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  1. I thought this was for one or two requirements, all collections and each "quadrant" go to the 28th - jimmy I can't fine the article. If you could link . . .
  2. Ahh thank you, I didn't understand how to apply "main armament". Will have a go at it again.
  3. Just did this and didn't get Death by Baguette - over 16K fires on one boat, 62K total, all from main guns.
  4. Thanks - love playing the game, so for now, I content myself with a good fight, and then log off. Of note, did run into some clan mates from WoT when I was in the JKL (Jimbo Kimbo Limbo) syndicate and that was a nice surprise.
  5. Glad everyone is doing well, really, I am. Myself, plunging further into the abyss, loss after loss. Totally mystified. Guess I shouldn't be surprised, had one team that had two BB's start squawking at each other because one bumped the other. So the Bumpee shot the Bumper, the Bumper let himself burn to the waterline out of spite. Then another BB verbally assaulted the Bumpee, they exchanged fire, the Chat assaulter eliminated the Bumpee, then the Chat Assaulter let himself burn down. 3 BB's down before we even got out of cap. These are my teams. Games like this, and subsequent lopsided defeats make me salty myself, then it goes into tilt. Mostly just playing off and on, getting my 3 losses in a row, and then stopping for awhile. Sad story over, but it is good to see folks getting some enjoyment out of the game.
  6. I have played two battles as of an hour ago, Aoba, back to back - still no signal flags. Oh wait, might be off about an hour - let me test again and I will get back.
  7. OP reminds me of a player in WoT - GseriesARFCOM - woops, first one was a mistake.
  8. I thought there was a certain date you had to be a registered player by. I have not, so maybe I missed the cutoff?
  9. I will take them, thanks!
  10. Fast, fast fast. Guns aim and hit beautifully, but damage output is anemic so you need to stay on your toes and kite away when concentrated. I got the torpedo "upgrade" that knocks the range down from 12 to 10, but they are much faster and hit very very hard. I think this skill makes them more useful. I enjoy it, but it can't carry on it's own. Needs a coordinated team.
  11. I keep wondering why his adaptation of Dunkirk keeps getting all these accolades? Was it good, yes. But I found that it was more about cinematography and loud stirring music than substance, unlike something on the lines of Band of Brothers, which was all substance. There are plenty of other directors out there that could treat any of those historical events with the same hand, or even better.
  12. Katori 30 days of Premium Time Some gold here and there for missions and challenges Iron Duke via Blueprint missions Corgi Event Flags - sporting these bad boys is freaking awesome! Gold and Flags via Corgi events Bismarck camo's via missions Jack Dunkirk probably more that I am forgetting.
  13. Weeks on end at this point. Daily steamrolls, not sure what is going on.
  14. You attention to the matter is meaningless, as is mine. Your opinion that "pieces fit together very nicely" is just that, your opinion - unsubstantiated. Your idea of the "grand scheme" of things is your perception, and yours alone, in and of itself entirely not relevant to any published body of work analyzing the attacks. The only way to be meaningful is to post a reasoned counter with supporting data, against any number of sources (say the 911 commission report) and make your arguments within the context of this published data from research bodies. You won't, you will only play word games ad nauseum. I have read Mein Kampf (translated version), I cringed while reading it, racist vitriol couched in higher level syntax. It is a fact that structural steel becomes malleable between 1000 and 1300 deg F - meaning soft, meaning it has lost much of it's strength. This is right in your jet fuel conspiracy zone. This data of malleability of structural steel is well known and well documented.
  15. Horrific. I know my contributions and mistakes are part of it, but basically a land slide for the last couple weeks. Played two games all weekend, no fun getting steamrolled match after match.