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  1. bananax

    WoWs Myths and Legends

    Is that what it ALWAYS said? Pretty sure it said reduces by 100% at some point.
  2. bananax

    WoWs Myths and Legends

    Does it matter how many games one has? It's not exactly clear, since some flags add % and other flags reduce percentage :) I've been playing the game for a while, probably before the Wiki had any useful information many of these things.
  3. bananax

    WoWs Myths and Legends

    Pretty sure that is not a myth. Since other flags also can increase your detonation chance.
  4. bananax

    Mouse's Take on the Proposed Skill Changes

    I agree, I use mine to get captains re-trained faster, and get new captains up to 10, or sometimes 14 points. I usually have a mil or so available before I do that. I have a lot of 19 pointers now, so it will suck that I don't get that xp anymore. =(
  5. bananax

    Mouse's Take on the Proposed Skill Changes

    Nice writeup, I do have a note / question regarding secondary skills. With the change to "Manual Fire Control for secondary armament" Previously, only the selected target would get fired on by secondaries, with the new skill, does it fire on all enemies, but only gives a bonus in dispersion to the selected secondary target? If so, how does the mechanic figure out how many guns to point at said target? will it point all applicable guns (in range & firing angle) while letting the other guns fire on any target they can hit?
  6. bananax

    low Tier DDs need torp reload nerf

    so because a person disagrees with your opinion, they must be part of the problem?
  7. Honestly, I don't know why people are complaining about CVs now vs Before, before 0.8 a CV capt could park a squad over your smoke or around your area and just keep it there while doing something else, and could spot your torps, and could drop 6 torps at a time to comb your smoke. It was a lot easier to torp a DD before than it is now, it was easier to dive bomb a bb before as well. I remember the dev strikes I'd get with the enterprise pre-0.8.0. On a henri even, Bis and tirp? RIP.
  8. I played the Z46 a lot in ranked-sprint as well :)
  9. The OP did not specifically post about CVs not being OP, He said they need to be re-evaluated, and pointed out that not for being OP to exclude that as the reason he is posting :)
  10. So I post a 305k game with a Yamato, will you say BBs are OP? how about a 230k game in a shimakaze ? 1 Game for one person does not make a class OP.
  11. Which container is it? The air supply premium doesn't list any ships as possible reward. https://na.wargaming.net/shop/wows/specials/14216/
  12. Reduce Fire chance on the worst of the offending ships OR Reduce fire damage OR Reduce fire duration
  13. bananax

    “Summer Sale” 2020

    Totally disagree, I can now with the flags and cammos grind out a line in no time, it took me a LONG time to grind my first T10 line (montana or Des Moines, can't remember which). You can get upwards of 20k XP on a good game now, maybe a bit more on a great game. that's 15-20 good games to go from 9->10. Compared to the 2-3000 xp that we used to get on a good-great game. :) Also before, good luck getting a free premium ship, by grinding anything, free xp , coal / steel etc. It was ALL $$$.
  14. bananax

    What did the Enterprise sell for in the shop?

    I caught one with my Kidd in ranked, shot down 47 planes as he tried to kill me and I lived, once you get close enough, the CV will have a hard time as they launch planes within your AA bubble, and start taking damage as they fly out to come back and line up a strike on you.