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  1. WOA..... what i meant to say was I HATE building a ship for a tier then balancign it for that tier...WHAT I WOULD LIKE IS that the ship be made arcade histricaly accurate...then you asign a tier based on its power...YOU dont take a ship...then make it no historicaly accurate to balance it for a tier Balance is achived thru PROPER TOIERING OF A HISTOICALY ACCURATE SHIP....not twistign facts and figures to fit a tier
  2. The thicker the ship...LIKE CALIFORNIA the better dispersion and SIGMA...ACCURACY should be....now i know WG like to come in.... model a ship.... and then without any thought to historical accuracy just slap stats on it for balalnce...I HATE BALANCE...what i like is arcade style play with historical accuracy........ CALIFORNIA IS WIDE...ALL ships should have a base sigma of 2.0 at a certain beam size.....the widtht of the ship.....say use bismarck as the base.....anything thicker than bismark has a higher sigma anything thing narrower has less sigma....THEn you take the Americans and you ADD.5 sigma for their FIRE CONTROL RADAR.....BUT WG they just come in and ranbdomaly asign sigmas randomly asign dos[persions...SO u get these ships....which i would like to be more ARCADE play historicaly accurate...RATHER than balanced....when i saw how fat the California was i imediatly thought this thing should be near the most accurate BB in the game...because it wouldn't ROCK on recoil as much after fireing....ALL THICK ships should be more accurate than their national counterparts....NO single american BB should have less sigma and dispersion THAN ANY OTHER BB IN THE GAME from Germany or japan or russia due to fire control radar and this goes for cruisers and dds.. CAlifornia seems like it should have a 55% =torpedo reduction too. finaly i want to KNow what historical accuracy that the 127MM secondary ...on the alabama have less range than those on massachutsess......i eman they seem to be the exact same gun...for that mater the georgia and ohio.,... SAME GUN...i understand for arcade play you limit their range....to around 12km......BUT if one ship can shoot to 11.3 and the other ships have that GUn then YES they should ALL shoot that far...BUT LOOK OUT her come genisis they can do it er i mean wargaming thay can switch stats in 1 minute this ship with the same gun shoots 5km this other one 8km.... i used to play a pirate game.. a 2 lb cannon bal was a 2 pound cannon ball wether a level 50 ship or a l;evel 1 ship fired it....everythign was consistent....I want this to be consistent....ALL american seondariers with the 127 should be THE SAME....alabama is the red headed stepchild that should get a secondary boost like the TIRPUTZ got Im sick of WG coming in slappin a name on something then saying THIS exact same thing is differennt from that one even tho its THE SAME AND REMEBER THICKNESS IS KEY!
  3. Arthur_Dayne

    IFHE All Night Long

    shikishima with 100s and 155s?
  4. Arthur_Dayne

    Soviet Cruisers: Early Access

    united states cruises like desmoine .. are inaccurate at 19km yet they were the most accurate cruisers in the world in reality....to me no paper ships should ever be more powerful than ships that existed.. THEN when I look at California....and KGV and see kgv with a 25 sec reload... 28 km top speed but cali with a 34 sec reload and 21 km top speed its just mind boggling...meanwhile u get some Russian fake ship poltava with 28 sec reload and 30km top speed and ice breaker bow....its just flabbergasting...… and I don't want to go into how bad this game is being wrecked by he spammers at tier x ..I fear for the future of warships.... im just disheartened by where things have gone....and I think tier 6 and x are huge problem tiers...a fubuki can easily beat a yamato in a 1 on 1 battle the kamikaze r …. u have these crutch players with 500-2000 kami r battles....because they r not good enough to play up tier so thry sit at 4 5 6 with the rapid reload isokaze minekaze and fubuki types.....to club new players over and over....the Smolensk probly is where WOWS jumped the shark.....and if these new soviet cruisers continue he trend.....I think its A B See you later....feet don't fail me now
  5. Arthur_Dayne

    more upgrade slots for tier 6 7 8

    not if u have a tier activated slot...if it plays 9 or 10 the slot activates if its top tier then the upgrade wont work....as far as pushing things down ….heck id just as soon they open up ALL slot like on ark beta and then just make them cost less credits for the lower tiers
  6. Arthur_Dayne

    Best Guns in Game

    not the best BUT if u take dispersion out of the equation and put ships at 15k and count the damage of 10 hits on a stationary target then do that 3 times and take the average of those 3 times....I think you will see the Italian 15 is probably causing a lot of damage when it hits...……………. ive seen this gun make pens I don't think any other gun can including the yamato gun it could be my imagination tho…….dispersion blows though tier for tier the west vas 16s at tier 6 utterly destroy tier 5 6 and 7 bbs with impunity and are as good as any gun at tier 8 I feel the west va is a vastly more powerful ship in its tier than the yamato...in fact I think its the most powerful bb in the game on a tier for tier basis
  7. Is there any way you can give tier 8 especialy another upgrade slot..i think 7 needs an extra too...nothing like getting murdered by musahis out there. if tier 8 is gonna pay tier x just givem the slots as an aside.....you can have tier actifvated upgrade... So that when its uptiered it activates when it top tier it doesnt
  8. Arthur_Dayne

    will battleships become extinct

    you misunderstand its not about getting gooder its about obsolescence somehow you came in with the get better at the game argument...… i just don't see bbs as a ship to play anymore to much torps to may aircraft too many he spam i wont play bb to easy to farm
  9. Arthur_Dayne

    Will there be new Research Bureau

    the research beauro is the worst thing in game... it sells all ur stuff half price.... then u have tio buy it back full price....so u pay 20 m for a ship u get 10 m back,,,,then u have to regrind..not worth it and its painful unless u have a a thousand dollars to spend to get the 62 m credits pack if u need it and the xp…. really unenjoyable
  10. IM talking tier X her and some 9 and 8. but other tiers may be seeing the same thing SO you have destroyers who invisibly torp ships out of nowhere so battleships hang way back at the edges of the map So you have cruisers that spam an insane amount of he invisibly from behind an island or smoke so battle ships hang way back at the edges of the map So you have battles ships with insane he like thunderer and conq and All the other BBs trying to kill bb so battleships hang back SO you have carriers who see bb as their main target and they go right for you And now sunbmarines will look at battleships as their primary target In random battles everyone is shooting at bbs...do destroyers go take on other destroyers..they should but no the BB Hunt is on.....are cruisers interested in dd or cruisers....nah gotta hunt bb don't get me wrong des moines some radar guys some dd will go for dd a good carrier player will target dd...BUT MOST in random don't because its high risk no damage so they hunt bb....and their dd hunt bb and the bb is toast How many people here think a dd wil hunt a submarine oh some will...but most will be on their way to launch torps at a bb leaving subs with no counters till the end.....im finding it easier and easier to NOT play battleships.....they just don't have the reload or the counters to deal with all these new high speed ships like French dds and soviet dd and no ability to counter cruisers spaming crazy he all over. its amzing how a ship like the zoa can chase a bball over and hardly be hitable….now when subs come in their gonna find the fattest b and head straight to it...... Between the shmikaze….the gearing the halland the Smolensk the Colbert the Kleber the marcea...the zoa…whooster hinden barg spam he from far....I just don't see battleships having a future.... that's being said it may be that the alaskas and the krondstats of the world with 305s and a little bit better reload will be better to play the stand back he spmmer like conq and thnder may still be ok...but most of these other bbs have become 100% obsolete and subs will just show that more could you imagine the horror of a 6 gun shackisheema waitin on reload and turret trayvarse while subs and dd torp u from invisable...ha ha good luck with that obsolete steel wasting behemouth All the bbs should get 10km secondaries standar then upgrades this wont even make them competive the American bbs are kinda crap without them
  11. your so awersome…… I got news for WG...they r gonna give others a chance to obtain steel fairly... u have 52k steel plus u probably have the ships the vast majority have noithing no steel no resoucres in clan bank...nothing....nothing wrong with u have 53k steel....id just like a chance somewhere in the game to earn steel as a solo random battle player...… I get it man your the best I mean the best u don't think I should have a chance to earn 1/10th what u have earned....I havnt…. ive made maybe 10k steel if u have the ships u have made over 125k steel.....12 times more.....its DISGRACEFUL ON WGS PART that some players are excluded from earning.....your argument says there shouldn't be a snowflake event that everything should be earned yet I bet you did the snowflakes...coop grinds.....im not asking for that...free steel like u got unearned.....just given...im asking for steel for mission or rewards for epic medals or kills...the way that WG has handled steel is worse than their perto riko disaster...bu=y yoiur argument everyone should have had to do the mission to get it ..with no dubloon boneses… but hey they offered u 3 cheat boosters and the ability to buy with dubloons…. did you think that even was FAIR hyperfaze? get 30 billion xp to progress!....comeon dude......IM glad u didn't get it man cause I got one! and I hope u never have a chance to get one cuz u didn't earn it man....that's your lame argument...wouldn't yo like there to be another way for u to earn the Perto rico or do you say nah I dint earn it......well u would if they put it in for coal or steel or whatever then u would earn it.....why cant there be a different way for me to earn steel....
  12. im dead serious I don't care if I only get 1 steel per kill or medal but im on a croosade
  13. dude its a clan where I invite guys in simply so they can get bonues on costs and xp…. a starter clan...trying to help guys out who r new....and who can leave anytime and no one cares what their stats are.... most have jobs and stuff not livin at moms bragging how good they r at a video game
  14. kill stealing? are u nuts man..... I think everyone reading that is scratching their head..... in this game u let a dd go with 50 hitpoints because u didn't wanna kill "steal" your asking for trouble everyone here kills everything anytime they can period...
  15. no EVERYONE SHOULD Be ABLE TO EARN STEEL. guys who win clan battles wil earn it faster as always...….clan wars elites will get their steel stuff way way way ahead of everyone else... im not saying I want the same steel as a clan wars winner..im saying give me another way to earn a small amount every day...they do this with coal u don't complain about that......