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    Just finished watching 君の名は again~  (Your name.) Oh my god I loved watching this, I hadn't watched a good anime in long time. The best part of it all Itomori is placed in the same prefecture and region as my Village, Shriakawa. I remember watching this and saying: "Hey.... this landscape looks familiar. Oh wait.... No!! *excited screams*" And when Taki stopped at Hida Furukawa Station I hyped out as I stop in that station often!! Oh it was such a cool experience~ In fact I even took the time to try to pinpoint the exact location of Itomori which.... is kinda close to me.




    At least that's my best~

    Anyways I've fangirled way too much now~ If you haven't seen this already (unbelievably) I do suggest you check it out!