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  1. Wrote this gem over on Dooms Discord. Let us relive M8I the bringer of the Tech Tree meme. 




    Once upon a time there was a little boy called M8I


    M8I wasn't well liked by the other kids, partly because he spewed so much nonsense no one wanted to play or even talk to him


    But that didn't stop M8I he was determined to prove that Steam ships were stupid and should be removed from the game. Furthermore he wanted to probe his superior intellect when compared to his peers.


    So one day he had a bright idea


    He spent the a day or so and devised up a new tech tree for the IJN


    Indeed, when he presented this to the Forum members, he sucked the room dry. Everyone had their mouth on the ground


    M8i smiled proudly thinking he had finally won, but then at the back someone stifled a laugh, then a giggle broke out and soon there was full fledged laugher


    After the laughter had died down, Akashi stood up and walked over to M8I


    She firmly gave him a hard slap to the face and asked if he was ok. Too which M8I said yes.


    Akashi, furious slapped, M8I again. Akashi then pointed at M8i's tree


    "WHAT IS THIS?!" She screamed


    "The new and better IJN tech tree" said M8I


    Steam blew out from Akashi's ears




    Akashi ranted on as M8I looked on in confusion


    "But it's prefect.... I'm right steamships are stupid...."


    Furious Akashi grabbed M8I by the collar and dragged him outside, throwing him onto the curb


    "The only thing thats prefect here! is you out of here!" Akashi slammed the doors, locking M8I outside


    Not wanting to believe Akashi, M8I came back the next day, with a new tech three. This time the American Navy


    It too was a disaster


    Then, A little Incendiary who was spectating the mess, decided to have a little fun. He went home and quickly made a poster about the Russian Navy


    He quickly rushed back and posted his work. it read: "Nothing! Change nothing! It's fine."


    Inspired by this, Many other did the same, in hopes to discourage M8I from continuing his spree of stupidity


    After a Full day of this, Niko and Pidgeon who had just came back to the base from a vacation, saw the mess that was caused.


    Furious they ripped down all the posters and posts about Techtrees and threatened a ban if anyone spoke of this or posted this again.