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  1. Moskva has a stock 10 second reload? Really?

    Roon, 6 seconds. lol.
  2. Weekend spree

    Had some bad runs at tier 6, fired up WoT after 4 or 5 months off, ran into some old clannies and had a blast. Great weekend in WoT. I guess now I have the best of both worlds. Bad in one, flip to other and vice versa.
  3. Time for a heart stress test

    Yeah, cuz we R dumb - Yet we put someone on the moon - and will be first to Mars. Did you ever stop to think that the issue has to do with the sheer tonnage and miles traveled by tractor trailers in the states, vs. all of EU or any other country combined for that matter? Crayons are yummy!!!
  4. Definitely TA, knocks them down to 9 something (still very good) and makes them faster.
  5. Time for a heart stress test

    Conditioned athlete here. Can hit 186 and hold it. You just took my breath away and I think my heart stopped for a second.
  6. Less baby seal clubbing with patch?

    Also, tier IV might get a wee bit more competitive, or at least teams will be less lopsided.
  7. There is a Fritz X Bomb on WG's Roma

    Just watched a Nat Geo special on this weapon, and only then learned of the connection . . . wow!
  8. Player7683942xxxxxxxx

    Feel your pain. Though sometimes I have had Player_0123458 accounts that actually do well, I think these are the ones that fully register and keep their name. But then again, I get the grief too from same said players that seem to just be there to troll the user base. Wish those could just be screened out of Randoms and MM somehow without affecting the innocent.
  9. Thanks for articulating this for those masses of us that fall in these categories. Up at 4 a.m. every day to work out, and get to work by 7 a.m. - work all day, home, train some more, interact with my college bound kids, hang out with wife - and try to squeeze in a few fun games in WoWs without getting assaulted by someone, and getting sucked into a salty exchange that just ruins the game - or contributing to the salt myself sadly.
  10. Well @DeliciousFart brought up a good point, too bad the thread is wandering. Wonder if we can get some insight on why the TDS is as Delicious pointed out, even if it is just tier for tier balancing.
  11. Weekend spree

    Friday Good, Saturday scratch out eyeballs and shut hand in door to end the pain bad. Sunday magnificent.
  12. New karma rules?

    Lost two Karma today, you guessed it, playing Hiryu on a win . . .
  13. Roma showed up

    My Duca and Cesare are truly wonderful things. So yeah, take my money