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  1. dadeoo

    Colbert ou Vampire?

    from what i have seen... Colbert
  2. dadeoo

    Discord Drops: August 2022

    STILL NOT WORKING.....normal day for WG ...thanks
  3. dadeoo

    No way to escape

    idk...but when i have had issues like that...i uninstall and re install...always seems to work...take time but what can you do ..happy hunting
  4. dadeoo

    Anti - Sub Meme

    hit a surfaced sub with 3 British torps...didnt sink...what a joke....on a side note ,check out my team damage..THAT ME...what i shot myself?
  5. standard practice..lots of ww1 BBs served in ww2...HOOD...TEXAS...list is endless....they do get updated..HOOD was due for the dockyard..but ww2 broke out...
  6. you just go straight...that it...no need to go anywhere else...game will be over if you try to get to the other side
  7. for the love of god...when are you people going to wake up.....WG does what its want .went its want to.its a GAME...not based on how ANY ship really worked
  8. makes no different to this GAME....its all make believe
  9. dadeoo

    Replace Karma

    SORRY....harder to sync drop than you think and i dont think many player want to waste their time on something that mean nothing..i dont care about my team mates karma score
  10. dadeoo

    Azur Lane Cleveland Camo Error

    good eyes
  11. dadeoo

    fix your game (glitches/freezes)

    so a while ago..had some issues...PC said ..window issues...turned out to be my power supply...so wasnt the game
  12. dadeoo

    Remind me again

    well i did spend some gold...only 300..but if a lot of people do this then they will make money..just because we dont know how it will effect their bottom line...doesnt mean they dont
  13. dadeoo

    Fix The Game Please

    seems to be a issues for some...not having any problems myself...give it time...
  14. dadeoo

    Something a little different in a ww2 theme

    looks cool
  15. dadeoo

    A Yorktown Story

    thanks for the story ,sorry for your loss