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  1. Today in "I hate everything", I discovered that I have exactly 297 shipbuilding tokens, 3 short of what I'm supposed to have. Of course, I guess I missed some daily logins because I think some people have 15, but the only reason I can think of why I'd have 297 is I didn't complete a final stage of one of the daily missions, (if I had to guess, and I do), before the shipyard started building. I'm honestly not sure what to do here or if I'll have the opportunity to "make up" those three tokens--if I can't I guess that kills the dream of getting the ship for free, and even if I can it'll screw up the timeline, hopefully not enough for it to matter. Am I just totally out of luck here? Is there a good way to tell? It's really frustrating to be grinding through this event and not *know* if I'm going to get anything out of it.
  2. I mean, here's the thing: I don't support what the Puerto Rico event is doing for the game or for the community. I do not want the Puerto Rico event to be successful for Wargaming, because I think if it is successful then Wargaming is going to take away the idea that they can "get away" with this kind of shady stuff, and they're going to do more of it in the future. I can't imagine that I would grief or harass anyone in the Puerto Rico, regardless of how they obtained it, but that's because I don't play this game to grief or harass people. What I am going to say is that I don't think I'm going to respect people who make the game worse for me.
  3. I don't know how much money the Puerto Rico needs to bring in to be profitable. I don't know what kind of engagement sends the message to Wargaming that what they did about this ship is unacceptable. I want to be super clear on this point: I truly believe that the Puerto Rico event has made the game worse for everyone. If you spend money on the Puerto Rico, you are telling Wargaming that this kind of behavior is okay. I'm going to repeat that for emphasis: I truly believe that the Puerto Rico event has made the game worse for everyone. If you spend money on the Puerto Rico, you are telling Wargaming that this kind of behavior is okay. I think you crossed what some players view as a picket line, and are suffering the consequences of doing so. I'm kinda sympathetic to you in the sense that it's your money and your game, but I'm also kinda not sympathetic to you in that by buying the ship you have given Wargaming the idea that their terrible behavior either doesn't matter or will be rewarded. That said, it's too late now. They have your money, and you aren't going to get it back. I don't know that I would necessarily bully people for buying a Puerto Rico (I do know I would focus fire on a Puerto Rico), but I can't say that I'm sympathetic to you for making the game less fun for me.
  4. I would really honestly like to understand Wargaming's business model. I think it's geared at primarily Whales, and no one else. I definitely do not think it is geared at average players. I'm not really surprised by the Puerto Rico event. I'm disappointed, but it's not out of character for Wargaming to do something like this. That's frustrating for me, but is it actually a problem? I mean, I'd like it if Wargaming wasn't like this. But this game isn't a charity, and Wargaming's business model doesn't care about me as a customer. Do I think someone could start a competitor to WoWs with a more 'generous' philosophy and be more successful? I certainly hope so, but that doesn't really exist right now.
  5. You know, I used to run a wargaming premium account for years. I stopped... Honestly I don't remember why but it was in direct response to something wargaming did. I have dropped a lot of money into world of warships in the past. I mostly stopped after the spotting charge nerfs to usn dds. I was a carrier main. I stopped playing after the CV rework and took my refunds, and my only regret was that I couldn't take cash out. Now though, my plan is to play a lot... but not give wargaming any money unless there's a dramatic sustained shift in their company's policy. I play a number of free to play games and as far as I can tell, wargaming is the worst value for money. So I'll take the enjoyment I can get without putting any more money in. If you want my money, you're going to have to earn it. I encourage everyone else to take the same position.
  6. Narren

    Edinburgh Questions

    I'm by no means an expert player, and I'm currently in the Neptune, but I hope this helps. The Fiji so far was the best ship in the British line, so far. The Edinburgh and even the Neptune feel like downgrades from that ship, but I think the playstyle is a little different. Positioning is key and bad positioning punishes you a lot. Your advantage over other T8 Light Cruisers is that you have a repair. You also can't necessarily rely on smoke due to the prominence of radar. I play the ships as kind of an ambush predator: Build for concealment. I take the secondary/AA skills for minotaur especially but I also take adrenaline rush and concealment expert. I recommend both priority target and preventative maintenance (I think that's the one). I also really like the acceleration modification. In the beginning of the match, don't quite go with destroyers, but you can be out front trying to screen for some spots or hiding behind an island. Your goal is to not be in radar or spotting range. If a DD sees you in open water and has friends, it's a bad day for you. Your shells can arc decently over islands, and if you hit superstructure you can farm damage, maybe. Actually, I find that the max range hits aren't nearly as effective as closer in hits. Also, it seems to me like penetration is much easier at shorter range, so a good tactic is to hold your fire and be in a place where action happens and then... pop out and be a problem. If a Battleship is fighting another Battleship, and you can get in close (say, 8-12km and in a different angle), you can farm a lot of free damage. Likewise, if the enemy is coming *at* you or around a corner, torpedoes are great. If the map isn't helping or it's not safe and you cannot fight at close-ish range, then I recommend the following: Minimize the angles you can be shot at because you are a giant citadel, turn a lot, but also use the engine speed mod to change your speed to throw off lead times. At longer ranges (15km+), I've found that moving at 1/2-3/4's speed and being mostly at a shallow angle. If people are shooting at you, accelerate and cease fire. One last tip, and this is fairly counter-intuitive: Since your ship is made of paper, there are actually situations where it is better to be broadside-on rather than bow-on or heavily angled towards enemies: the thicker your ship is the more likely a shell is to not over-penetrate you. Anyway, I hope this helps.
  7. I really don't have anything new to say about this. I have refunded my CVs, and I will not be playing the class anymore. I'm very disappointed in how the update was handled, and by the content of the update itself. Thanks.
  8. Narren

    CV Rework Feedback

    I'm really disappointed about the CV rework and about how Wargaming has handled it. I think that you have taken the completely wrong direction in reworking carriers. I'm also annoyed/sad that you didn't talk to, or apparently even listen to, the folks who do play carriers about what is wrong with them back when you started the rework. I find it incredibly hard to believe that any feedback anyone gives you at this point will result in a meaningful change to the CV rework. I'll probably play the CVs once or twice post re-work, but I'd rather just take the XP and go down a different line.