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  1. Selelai

    Why did they get rid of odd teir cv?

    I kind of like it every other tier system they have for CVs. Queues don't take as long.
  2. Managed 175k in my Gearing once. No kills and we lost...
  3. Selelai

    Your ideal double DD division?

    What does your ideal DD division look like? Any tier, any game mode, any purpose. For example: Kidd/Loyang for cap contesting and DD bullying in random battles.
  4. Selelai

    When was your first 19-point commander?

    My first and only 19-point captain is on my Gearing which I grinded out the old fashioned way. Just got the 19th point last week.
  5. Selelai

    Finally got a Kraken!

    I'm ashamed to say that I won my first and only solo warrior by turning tail and running to the opposite side of the map and winning off points. I only did 30k damage in a Buffalo. The red team lemminged to C but I went to A and we held both A and B for the entire match. By the time I caught up to the fight my team had fallen apart ( I ate a long ranged citadel from a Yammy) and when I was the last one left I excused myself from the fight and sailed to the corner and waited for the timer to run out. It took more than 5 minutes but we won and I got the solo warrior and the XP needed for DM.
  6. As the title states, which tech tree ships have you kept in port after grinding past them? Alternatively, if you don't sell ships after moving on, which are your favorites? Also any suggestions for tier Vi, VIII or IX ships to keep around?
  7. So far I've had a pretty decent go at ranked in my Gearing this season. I've been playing her like a torpedo boat with PT, AR, LS, SE, TAE, RPF, and CE with complimentary modules but I'm finding that more and more I'm in a DD hunter role and that's where I'm in trouble. Hurgumos and Darings are eating me alive. I'm wondering what everyone else is running and if a gun build will keep up with Harugumo and Daring? And if not, any tactics that might help me gain the upper hand in knife fight?
  8. Just got Worcester, so grinding up her commander. I'm about 20k xp from Des Moines and I'm working the RN CL line, currently breezing through the Edinburgh. Other projects that I revisit on a occasion are the IJN BB line, The USN BB line, the IJN Torp DD line, and the Baguette CAs.
  9. I also got 15,000 coal from the one and only super container I've ever had. As it turned out I had chosen the resources container anyway so i got what I originally wanted, just a ton more of it.
  10. I know this wont be a super popular opinion but I'm actually having an easier time in my DDs against the new CVs. The fighter patrols that they drop are a little annoying and the new rockets were a bit of a wth moment for me. But CVs only have one squadron out at a time so there are fewer planes to keep track of, and the new torpedo bombers aren't as scary since they have to circle back around to cross drop. Since I almost always have my AA off, I don't get spotted as much, even in my USN DDs where I have def AA, I've gone whole games (that had a CV) where I hadn't used my AA at all, let alone get spotted by their planes. I'm actually struggling more in my CA/Ls with the new CVs than I am with my DDs.
  11. Selelai

    Where Would You Ship?

    Is Buffalo too far away?
  12. Selelai

    literally does not know how to play DD

    I disagree. The basics of DD gameplay is being stealthy, spotting for your team, and learning when engage and when to wiggle out of there. Contesting cap (which is what I figure you're referring to) is an important part of DD gameplay but rushing to cap and getting deleted will do nothing for your team. A DD that has stuck around till the late game to prey on damaged ships and retake abandoned caps is infinitely more valuable to the team than a DD that sunk in the first 5 minutes trying to cap. IJN DD' captains have to be constantly thinking ahead which will make them better gunboaters in the long run.
  13. Selelai

    literally does not know how to play DD

    These tactics are possible in nearly every other line and the IJN gunboat line split. IJN are torpedo boats, you'll want to use your stealth to spot other ships and learn to line up torp attacks. Not being seen and avoiding direct confrontation is half the game for IJN DDs unless you decide to pursue the gunboat line. IJN torp boats are as close to having submarines as this game will get.
  14. Selelai

    Museum Ships in WoWS

    If you believe in ghost stories the USS Hornet does over-night tours here and there. It's said to be super haunted. Never got the chance to actually tour her but I did attend a concert on her deck which had me geeking out. Not sure I'm ready to see her in game though.
  15. Selelai

    What are your best ships by Win Rate

    For me, my top 5 with a minimum of 50 matches played: Farragut 64% (67 matches) Furutaka 59% (70 matches) Fletcher 58% (149 matches) Benson 58% (83 matches) Nicholas 54% (69 matches) I really like USN DDs...