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  1. Hey Incendiary, great picture you made! I really like it! 


    Is there any significance in the words I or Rolkat are saying? 

    1. Incendiary_Tanker


      Oof, sorry about not replying when I was online earlier, I'm doing a massive 17 person drawing, that must be finished by at least friday. Today would be prefect if I could do it kek. 


      Kako is just laughing: Ufufufuf 

      I used the wrong Katakana for you kek, I misread it on my list, since the sound effect for "ugh" is right above the sound of a grunt. Oops~ This is why I should reorganize that thing! 

      And Nico is just giving off an angry glare. 

    2. Doomlock


      Hehe, nice. I really do like it thanks!