable with 2-D photo manipulation but have never tried my hand at a 3-D representation. It would be wonderful if WG could give me a hand but in the absence of official help, perhaps one of the many knowledgeable people on this board could point me in a productive direction. Thanks for your words and guidance. Lewellenfawr
  5. lewellenfawr

    CO-OP changes

    I need to say how disappointed I am with the changes that I have seen this morning. Yes, MM seems to have been improved with fewer DD's in the pool. The bots still shoot poorly and pose very little threat. I really do not see why it is so difficult for WG to kick up the lethality of the reds. It would make a huge difference in the brain-dead play that coop mains have seen over the past months. Honestly, the most enjoyable games are those with only a few humans. Perhaps this is the point... to force players into the almost equally brain-dead PvP mode. I have a couple of alt accounts and use them to play mid-tier PvP... human behavior (mine included) in PvP really requires a hide-and-seek mentality... the best things WG has done are the special modes... OP's and convoy. There was a real purpose to these battles... sadly the most interesting OP's have been withdrawn. Perhaps this is too direct... I should be grateful for the MM change and hope for other changes down the line.
  6. It has been a while since I have used the St. Petersburg dock but today I switched to it. To my surprise and delight, I was greeted with what looked like an 18th Century historical personage when I came in to collect a container. He gave me a salute and with the wave of his sword encouraged me to further triumphs. he looks like Peter I (The Great) and the founder of St. Petersburg; father of the Russian Navy and creator of Russia as a powerful European state. Of course, other ports might also benefit from historical figures. If we exclude figures from the era the game covers we can have a set like these examples: USA: Thomas Jefferson UK: Nelson France: Napoleon Germany: Frederick the Great Now I will show myself to be the complete frick'en Wehraboo that I am and come clean. It would be amazing to have a dockside greeting from the Grossadmiral himself along with a small band, a few pretty nurses, and cheering sailors as I pull in to take the salute.
  7. lewellenfawr

    Code for Free Stuff

  8. lewellenfawr

    Who's having fun with Prinz Heinrich?

    Many thanks...
  9. lewellenfawr

    Who's having fun with Prinz Heinrich?

    I must be having a senior moment about the German Event. I collected all the tokens that were available and have the Tier VII P. Heinrich which I really enjoy. I have left 550 Tokens which if I spend community tokens will allow me to get the Tier VIII camo. In anticipation of 10.10 and the end of the event, I played the Tier VII and have enough experience on her to get the Tier VIII when it goes public. My ultimate goal is to get the Schlieffen... I'm not so interested in playing the Tier VIII or IX ships. Question: when 10.10 goes live this Wednesday will the German BB's leave early access and be researchable or will that wait until 10.11?
  10. Very interesting and most appreciated. A couple of observations. 1) The most sought-after high-value ships tend to drop at the very end of the run. So unless you have most you will really need to dig deep. 2) In a similar vein... the higher-tier ships tend to drop towards the end of the run. While the ROI is very nice if you had stopped after a relatively few crates the ROI would have been less favorable because you would have pulled lower tier ships in general. The more you invest (spend) the higher the ROI will be. 3) Only 1/5 pulls (19%) drew a ship and the ships are where the value is. So, again, to improve the ROI you need to purchase a good number of crates to get beyond the non-ship offerings. Of course, random draws will yield a few people who pull all ships and a few who pull none. 4) This data set is based on Mega crates with advertised better odds on pulling a ship. I would speculate that the chances of pulling a high-value ship from one of the lesser crate types would be very small indeed... much lower than the 1/5 that you experienced. My takeaway is that you need to go Mega or "go home". It just is not likely to be worth it if your goal is to fill out your collection and certainly not to achieve a particular ship if you buy lower-tier crates. Again many thanks... you have helped me and I suspect others.
  11. lewellenfawr

    0.10.10 new stuff

    You have given the game a new look. All current... think the trailer for Dune. Very well done... conceived and shot. I think WOWS should bring you on as part of the art department.
  12. lewellenfawr

    Free Code

    Worked... tks
  13. lewellenfawr

    Bonus code

    worked for me just now... no idea what is the gift
  14. Thanks... I missed the thread. Glad to know WG is on this.
  15. The title says it all... anyone else with this problem?