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  1. Xeilin

    WOW! Yahagi is so cheap!

    Oh I could have sworn I just saw it. Let me dig through the devblogs real quick. It might have been an idea they were tossing around at some point. Wouldn't be the first time I am wrong I couldn't find it. Thus I assume I am wrong. If I was correct. Feel free to correct me. I probably kept thinking of it like the Yubari so much that I drew the comparison between the two.
  2. Xeilin

    WOW! Yahagi is so cheap!

    Honestly the thing looks like an ever larger Yubari. Take that how you will. I wouldn't turn it down if I ended up getting it. But I'm not really planning to go out of my way to get her. Pretty bote though. (I love my Yubari but the aiming system mod 0 should have just been a temp fix rather than making ANOTHER ship that needed it.) Let me check. I might just be insane and imagined it.
  3. Xeilin

    The outrage over subs. Why?

    Honestly I just look at subs as the eyeview of a DD player. "Oh Look. More work" That being said. I am sure a convoy mode with attacking submarines and defending destroyers might make for an interesting game mode a pvp scenario battle. Assuming proper team balance anyways. If we start to get pvp scenario battles there might be some other interesting scenarios in the future. As for subs in random battles... Well... We shall see.
  4. Xeilin

    Submarines are Coming

    Might as well give destroyers distanced traveled towards their XP with as much as they will need to move around the map . As long as WG doesn't add any form of incentive for destroyers to go out of their way and help their teams in terms of XP (besides the damage done to a submarine) why would any player take action that will sacrifice their XP? Since which is easier? Throwing a few torpedoes down range to a semi oblivious battleship? Or chasing an invisible target that can proxy spot you while you cant proxy spot it back [If vision isn't shared by the submarine while underwater this wont become an issue](which will make TASM for submarines hilariously broken and very useful for them if it shares info with fleet while underwater[If it can be equipped by subs]) around for 1-5 minutes and dodging shells from any enemy ship that can shoot at you(Unless RPF works against subs which I doubt since hydro acoustic search isn't even going to be able to detect submarines as they are underwater). Besides competitive modes (Which subs likely wont ever see) All I hear from Submarines are coming! is only this DD WHY YOU NO PROTECT ME
  5. New goal. Farm enough potential damage so that my ship can sail backwards as fast as it originally is supposed to move forwards This is something that could be absolutely amazing in a training battle to see just how fast we can get a destroyer... or any other French ship... to go.
  6. This point is important. We already have tiers that are stronger than the one below them. 7-8 is one. But so is 5-6. tbh -1/+1 for lower tiers somewhat broke mid tier. Only T7 and up does the game actually have -2/+2 MM T5 -1/+2 T6 -1/+2 both T5 and T6 to be top tier T5s require enough T5s and T4s in quene for their own game. T6 would need enough T6 ships and T5. T7 Just needs enough 7s with a mix of 5 and 6 to be top tier or to be abducted into a game with enough 8s and 9s that weren't already claimed by a T10 game to be bottom Game should have one match maker or the other. Both doesn't do very much favors. (Hard data likely states otherwise though which only WG has.) tis only my opinion.
  7. It's always good to plink shots towards DDs. Especially if they aren't directly sailing away from you. Even if you land one shell out of all it's still pretty worth it as most DDs don't have a heal. and 10% of a DDs hp is worth 10% of any other ships hp in terms of experience
  8. Its to the point where I am currently interested in it. I have been hoping they just let it slip by as is. Honestly I feel like it isn't out of line statwise since as WG said, They looked at the scale and made a balanced middle ground destroyer Not too much on torps not too much on guns. Its an actually non semi gimmicky boat that isn't overly reliant on any one weapons system to function. I'm not surprised Yuudachi is still in a terrible place though. Hayate I am hoping is going to survive at least. I mean look. They are balancing Yuudachi on expecting support from the team to even use the ship properly.
  9. Xeilin

    Phantom Torpedo

    Every once and a while there is testing done by Destroyers on the U-land torpedo it does no damage to ships. For now. Everyonce and a while a single torpedo ignores all range limitations, deals no damage after passing its real maximum range, dives under islands etc. They are harmless. Probably.
  10. Xeilin

    Pranged it.

    From what I remember you just needed to opt into the Azur Lane mission event while it was running... Unfortunately... >3>;; the event is over. If they do a Pt3 collab I would assume they would bring back the port (if you opted in you keep the port) You should be able to use something like Aslains to get it into your game though. (most likely)
  11. Xeilin

    Pranged it.

    It's glorious. Thank you for this. I raise a beer glass of vodka to you. Tugboat captain that did it anyways. It was probably Parks that did it before he got Mined for misconduct
  12. With all the shell hits I have seen/taken/watched I have never seen a shell splash like that on ship contact. Considering how small of a shell the Harugumo fires it is very much possible that it slipped in where it should not have as it seems to hit about the waterline where the skirt would start as seen by @Amaruk 's frame by frame. Based on the armor viewer. Roughly. It seems like it slipped in around the green section of the armor right on the seam with the yellow section starts(I haven't booted up my warships to check) but will assume is 32mm like most T10 BBs
  13. It looks like that Harugumo AP shell took some lessons from the occasional Island sailing torpedo. Tempted to say it phased straight through your armor considering the shell splash area. From what I understand about WG damage models for things like the magazine is that they are both part of the ship and not part of it at the same time (Though I am likely wrong). Basing this off their how it works video for HE and how HE makes a shell shatter box. If Ap works the same way but with a smaller box while the ship itself likely didn't take any damage from the shell... The area where the shell 'splashed' must have reduced the magazine health to zero as it 'detonated' inside of the magazine area even though it seems like it didn't interact with any of the ships armored plating in the slightest prior to that moment.
  14. The fuel injected smoke will make for a very interesting mechanic. Once they add LoS breaks reset gunbloom again (From which I remember right was in their build eventually to be readded). Although depending what kind of ship it is added on it could have hilarious consequences. "Sir, That smoke cloud is moving at a speed exceeding 50 knots, What are your orders?" It looks like a curious batch of ideas for a game mode. I'll look forward to it.