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  1. I disagree. I don't believe any ship is outrageously OP. Saipan has it's advantages and it's disadvantages a player who knows how play a Saipan well obviously will wreck the opposition, but I've never seen a Saipan player that did that, or at least enough that it made me think Saipan is OP. In fact I've never seen a result from any CV that was any more spectacular than any surface ship player premium or otherwise. I have the Saipan and every win I have in it, I was carried. The thing about premiums is that, that's all you get there's no where to go. Non-premiums are a part of a line which means that most players will move on, they'll grind up the line and then maybe come back to club some seals but it seems to me most people don't stay with a ship long enough to get ridiculously good at it. With premiums that's the only option you have. Don't get me wrong there are really good ships that in the right hands most of the competition, but it seems to me that, that is more to do with the hands than it is with the ship because most of the time, most people in any ship are just kind of average
  2. The reason given was that, Saipan only has 3 fighters in it's air group(stock) and therefore would be losing a greater percentage of it's force. I agree that maybe Saipan should lose that advantage when they get the commander skill but otherwise I think it's fine.
  3. Selelai is a super tiny island near where my mom grew up in Papua New Guinea, and I mean super tiny, it was roughly 20ft. in diameter and connected to the main land a reef shallow enough to walk over. It's famous in local mythology as being a place where one could meet mermaids (Or likely be kidnapped by mermaids). It's few other claims to fame are that the bay it sits at the mouth of was used as a refueling station by the IJN during WWII and that it was used as a set for Pierce Brosnan's 1997 film adaptation of Robinson Crusoe.
  4. This is a hard choice for me because many of these ships took part in the New Guinea campaign. Being of both nationalities, I got a soft spot for USN ships that served in that campaign. I'm going to with the Phoenix I suppose. seems like a solid choice
  5. I would argue for IFHE over CE. From personal experience my performance in the cleveland after switching was like night and day. I went from sucking and ready to give up on US CA/L's altogether to preforming moderately well to quite good, making the cleve my favorite cruiser.
  6. For whatever reason, I'm experiencing the same thing except with all my Tier VII DD's. In my Farragut I'm running at a 63% win rate, Mahan: 46%, Blys: 45%, Sims: 30%. In my Sims it must have taken me 5-6 matches to record a win. Got the Benson yesterday and I'm off to really great start in her. Something about tier VII has me messed up.
  7. I'm not really sure how to play her now either. Once upon a time, I had pretty decent success playing a concealment style and lurking around islands. I would close the gap and get into secondary range, can't miss with your main batteries at that range either and my rudder meant I was ready for torpedoes, should there be any. Not sure if that's a viable tactic these days and I can't be bothered to find out.
  8. For me: Farragut, Furutaka and Leander/Fiji
  9. I've gotten a few one-shot kills with my Furutaka, most of themon on RN CL's though.
  10. yeah it's spelled "Kongō" in English the macron over the indicates a long "o", which the Japanese also use a "u" to represent. The Hiragana spelling こんごう where the "こ" = ko, "ん" = n, ご = go and う= u. With out that distinction you've got a completely different word. edit to add the Myoko is actually spelled Myōkō, so it more accurate to spell it Myoukou rather than myoko not that anyone should get that nitpicky, unless we were actually typing in Japanese. Also most english speaking accents would naturally say it with a long "o" so for us it's an unnecessary distinction to make.
  11. I wouldn't have sold your premiums, but hey, I'm not you. But man, if you were me, you, like me, would have just not logged in for a while and then maybe checked back in in a few months to a year. But you're not me either. Everyone rage quits differently I guess
  12. ...

    I personally disagree and hold the opposite opinion
  13. I'm all for more commonwealth ships. The issue I have with adding a commonwealth DD line, which is the same problem I have with adding any new DD line, is how will they be any different in play style from the DD's we all ready have? Personally, I feel all the niches DD's can fill are already being filled and the only reason add them would be for national pride and that, to me doesn't really justify a whole new ship line, premiums, yes, but a whole line? Don't get me wrong, I really, really want more commonwealth ships in game but what would they do gameplay-wise that isn't already being done? That's a serious question btw.
  14. I think detonations make perfect sense, you're big boat laden with explosives. It sucks to be detonated, it's happened to me 4 times this week (you'd think I'd remember to mount the flags). In my 900 some games I've been detonated, like,16 times and caused maybe 4 detonations and I'm mad every time it happens to me, but, I still think it's a sensible mechanic and will defend it every time. Just mount the flags and you'll never be detonated again.
  15. Of the two USN for sure. I might be alone in this but I actually think German dd's are the most beginner friendly