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  1. Xeilin

    10 Air Supply = LOL

    40x flags (Forgot which they were) Enterprise Graf Zepplin 20x Scifi Had already owned Kaga/Saipan so I rounded them out. Drops are likely being treated like santa crates. It'll draw the inventory you don't have first before giving you doubloons (considering they are what. 14k each now?)
  2. Xeilin

    BOTS in co-op get xp...........why?

    Bots use the XP they accumulate to upgrade themselves. Or if they turn pink for that battle they are penalized for WG all their EXP to remove the pink status for the next battle. The particularly good bots eventually get promoted to operations where they will never turn pink again.
  3. If you look closely enough you can see torpedoes splashing down into the water, Both air dropped and ship board torpedoes do this. (its alot harder to see the ship ones now though or you might only be able to see your own nowadays.)
  4. Xeilin

    Intergalactic Games: Torpedo Beat

    Once I get a taste of the speed. No destroyer will feel the same ever again. It's a shame but it will be a worthy sacrifice. The very worrying part though is I didn't see a notification for Team damage turning off. I am looking forward to this insanity.
  5. While attacking on a space station mode on both maps both Priority Target and Radio Position break upon first death. Radio Position constantly points a steady course and remains broken throughout the battle upon death and subsequent respawn. Priority target will display the number of people targeting you upon your first death throughout the whole game whenever you are detected regardless of the amount of ships looking or shooting at you. Happens every battle you die in and respawn as the attackers (as the defenders cannot respawn).
  6. Xeilin

    DDs who hunt carriers...

    Going out of your way to find CV in a DD = Bad Finding CV during normal Gameplay = Good If you push a map side with your team and find a carrier. Feast upon it.
  7. Xeilin

    Not so friendly fire

    Always be on the lookout with cruisers with torpedoes, they have an unholy obsession with using them, Especially when they are in torpedo range. (Most of the times they just launch them from behind you with no enemy nearby though)
  8. Xeilin

    Question About First Blood

    Yea. As many have stated multiple first bloods are possible. Just pretty rare.
  9. Xeilin

    Saving the Legendary Upgrade

    From this thread. Oh I was only just beaten to it. Anyways... I provide the source I suppose.
  10. It might make for a fun little mess especially as an operation. With the test for attacking forces respawning this April fools it might make a great night battle scenario. Or even PT vs PT.
  11. Xeilin

    IJN mid-tier premium DD

    Rip T8 Fubuki, She is sorely missed. She was a little slow and a little chubby, but she sure did get the job done. 3x2 would beat other destroyers in the face and 3x3 torp launcher (That didn't have a prohibitively long reload) fired once every ~25-30 seconds made for an amazing solo flank ship.
  12. Just finished... It wouldn't have been nearly as bad if we could work on all 4 parts the whole month or had the achievement one the first week. Speaking of months. I think I wont touch any UK ships for about that much time. Praise be people taking squishy cruisers into Co-op for a fast and smooth finish for the citadel mission.
  13. Finally ended up getting my Shinonome after all these years.  Welcome home.  Shinonome.

  14. If you try to buy a ship without enough port slots doesn't the game prompt you to buy one anyways?