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  1. cwine

    So, Two Brothers... hmmm

    What is worse is when you see people start to do it and you tell them they are throwing there ship away only to have them succeed and then you have to listen to how great a strategist they are. I want to say you got lucky that the guys you were against were worse players than you are but I just keep my mouth shut and let them have their moment. It does drive you crazy because 9 out of 10 times it is a stupid play.
  2. This sums it up. I not the best or worst player but I can definitely tell a difference in the bronze,silver,gold leagues. Most people shoot for silver and after reaching just play for the required wins for steel/doubloons and then stop playing. I have been trying to qualify for gold league and wow the level of play is definitely better. Alot of unicum playing now that have not ranked out yet so you get to see what its like playing with more competitive/team players as opposed to what your use to seeing in silver/bronze where alot of people will just do there own thing and teams get steamrolled. I'm enjoying it so Ill keep trying to get that last star it get in but if you are have frustrations about moving up just play to get the steel/ doubloons WG gives you and go back to playing random or other events. Will be less stressful and the rewards are not that much more between silver and bronze.
  3. cwine

    PSA; 4 New Bonus Codes

    Still working this morning . THANKS!
  4. cwine

    Silver league MM so far.

    This 100 percent. Played last night starting with sommers had a hard time getting off rank 10 . Would lose as many as i would win because there was usually 4-5 dds in match and which ever team had there dds alive at end won the game because of cap control. Changed to my smaland ripped off a 4 game winning streak because I focused on hunting down red teams dds and stopped for the night after that. Also helped that the last 4 games I had another dd paired up with me each game and we worked together hunting dds after they were gone it was easy just spotting running to cap and torping sniping bbs rest of the game. There was one game in my sommers where reds had radar chung mu, radar mino, 2 dm, and a stalingrad needless to say dd did not effluentence that game at all.
  5. I stupid wg has access to my account and can see what i have done. MM monitor is a 3rd party add on so it would have no bareing on selection. I have not had my full pot of coffee yet still half asleep.
  6. How does match maker monitor work when players have there stats hidden. I run the game vanilla so I'm really curious. If WG did change mm based on stats wouldn't good players just hide there stats to throw it off or if WG just used everyone else assumption that crap players hide there stats then they would stack no stat players with a unicum player to try and balance out then I would think you could really have a lot more blowouts take place.
  7. cwine

    What Did Everyone Use to Get Through Bronze?

    I ranked out just playing black only. Went pretty fast but in most every game our teams dds and or dd and radar cruisers worked together. Once you kill off enemy dds its not hard to win the game capping out on points. The few games we did lose had cvs involved that made dd play a little harder. Good dd play is the key to winning games in rank.
  8. I think Black is a little op for the bronze league. I used the black exclusively and I lost 3 games total. Just played 3 -4 games a night and ranked out pretty quickly. Funny everyone is talking about the Georgia at least 1 game I lost was because I was the only one left alive at the ending of the game Georgia ran me down could not outrun him with a points lead.
  9. cwine

    Somers or Marcue DD?

    One is a steel ship one is a coal ship why not get both? I have Sommers but I don't have marceau but I plan on getting her also. Just waiting to see what type of resource the vampire 2 will be 1st or I would already have her. Sommers is a good ship I have not regretted getting her. People talk about how bad her guns are and they definitely are not gun boat reload but you can use them. 4 turrets with 2 guns each you are hurting other dds when you hit them. I have won a few gun fights against a few dds that I thought I should have lost but bowing in or kiting out juking and adjusting speed I always have 4 guns on them and when you can hit them with all 8 it does make them rethink about chasing you.With CV in the game though you are just a hide and torp boat because once it finds you ,you better have someone close with good aa or your dead.
  10. Bots are now radaring smoke and blind firing in smoke. Had that happen in a few games Surprised me when it happen thought it was a one time thing but after happening in 3 games had to start playing different. Maybe the devs listened to everyone complaining about dds farming all the damage and made these changes to make it more challenging and give the slow bbs a chance at get more than 4-5 salvos off a game
  11. cwine

    An alternative to SBMM

    Don't see how SBMM could work. All you have to do is hide your stats then there is no way it would be able to match teams up. Might even make it worse because I know a lot of players with 55%+ win rates that hide there stats because they don't care so you might have half the team that MM thinks is potatoes and the team would be even more unbalanced. And please don't respond that all players that hide there stats are crap players anyway because it is very much not true.
  12. cwine

    Double Eight CVs....whoohoo!

    I got in 2 matches like that last night in my tier 9 dd with 2 cvs per side. They were tier 8s but the reds cv drivers were smart and after 1st 2-3 minutes of spotting where all our ships were they coordinated there attacks on the same targets all game and just dominated the game. I'm one of those dd mains thats not fond of cvs and I don't go around fussing about them all the time but 2 in a game is too much.
  13. I had enough doubloons to buy the 4 starter pack for 5,000. Already having the yahagi from a super container drop long ago I figure I could get the Hizen for 1,000 doubloons after getting back the 4,000 for yahagi. Was an easy decision to buy starter pack since I was planning on grinding up to stage 22 anyway for the prizes.
  14. cwine

    Kuznetsov or Cunningham?

    I run Kuznetsov in my russian dds. Getting extra charges smoke or heal with 1st blood is very nice.. Also last stand has saved me numerous times when im running away and on fire or in a gun fight with another dd. Running him in my nuestrhimy is insane with zombie heal. Can knife fight dds at 1st of game almost die then come back later in game with well over half my health back and cause more havoc. I almost feel like he is op for that dd
  15. cwine

    Can I play with the good DDs?

    Thanks for these . I love watching other people play to find out their thought process towards how the game is flowing and adjust to it. I love dd's and after learning the limitations of the dds your driving at the time against the ships your up against. For me it really comes down to guessing what the other guy is going to do after the 1st initially engagements after learning where everyone is. This helps with learning other players perspectives when faced with certain situations in different dds. Very helpful. Thanks again.