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  1. What's the Fastest match you've ever played?

    ooof, like 5 mins?
  2. Izumo Chronicles: Day 1

    At least you didn't have to suffer Myoko... ugh I didn't like her in Kancolle, I knew I was going to hate her here as well.
  3. Old TV Show can be Hillarious

    *cough* Stalingrad *Cough* 巡洋艦 (cruiser) *cough*
  4. Have the youth of today lost all respect?

    After spending the day tutoring at "Weekend School" I as usual, had to take the bus home nothing out of the ordinary here. Now the buses in Canada have specific zones for elderly and disabled peoples, a nice feature. Now a 18 year old couple get on the bus and sits on in the designated zone; let it be known the other section has it's chair folded up. On the next stop, an rather elderly lady gets on the bust with walker. Now common courtesy would dictate that you as a young person would get up and give your seat to the elderly women. Of course they don't. Instead they sit there giving blank looks to me and the other bus riders. Meanwhile this poor old lady is struggling to pull down the raised chair, she eventually gives up and clings on for dear life, nearly falling. Now, I'm sitting here giving dirty looks to these kids, but they can't get the hint. So I sitting at the back of the bus get up, and pull down the seat for the old lady who thanks me, as well as a few other bus riders. I then turn to these "kids" and call them out on their inaction saying they should be ashamed. Apparently they didn't understand their mistake because they then tried to confront me in a busy bus loop saying I should "Apologize" for being rude to them. .... Me being rude, Indeed! I guess being showing common courtesy and educating an ignorant individual is considered rude here. I might only be 16, but I know when something is wrong and in this situation I think I was justified for calling out these idiots.
  5. Imperial Japanese Navy in colorized photos

    All I see when viewing this is dead people.
  6. Zao-sama!!!

    B... but, Kutuzov is cute~ She has that amazing bridge~~ *Gets slapped by Furutaka*
  7. Zao-sama!!!

    Ha ha hell yes! I have a teir X!! Lot's of thanks to Furutaka, the xp that she brought home was quite the memes! Looking forward to playing her, played her a bit on my Corgi account. While she's not the perfect match like Kutuzov was, she will do nicely~
  8. Papers, please.

    Glory to Arstotzka ~
  9. So BB's

  10. Forum Game - Word Association

    That really burns
  11. Ahh I have nothing to do! I might as well as go outside, too bad there's nothing to do in Canada 

    1. Rolkatsuki


      Ah a Canadian hehe~ /^.\\

    2. Incendiary_Tanker


      I want to go home to Japan T_T 

    3. Rolkatsuki


      Aww poor Incendi-chan is homesick... /;_\\ i would be homesick myself if I set foot out of Australia into overseas for a week.

  12. My Scharnhorst needs meat!

    That's... a interesting title.... She wants "meat" huh... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I see. I mean it doesn't have to be Cruisers~
  13. Who have you seen in game

    oof, you did? Didn't even see you... Was I in Eugen?
  14. Your most common/least common achievement?

    my most common? Arsonist Ironic, A Japanese person getting fire achievements
  15. Dressing Ship

    I prefer mine undressed. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)