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  1. Xeilin

    Regarding people who unnecessarily charge in

    There is a reason I love taking AR on almost all of my ships. It's fun to push in. Though things get scary. I try not to be the first one spotted anymore. That being said. When you push and you encounter someone with the same idea especially as a DD. That is some of the most brutal fighting you can ever get and it is quite a thrill.
  2. Xeilin

    Shima "Legendary" Upgrade

    Torpedo reload is appealing to me. -80% reduction in traverse speed for torpedo tubes is silly. You lose way too much flexibility for the 10% reload. Getting into a gunfight and losing hp while having AR is a better investment (since you'll bleed as a DD anyways.)
  3. Well. I'll try it I guess. It'll be interesting to see the result. If they switched between ship control and plane control with shift it would likely work out okay~ Fine control is absolutely necessary at times with a CV (Even though I barely play them if at all) watching a carrier torpedobeat a smug DD is always fun. If it fails it fails and they can go back to the drawing board and regular CVs will stay until they cook up something new.
  4. Xeilin

    Acasta camo

    It's likely faster for WG to just flag them as a premium boat (That comes with the default explanation) and all then just swap them to elite status boats when the proper patch hits. Pretty sure when the arpeggio ships came out they had the same description (Even though they get no camo at all!)
  5. Xeilin

    Hipper. Glass engine?

    Just took a look at my hippo. I don't have LS or Prop mod on it. Usually I will have Prop mod if the engine goes out excessively (Like on the Yubari). It's been a while since I played my hippo but I usually will sail within 11-14km engagement range then kite away playing the ship like a rear turreted ship would handle like the Myoko. I'm not sure where the propulsion hitbox is on it but considering the stacks are on the front 1/3 of the ship aggroing and kiting away might be useful. If it's helpful, great otherwise that's just my 2 cents.
  6. Well it's interesting to say the least. But they missed the ideal shipping time for it by a longshot. If they are even shipping it in the first place. I'd enjoy a collab sure. AL also has pretty nice support and the CM is a blast. Game being out in english is a huge plus for me. Download, Play, Done. The future is cloudy, More time is necessary for more details to be revealed.
  7. Honestly... if Radio locator works against subs(even if it's only while they are at parascope depth). All those submarine captains can kiss their botes goodbye. Why do people like to shoot at DDs besides their concealment and spotting? They are glorious XP pinata's since XP is Percentage based. Now there will be something with lower HP than a destroyer. And they don't have guns, Torpedo arcs are smaller than the Yubari's. And they move at 20 knots. As someone that plays destroyers fairly regularly. Om nom nom give me some undersea pinatas.
  8. I have to agree. NC camo is best. The rust is very attractive. The other boats are way too dark and cluttered...But they still look good the NC is a nice straightforward design that isn't afraid of flashing you her pearly whites and a wink when she notices ya. I would like to see the NC in her skin let loose among the lower tiers with no guns, no secondaries... just chasing and trying to eat the smol botes.
  9. One of your problems is that until T4 there is a -1/+1 MM while after T5 is -1/+2 same with T6 You wont ever see any T4s But you will see 5-8 Alot of people farm at T6-7 leading to a higher skill cap and higher point captains 19 point commanders come with time. But once you have one 19 point commander you can farm out something like 10-30k commander XP for a first win bonus with proper flags/camos which is why people are advising you to save. The payout is much higher if you save them for a higher tiered ship. Buying a captain wouldn't be something I would recommend. As you play with a lower skill point captain you start to get the feel how ships handle with and without the skillpoints. Additionally more modules become available at T6 which are worth looking into
  10. Honestly the thread has gotten to the point where it split. As a summary. Double dip needs to go regardless what OP posted. since Overpen into Penetration is just wrong. Full pen hit on a DD sucks but... That's how the game works. Your unlucky day is someones lucky day. The best you can do in a DD is to angle yourself so you eat one of the shells and not 3 when someone with good aim shoots at you.
  11. The Atago is a solid ship but has the gloriously massive IJN citadel. Last time I took my Atago out. I had a blast with it. Atlanta is a big dd with a citadel and scares the ever-living daylights out of DDs. It is an absolute MONSTER for scenario battles I have so much fun with it as a dakka dakka monster. As Scenario battles like to throw lots of planes and destroyers within 7km making the 127mm guns very accurate If you only play random battles I suggest Atago the IJN HE will serve you well. If you like scenario battles though... the Atlanta is an absolute hoot (It is semi okay for random but is stressful especially if you land on ocean) Also alot of the current scenario battles is Allies only so the Atlanta is good for this)
  12. Wa-Ha-Ha.  I finally got myself my first Tier 10.  Shimakaze.  It honestly took too long.  But it seemed to go too fast when I tried.

  13. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas.  As inactive on the forums as I usually may be.  Perhaps in my future... My first T10 shall come to me?

  14. Always coming and going, Running here and Running there.

  15. One day I shall reach Tier 10, but today is not that day. I like all my different lines too much!