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  1. Xeilin

    Attacked for mounting Spotter on DM

    You can indeed play how you like. It all depends if you have a solid plan how to play the boat the way you build it. Usually Radar is a good tool that is ready for use mostly when you need it and immediately covers the area and is very easy to use and understand while a spotter plane is deployed, can be destroyed and also give your position away as well due to the orbit. It also has a long downtime. If ships with radar could get their radar destroyed the meta might perhaps shift but it will likely not happen. That being said. Spotter planes could use a buff in terms of its cool down timer it's way too long.
  2. Xeilin

    Cruiser bow plating question

    I would be lean towards it not being additive but rather it being that's "the number" It can however be tested in the training room as a large majority of the values/penetrations and etc can be explained and broken down by distance. Though it'd take some work.
  3. Xeilin

    Santa Crate Value Estimates

    Santa's Gift Big Gifts Huge Gifts This is what I pulled this year. Big gifts 'feel' like they have a highest chance of ships to me. Though take that how you will. They feel like the $5 boxes from last year. (experiences may vary). $1 dollar boxes feel more generous for flags than last year (though I didn't pull more than the single set). Otherwise just more numbers and results for your pile.
  4. That could be a possibility. The more ships you could get the better the drop rate though when it got into the rare/ultra rare ships it was reduced. If there are two drop tables however and they are kept separate the CCs 'should' still get the duplicate ships like Jingles was until he hit the 2nd list and got a Krondstat. And while it does say have all the ships in your port it again comes down to the split drop tables. While jingles did have all the regular premium ships (making a reasonable assumption) and was getting duplicates until he hit the 2nd list. Last year it was a single list. IE if you only have the kamikaze left to get and you got a 'winning' crate you were guaranteed a Kamikaze rather than a 2nd list being separate.
  5. Yea. Nikolai always cruising around in these things. I will say though from what I have seen so far with some of the videos coming out right now is the rate seems worse than last year(Though the CCs might be terribly unlucky). Plus I am not sure if we are getting the ship replacement like last year. Wait and read carefully on these. It seems like Jingles was getting some duplicates of the Mohagan before he got the KK [7:52](which he said he didn't own[Doublechecked and Jingles did get doubloons for it]) Give it a few days of people rolling to get a good grasp on the rates.
  6. Xeilin

    Why why why why BB players

    I'll usually throw a shot out at any DD as well. That's permanent HP loss for a dangerous enemy... That being said. I had gotten quite good at reading shell trajectories as I run away in a destroyer. It's a type of love to shoot and be shot at in a destroyer.
  7. Xeilin

    Question for 60% of all DD users

    It really is mostly just gunbloom. If I'm firing my guns I am making a commitment to keep that circle. Even then having both speed boost and smoke ready to go is it really just depends what map/position I am in. if I can slip behind a mountain or there is large terrain blocking incoming fire I'll usually bloody a few noses as I scoot away.
  8. Xeilin

    How is this Legal?

    In any case. Now we have learned something. The color of the coupon matters. The first one was orange as well but it did specify WoT. And at some point they did mention they would unify gold with doubloons (which never happened and never will from the looks of this new WoWS premium). While I can see where you were unhappy with it a coupon is a coupon and you are indeed allowed to refund your purchase if you haven't used your Haida yet. Language wise for the coupon it isn't clear but it says "-in our premium shop" while at first glance might indicate the whole shop if you look at it another could just mean one shop on it's own.
  9. Xeilin

    Tier 8 against T10

    You have 10k battles. You aren't used to being uptiered yet?
  10. Xeilin

    Opening 12 Black Friday Containers

    Did 6 containers: 20x camo (2) 14 days premium Asashio B Tirpitz B Massachusetts B Not bad rate wise tbh. Though I luck sacced it. Didn't have Asashio or Massa so it was a nice pick up on my end.
  11. Atago, even though I haven't played in it a while is a very comfortable ship to play. It is very similar to all the other IJN Cruisers for playstyle. I have had some great games with it as well. I have both the Atago and Takao so... It isn't super high on my want list. But if you do like the class already, it is a great purchase. (You could also try getting the Blatago in your free crates that WG is giving out and then go from there as well.)
  12. That being said. I really to enjoy watching shells float for so long. True Rainbow is greatness. They aren't Practical but it really is something to see with high RoF
  13. IFHE I put on it for fun. iirc it pens everything below 30mm as the original HE pen values for 139s are 22mm and under. It pushes past both the 25mm and 27mm. Most cruisers dont have thick enough armor (besides on the belt) to not get penned (this covers T8 bracket as well). Most battleships around your tier and below besides on the belt will take pen damage. (I dont have my port so I am just referencing from the top of my head) To start off with I got Priority target (I'm just used to it. Pick whatever you want.), Last Stand, BFT and then IFHE. Most other destroyers are likely going full concealment so even if you did the same build they would still be stealthier than you. Perhaps then AFT, Superintendent(or whichever) and then Adrenaline rush (Chubby DD has plenty of HP) for great fun. The thing is a little terror once you get all the guns on target. Torps are fairly decent too.
  14. Xeilin


    I cant tell you the amount of times that I have managed to slink away on low HP and either heal up a generous amount or go on to play carefully as my low HP is not an indicator of how many guns I have remaining. It's always better to finish off ships. Its annoying if I have shells on my way to a target or if they were about to get smashed with a wall of torpedoes and 2-3 ships fire at them. Taking such things into account means more reds become dead. A wounded animal when backed into a corner will fight more fiercely. My game play and decision making skills go up quite abit when I have not much HP left to play (And also why I nearly run AR on everything) with simply because I want to keep playing or I feel I can keep doing more damage. Especially if I can by firing or taking action take out another enemy ship even if I will die myself a few moments later.