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  1. I've seen a couple of players tk their way out of a match they didn't want to play not realizing that there are easier way to get out of a match.
  2. Perhaps there will a carrier weekend
  3. Went out the other night and someone asked who was DD. Being a destroyer main it took me way too long to realize what they meant.
  4. Always 5 DDs and more

    I feel like this a reaction to a BB heavy meta. Most matches I'm in is like 4-5 BB's and 4-5 DD's then 2-3 CA/L's
  5. I usually go for consumables or signals
  6. TL;DR: I didn't suck and I really wanted to tell people about it. This was the first time I felt like I earned a kraken, and with 3 ships left on the red side I felt pretty confident I could finish them off. But I didn't. 45 minutes later and I'm still shaking with adrenaline.
  7. I should take a shower now

    I saw the personal score page and thought it was the match I was just on the losing side of, but then I realized this is a different Khab that got confederate, high caliber, and kraken...
  8. Long Lost Battle - Katori

    I feel like the true mark of a good player is making a ship like the Katori look good. Played exactly one game in her and had enough.
  9. Benson and Chineses

    If I understand it correctly, the tier X Pan-Asian DD is an Allen m. Sumner class, which is more like a shorter Gearing. If that's the case then I'd expect it to handle like the Gearing does.
  10. Your 'Fun' Ship

    Right now, Fletcher. I do really want a premium I can muck about with and I'm kind of kicking myself for not getting the Gallant as it sounds like it could've been a quick favorite... I do like putzing around in the Campbeltown though
  11. This might end up being my new seal clubber ship.
  12. With both radar and CVs in a DD I'll usually try to find a position in the cap that has a good escape route and that way if I'm spotted I can get out. If I'm in a cruiser it's going to be a radar cruiser and it really depends on the map, if there is island cover I'll push, if there isn't I'll hang back with the BB's. I suck at cruisers so either way I'm not going to achieve much.
  13. Polish premium DD Blyskwica after OWSF nerf

    Any thoughts on using IF/HE on her?
  14. A question for DD mains???

    For me: 1. Undetected Radar cruisers 2. everything else except BB's I mostly play USN DD's with DF and I haven't been harassed by a CV in a long enough time to be that afraid of them. I also play way too aggressively and am almost always caught out by a hidden radar cruiser.
  15. I was just thinking that. For me my best 2 ships in terms contributing to a win are the Benson and Fletcher.