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  1. Jc1uG9U.png

    A small little character mod I'm adding into Don't Starve Together, yes I'm that much of a piece of @&*^! I go and add my own character into a game. 


    Game Summary

    "The Mad Doctor" 

    "Biologist, Ex Military Researcher, Soldier, Teacher, Wife and Mother. Katsumi has seen all evil and done even worse. " 


    Preliminary stats 

    Health: 150 

    Hunger: 140 

    Sanity: 100



    Split Personalty: Small sanity gain during the day, Sanity drops 2.5x faster at night.

    Unbreakable spirit: Damage increases as health and or sanity drains. 

    Doctors guilt: Healing, feeding, or resurrecting causes a sanity drain equal to what you would have gained. 


    *note* 100 Sanity is a very low number, most vanilla characters have at lest 150 or even 200. But mostly I like the challenge!