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  1. Vickers design 781. The bottom one is Royal Sovereign.
  2. Well if you want you can read some of me other works If you want :3, I have a lot of math to do~ Gotta calculate alot since there is almost no information on this ship.
  3. Nice ideas comrade, have yours on the list~ Of course you will be credited.
  4. I can always count on you to think up something mad, Roosevelt.
  5. Looks good!
  6. That's a good one I'm dead~ Captain: "Quick ram that Destroyer!!" Sailor: "That's a rock...." Captain: "Yes, A German rock it is! Full ahead!!"
  7. Oooo That's not a bad one~ Might just consider it~
  8. I kinda want to have her go missing in a storm but its not like a 200m+ Battleship can just vanish in a storm with out a trace :3
  9. I'm on mobile currently so i can't write as much as I want. But yes it's for a AU history I'm writing. I'm using this to see if you guys can think up of some ideas that could sink the battleship provided. I've hit a writing block kappa.
  10. That took forever, finished it for now :3
  11. Since I'm strapped out of ideas I have decided ask you guys for some. I want ideas for a wartime reason to sink her. Like death by torp. Or a peacetime sinking. Death by nuke for example. So... You're given a battleship how do you sink her? We are sinking the top one by the way.
  12. Welcome to the club!