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  1. Fair enough, never to old to learn not to go off half cocked. You would think after all my time walking the dirt I would learn this lesson, at some point. Thanks for at least showing some forbearance for my faux pas.
  2. I could have said it better, and realize I could have. However, in forum real time, I find that it is meaningless to edit your original, as your poorly thought out expression is already captured for posterity. My bad for not articulating clearly, as I was in the "heat of the moment", but yeah, game or otherwise it bothers me and I disagree with it. I don't even know what game that is, from where the shot was captured.
  3. Forum user "even if from a game . . . " Meaning I disagree with it there too. I guess context is everything . . . right?
  4. Using a photo from a military burial to superimpose anime (or any fictitious character) on a serviceman being laid to rest is repulsive and indicative of a shallowness I cannot imagine. Even if the photo was a game vs. the real thing . . . what possess people to do this?
  5. Just another way of expressing accountability. For what you can control, it is on you, for what you can't control, it is still on you - as in the way you handle it, regardless of outcome. Not like I live that axiom they way I should, but trying to, and getting better at it.
  6. I get told I suck all the time. Makes me giggly, and chuckle.
  7. If I am reading you right, the MIC mostly civilian is the problem? But the MIC is full of ex servicemen lobbying congress. It cuts both ways. Foreign Policy should never be viewed exclusively through the domain of the military. That said, I think Mattis is the best of both worlds. Fine line, cowboys exist in both the military and the civilian sector.
  8. True, we definitely have a "warrior class", and yes, you can't go far without brushing up against it. However, as I continue to read into current conflicts, we have a few brave veteran's that are warning folks about when service vets in government shape military policy, you still need civilians counterbalancing it. They are concerned about how folks just fall in line because someone served and not applying critical thinking to our policy in the middle east. I may have it wrong, but I believe Eisenhower was worried about just such a thing. I know one of the WWII leaders was.
  9. You left out while the Gipper rides a T-Rex, who is holding 20mm Gatling guns, and has a mounted GAU-18 on it's back while the Gipper is sporting a Barrett .50 cal and a stinger ManPAD. But yeah that is pretty much how it feels to be Murican on any given day. But yeah, Murican boats are just fine in the game. Seriously, I agree, not sure what OP is upset about. Kinda hard to reign in the military zeal, see below: My Uncle was at Normandy, first waves at Utah beach, my other Uncle served on the Iowa during WWII - and other Uncles were a top turret gunner on a B-17, and flew DC-3s over the "Hump" to get supplies to China, and flew the B-25 Mitchell. One of my girlfriends in high school, her father was a veterinarian, and I discovered he flew with the flying tigers under General Chenault. He had all kinds of memorabilia, including a P-40E prop on a wall, from his stint with the Tigers. Not to mention my current friends and families service spanning Korea, Vietnam, Bosnia, Iraq I, Iraq II, Afghanistan. So yeah, on any given day, I wake up, rack a .308 in the chamber of my rifle just to hear it, and sing God Bless America - which we stole from our parents the British. It is a heady intoxicating drink my friend, but surely the British can relate? I mean we are talking about a nation that ruled the seas, lorded over continents and invaded Afghanistan 3X herself! Actually, I would say the kids (US), did their parents proud (UK)!
  10. Well, as you say " I am under no obligation to respect either of those" - and we are under no obligation to respect your views. Anyway this has descended into a scenario on scenario duel, with no end in sight. Time to go home and play boats and mow the yard.
  11. Ever notice that you click a button labeled BATTLE - which intones winning and losing? Ever notice that function keys are built into the game to call out targets, and ask for assistance - which is obviously meant to enhance teamwork and team play. Did you notice that they include a radial dial you can access with the "B" key now - which even delves into the realm of enhancing communication and teamwork. Ever notice that guides, tutorials and media that WG puts up discusses team play, teamwork, and even the "thrill of victory"? Ever notice that all the CC's put up reviews exploring ship specs directly related to how to defeat an opponent - which again is a predicate of winning and losing? Did you notice, that other than the one example you cited, you can find a treasure trove of information from WG on how to maximize your captain skills and ships to "assure victory" - words I have heard/read them use. Did you notice that even pixel ships come with offensive and defensive characteristics, expressly mimicking the ability to defeat, disable or create area denial in the pursuit of winning? Did you notice that all maps have some sort of CAP or timer that regardless of boat count, damage count, etc. performs a calculation that ends with you looking at a screen that says either "Victory" or "Defeat"? - even Ocean map ends with Victory or Defeat. Did you notice that if you win, you actually get more experience - implying that winning is the better of the two options, and did you notice there are only two options for Random, Ranked, Co-oP and Scenarios, Victory or Defeat? Did you notice that Victory and Defeat are synonymous with Winning and Losing? So sure, you can play the game for reasons other than winning, but the preponderance of the game is designed around a single goal, to defeat an enemy team, and to win.
  12. Yeah sure, as long as whatever quarantine zone you set aside for "this sort", you cannot participate in that mode, and therefore "seal club". But then you segment the player base, make MM work even harder to create "equal" teams, and setup a method by which some players can be publicly stigmatized by the MM they receive. Basically, I don't think you can do this for any number of reasons beyond even what I listed. Sure, you have to carry harder when they are on your team, but sometimes they do rather well, and surprise you. I think ranked is as close as WG will ever get to this, and even it illustrates how that can be abused or have problems creating "equally" matched teams, so another reason why it would not work.
  13. You think I will get hired as a Dev??
  14. Then, I have a suggestion for the Devs, and for yourself and @issm They need to produce a game mode, where you just spawn after each death, infinitely (until you are satisfied and you leave the game mode), and enemy bots of all kinds of tiers and AI actions spawn, and you can just stay in this mode and derp around all day. No winning, no losing. You of course will gain experience, and captain skills, but reasonably at a lower coefficient than ranked or randoms. No capping, nothing, you can just sail around to your hearts content and shoot/sink boats to your hearts content. Because this is exactly what both of you are espousing, and this mode which would be different than Co-oP mode even, because even that has a goal of win/lose, would suit your tastes just fine. Yourself and issm could hang out in this mode and play endlessly with no real goals, other than amassing XP, captain XP, and you could still grind out boats and earn rewards. I think that is a perfect solution for all involved. We could call the new mode "Grindout" or something like that.
  15. lol winning is fun! More fun than losing. Now you too can go on in some Freudian manner about how it is all irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, but 99% of us are hardwired to win. Yeah, you are "that person", and you can trumpet it as your unique beautiful gift to the world, and that puts you at odds with 90% of the player base . . . tough.