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  1. JPower

    Missouri's Earning Data 10.6 vs 10.7

    It just boggles my mind, because they already have precedent of adding in ships that are identical, but technically a separate ship, in the form of all the Black Friday versions (Jean Bart B, Alaska B, etc.). So if they can do that, then they could've just made this new one Mighty Moo Red White and Blue or something, with different credit parameters. It would've been that easy.
  2. JPower

    Missouri's Earning Data 10.6 vs 10.7

    Because if you are going to use damage, you can't just punch "damage dealt" into your spreadsheet. You would need to enter the exact amount done to each ship, then weight that damage for both the ship type and tier. That's about 10x more work, and that's even IF we know the *exact* multipliers being applied for dealing damage to each ship type and tier. I'm not sure if that data is public knowledge. So the main issue is that you cannot use raw damage. If you weighted all the damage values, it might be more accurate than base XP, but base XP will be way more accurate than using raw damage.
  3. JPower

    The Dazzle Skill

    For those saying Dazzle works against CVs, do you have any real backing for this? It wouldn't make sense for it work that way, since it seems to be based on the ship that you are target locking, and CVs don't target lock. They're just aiming for a particular point on the map, so if Dazzle worked on them, then the devs would've needed to add a whole new system to the game. Can you really see WG devs doing that? In addition, if it was based on *where* you're aiming, which it would have to be to work for CVs, then you could exploit it by pushing just in front of a BB or cruiser, and when you are spotted, then the BB or cruiser gets the bonus of dazzle for 15 seconds too. Finally, I also tested this in a training room. We ran 6 drops both with and without Dazzle activated, and there was no difference in the size of the aiming reticle, and no shots landed outside the reticle. If Dazzle worked against CVs, then at least one of those things would have needed to happen- either the aiming circle would expand to indicate the worse dispersion, or rockets would land outside the circle.
  4. JPower

    Vermont or Kleber?

    Sounds to me like you want a legendary upgrade Kleber.
  5. JPower

    Safe Passage Through Stormy Seas

    I have this same issue. That is exactly what happened when I tried using Google Chrome. Now I'm trying on internet explorer, and the button isn't even there. Edit: actually, on google chrome, I am not able to log in to the warships website at all. It gives me a revolving page and takes me back to wherever I was, whenever I click login. I can log in on the WG site and tanks site no problem. Ships is the only problem. Edit #2: I tried Microsoft edge, and I was able to log in and click the button to activate from that browser.