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  1. KGBNinja

    Yashima a Possibility. Why Not Expanded German H-Class Ships?

    With Yashima a thing, I am ready for ultra thicc German paper BBs which are more historical than Grosser Kurfurst. I love my Kurfurst, so H-41/42/43 will be fun.
  2. Anything else then? According to WoWS stats Nassau seems to be 3rd best behind Dreadnought, so maybe Nassau?
  3. I feel like getting a low tier BB to seal club. Any suggestions?
  4. KGBNinja


    Everyone's been saying its bad so I was expecting for it to be bad but so far I am quite liking it. Just got it and it's like a more tanky heavier armed but less maneuverable Bismarck.
  5. You have to select the target you want them to fire at. Look up "How to use manual secondaries World of Warships" to get a better understanding
  6. Thanks. That's a shame, but I got a refund so all is good.
  7. Okay, not sure if this is in the right section but what happened is I bought the starter pack on steam because I got a -95% off cupon so I was like why not. I always launch WoWS through steam, but then I realized I had it in my library as a non steam game. Is there any way to carry it over or is it bound to my steam account.
  8. KGBNinja

    How do you play the Cleveland?

    Hence why I am here asking. Thanks for you insight, advice, and support.
  9. When I heard that Cleveland was going to get moved from tier VI to VIII, I ground it out because why not. I enjoyed the Tier IV and V cruisers and actually did very well in them and they are my best ships stat wise. I have the tier VIII Cleveland now and whenever I try to play it I attempt to go to cover and rain down shells of HE goodness but no matter what I try I usually get deleted. Is there a specific way to use Cleveland effectively? Thanks!
  10. People say these videos are against the NDA, But was there any formal NDA applied to the weekend beta? I don't remember seeing any huh.