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  1. Today we had presentations on different ideologies. 

    The Capitalist group did a parody of "How Bad Can I be." Of course, the Communists managed to find out what they were doing and countered with a Communist version of "Let it Grow." 

    The fact that they paired the songs next together made it even better. I never had so much fun in class. 

  2. Incendiary_Tanker

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Is a kid now.
  3. Incendiary_Tanker

    Incendiary's Random arts

    Oof, there goes me old works. Well, at least I've levelled up from then. Full sized images found here! LINK! Here we go again genetlemen~ @pikohan are you proud of me senpai? :3 Remember Kathe? It's been a while now and she's all grown up. Yay for Kutuzov -chan~ One of my first posts remastered! This is rare IJA. Well not quite, a kitbash of random bits throw toghther~ Boom, not quite Kathe, but feels like Duthko. Also East Prussia in a AU.
  4. Incendiary_Tanker

    Pikohan's Kwality Kontent Korner v2

    OOh moar drawings? Time for me to get back into the game kappa.
  5. Ah, bloody hell. I should have done something nice for Titanic on her 107th sinking anniversary. Better late than never, keep your eyes open a remaster is coming soon. 

    1. Rolkatsuki


      Yes! \ /^,\\ /

    2. Chobittsu


      I should check up on the status of that modern remake they're building, it's in China, right?

    3. Incendiary_Tanker
  6. Incendiary_Tanker

    DDs are ruining the experience for everyone

    This reminds me of the "what the X nation's tech tree should be" incident.
  7. Incendiary_Tanker

    Name the ship you think is worthless....

    I still hate Myoko.
  8. cRsaHN2.png?1


    Remaster time! Redrawing Kutuzov-Chan :3 

  9. Today my Adblock forgot to work and I got exposed to a fortnite ad. This is a dark sign for today's events. 

  10. LoUjbaS.png


    I must be losing my mind here, I keep seeing Graf Zeppelin in her despite them not even looking the same. ;/ 

  11. E0ZBHM6.png?1


    Lol too lazy to draw in the background to make this look a little bit more authentic, also most text is still missing. 


    Ignore the fact that Kathe is holding an almost 10-pound gun in one had. Animu grills are strong or something. 

    1. Chobittsu


      ...who the hell can't lift 4kg with one hand?

  12. 58PAjAW.png


    Today is a good day. More housewife Furutaka please :3 

  13. So I just thought of something. Back when I played World Of Tanks, I loaded in some 6 rounds of AP into my KV-2. I have never once shot all six in all my time playing. I may have fired 2, but I can guarantee that at least 3 of those shells are some 3 years old now.  

    1. Chobittsu


      Cendy.... are you feeling okay?

  14. Nice one WG all you had to do was talk to us, but you just had to pull a Valve. Here's hoping that most of our work can still be used after whatever they plan to do....
  15. Incendiary_Tanker

    belfast and kutuzov refund for dubloons

    No gib here I will pay double.