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  1. Alright, this development might just nearly kill the project......

    Yesterday, I sent the draft character list to my friend; said list looked like this. 





    Side Characters


    • Super Nico Power

    • Little White Mouse

    • Incendiary Tanker

    • Chobittsu or Freya?

    • High Admiral

    • Pidgeon Of War

    • Pikohan

    • Fog Repair Ship Akashi

    • Alyssa Rockz


    Kancolle Cameos (chances are these ones are only going to be in a few frames at the most


    • Furutaka

    • Fubuki

    • Yuudachi

    • Kaga

    • Akagi

    • Shigure (?) 

    • Yamato

    • Bismarck



    At first, I see no issues, but then he brought this up. 

    "Don't you think this might cause issues if use the Kancolle girls in our anime? Copyright and all." 

    That was a little embarrassing for me, since I'm usually the one who catches stuff like this.... But he brings up a good point, with the number of us here who use avatars from other animes, this will no doubt cause issues if we try to make this into a full feature anime. 


    Even a fan trailer could cause issues, based off the amount of various characters that will be making an appearance.  


    I'm afraid this issue might very be the death of this project. 


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    2. AllysaRockz


      Cries in the corner because her name is spelt wrong ~

      But in all seriousness... wow, yeah... Don't really know what to say... apart from the thought of you doing stuff for us was nice! It's just a shame you can't really make much out of it due to the copyright involved.

    3. Incendiary_Tanker


      @AllysaRockz time for me to alt f4 out of life, what an embarrassment, sorry. 


      Yeah... I'm seriously worried about the survival of this project, considering major plot points are focused around certain characters being from Kancolle. 

    4. AllysaRockz


      I wanna react with a funny but at the same time there's nothing funny about the last part... screw you WG!

      Anyway... I guess you could try rewriting...? I mean... you don't have to base your characters off of what our avatars portrayed. I get that's like, throwing away your mental image of us... but you can create your own as well. You're a hella talented artist, so if you put your mind to it, I bet you could make something great.