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  1. WalDZHO.png 


    Kathe Kesselring. Part of OstFront 2.0. 

    Also expect the Warship Anime to follow a similar art style~ 

    1. Fog_Repair_Ship_Akashi


      If that will be the anime art style, I'm excited for the concept art reveal, also did you take my ideas.for my charecter? About the hair and eyes? Just curious. 

    2. Incendiary_Tanker


      While I took that into account, I'm still leaning on making her in the Kancolle style. Ehh I'll just make two then~ We'll see. Animating won't begin untill I finish all the arts and have the entire story finished as well as screen play, music and all the other memes. 


      I do want to release an animantic of the into before Summer ends....