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    Gahh!! If I could draw better and if I just knew how to animate!! I could make Ostfront look like a slice of life anime!! Or better yet make a Anime opening for the World Of Warships Forum! So many fun ideas I have limited due to my lack of skill. 

    I cry every time~ 

    1. Royeaux


      I have a friend who can draw anime very well, and while I did try to emulate her at one point, I realized that because she practically drew everyday, that my skills honed enough to be "good".  Despite going through several drawing classes in college, it takes years to develop the proper skills, and it requires near constant practice.  This is the closest I ever got to drawing anime, and I messed up the pose.


    2. Rolkatsuki


      It would be awesome if an anime op of the wows forum community happens /^_\\