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  1. cwine

    Hiding behind islands

    I understand what the OP is saying. It's not about ships hiding behind an island, it's about 5-6 ships hiding behind one island. Everytime I see my team doing this I was wishing I was a dd on the other team I would have a field day.He is not wrong about seeing more of it. I just assume people dont know their ship and are following other players around not knowing that not every ship is made to be played the same. One game this morning 3 bbs and 3 cruisers hide behind one island at the begrning of the game while I was out scouting in my dd.They basically had no shots at what I lit up and had zero influence in the game until after half way through where they became xp penuatas for the red team that flanked them from 2 sides. I have been seeing this alot lately so I can relate to what he is saying.
  2. cwine

    Best credit maker ship?

    Like most people have said tier 9 premiums make bank. I have most all of them except Missouri and will have Alaska and Georgia soon (400,000 coal saved up) so I cant comment on them but the black always makes money even when I have had a crap game and got nuked early with less than7,000 damage it would still net me 300,000 plus silver. Normal games average 500,000-600,000 every time. Great games 800,000- well over mil credits
  3. I saw this alot yesterday evening and they were working together to make sure they were the last to fight it out. That being said even losing so long as I had a good game I still made money and good xp to move up the dd lines. Since this game does not go against peoples win rates(which I care very little about look at mine and you can tell) what does it matter. Just have fun with it and if you die just jump in another boat and go. I thought the point of these modes were to goof off and gets some free stuff from the game.Personally I wish my clan mates would do this. Game is more fun when your playing with guys you like and you can trash talk and do stupid stuff to each other during game about each others game play,something you would definitely not do in randoms or ranked/clans wars.
  4. cwine

    Rough day

    Why are you playing the same ship for stars. The requirements are so low for each individual ship/class/country, should be very easy to get your 10 stars in 10 games just play different ship every time and boom your golden. Does not matter if you win or lose just have to get so much ex or damage per battle.
  5. I'm surprised at how strong my French St Loius aa is. I run def fire and fighter aircraft and most of the time I can melt a CV's attack planes when they come at me. I did not think or maybe should say know that their aa was that strong. Definitely a pleasant surprise.lower teir CVs I can usually wipe out there squadrons. Tier 10 Cvs I can shoot down 4-5 then they move on to another easier target.
  6. cwine

    The Current State of DD vs. CV

    While I agree a CV makes playing a DD harder I don't have a problem playing with them in a match . They can make a DDs life hell but they can only focus and attack one area at a time unlike before so the permanent spotting was fixed. Now 2 CVs in a match is a different story. Even worse when the 2 CVs work together then you are screwed.To me that is the biggest issue with CVs. 2 good CV players that work together can control the game.
  7. cwine

    No Premium Containers???

    Showing your age with the Excalibur quote. Opps! Guess I just shown mine too. :)
  8. I think someone already mentioned it but clone ships to me are worthless. Already had the HSF Graf Spee then won a Graf Spee in santa crate. I was thinking great already had this ship but since it had a different name because of 3 Initials I have 2 of the same ship in port. Exact same thing happened with Atago. Won Atago B in santa crate. I love the look of the black ships but if they would have just offered a permanent camo in black if you already owned the ship I would have just purchased that instead of having basically have 2 of the same ships.
  9. cwine

    Lets Talk about Ranked

    love getting steel in ranked since my clan will not get together for clan battles. it is brutal when you win get to 10 rank then go on loosing streak back to 12. One thing I have noticed if you have good dd players on your team that work together and knock out opposing teams dds 1st it is usually over pretty quick after that so definitely watch over the dds and you have a better chance of winning.
  10. One question I have and forgive me for if it has been answered and I have not seen it with this CV change does this mean the CV will not be able to send planes all over the map and spot everything just the area they are attacking? If yes I count this as a big win for dd players since a very good CV player will spot 2 caps and still attack other targets on the map. That has been my only gripe about cv's is the permanent spotting they could do. In this game a good CV player spots all the ships early in the match and the team(if players are paying attention) can adjust their strategy of where they are going. Played a lot of games where enemy CV would focus spotting dd in more than one cap then criusers could delete them without being spotted or seen.
  11. Were these for sale in the premium shop? You need to learn the difference between ships sold for money(which I completely agree WG should not be able to makes changes after they have been sold) and ships that are clan reward, researched, or given away during events. If you can't understand the difference between free and something that is paid for you are missing the point entirely
  12. Guys these ships are available for free. With the expection of Jean Bart these ships were not premium ships.You have to grind for them just like ships in the tech tree. As in the tech tree grind some people choose to convert doubloons to free xp to run up the tech tree faster but that was a chose a person makes for you to not spend the time to grind out xp to get these . It's no different with these ships some people chose to convert free xp with doubloons to get these ships faster instead of for free thus war gaming can do whatever the wish to these. Remember the main word is you could have gotten these for free. If you spent money it was your chose not to get it for free. Stalingrad is a reward ship or can get with steel also something you can get for free if you decide to spend the time and join an active clan.