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  1. Para_Medic

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Been having some pretty great games with the ole gal.
  2. Ive experienced the same things. Seems like it's when one ship is stopped and one is closely passing behind it. I can shoot at say the further of the two and the shots will be between both. Now wemare talking this only happens when ships are what seems only a few meters apart. I've seen this happen on multiple occasions so at first I was thinking maybe I just shanked the salvo with a moment of palsy but since then I at least am confident I had correct mouse cursor placement.
  3. Para_Medic

    WG is jumping the shark by adding submarines

    Yeah Uboats only sank 3 Brittish BB I believe. They nailed others like cruisers and such. This is gonna implode
  4. Para_Medic

    Why Aren't Yamamoto and Halsey 19 Points??

    I finally got Halsey yesterday and was always planning to place him in my Montana who currently has a 19 pt Captain. I was so excited to finally finish the long grind, only to immediately be met by disappointment due to seeing he was a 15. I just knew he was a 19 and with all that went in to getting him was floored to see 15. Yes. I can get him to 19 as well but I feel like that's such crap to put so much damn time into unlocking him to find out you're not done grinding yet. [edited] move by wg and shows a lack of caring for the player.
  5. Mine was 1500 steel on first one. Epic roll