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  1. Gah, I really need to start standardizing how I write in the Asian Languages and my speech in them. Being able to speak Cantonese and Japanese, as well as some Mandarin creates some issues as none of them are at 100%. Yet when it comes to their writing systems its a nightmare. 

    Written Cantonese was something I was never taught and instead, I was taught Simplified Chinese, which mostly follows Mandarin. Note that Cantonese and Mandarin while related are not mutually intelligible, they differ slightly in structure. Not only that I never finished Chinese school and only did two years, meaning I only know basics. And living in Canada that's not an issue. 


    But when I started going back to Japan, my uncle started teaching me Written Japanese, which is mostly written in Traditional Chinese, while some words are simplified, the majority are the same as in Traditional Chinese. This is when it started being an issue. 


     Since my written Chinese and my written Japanese was never finished, they merged together and formed their own. Meaning when I write I mix them, something that I do in my speech as well. Which goes as Cantonese (88%), Japanese (65%), Mandarin (40%), English (90%) 9Frgmnitaions of numerous other languages 2%). [Estimations on how well I know and can speak the language.]


    This is also reflected in my informal writing which sees many loan words, like Japanese Kana being placed in to replace words that I either don't know the Chinese writing or pronunciation.  


    Yeah, strange isn't it? Its such a mess, but that's what I am. After all two negatives make a positive. 


    That's a lie, in what universe that is true I don't know, it was a math Joke.