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  1. Really??? 5 damned months now for a U.I fix that directly effects the playability of the game and still no action on it. This is why War Gaming gets a bad reputation from so many people and why so many are leaving the game. Simple fixes that are ignored and left there just to piss off the player base who have to deal with the bug not just every time they load the game, but for EVERY BATTLE they play. This is freaking ridiculous. My gaming has been reduced to 10% of what it use to be because I am SICK and TIRED of scrolling through over 120 ships to find the last ships I played the previous day. So I have pretty much stopped playing the game because it is a serious P.I.T.A. to try and remember and find all the ships I am currently working on and doing their daily reward bonus. Your "priority" list sucks big time if you can't fix a simple U.I. bug.
  2. Almost 2 MONTHS and no action on this issue???? Seriously???
  3. This needs to get fixed. I am seriously getting tired of scrolling through over a hundred ships after EVERY BATTLE just to find the one I played the day before so I can play it next. I play a specific set of ships each day to move up each line for each type and nation. But since they don't sort I have to scroll and search for each ship and try to remember which ones are being worked. This is basic U.I. functionality and should be corrected now. Not later.
  4. I'm not sure if this has been reported or not, but a search for "Ship sorting in port" results in nothing found. If you sort your ships by "most recent battle" in port, they are all way out of whack. The last ship I played is somewhere in the middle of the scroll to the right within a mess of all my ships and i have to search to find ships I recently played. Has anyone else seen or reported this? I have attempted to change the sort order and switch it back. Same results. Carousel view doesn't correct it either. I normally have 1 long row of all my ships in order last played from left to right. But I haven't been able to do that for a while now.
  5. Sparkster36

    Free 24 hour Premium Reward

    You again do not understand the fact that natural habit and common sense will influence players to open creates when they are received. You seem hell bent to change the way every player in the game opens their crates. While I seek a fix that would correct the issue without changing the natural habit of 10's of thousands of people. You clearly just don't get it as you can only see from your little microscopic view that everyone else should do things your way which is counter intuitive and you yourself have stated that you also do not wait to open them which all the more SUPPORTS my statements of how this change would aid ALL players in the game. When I am stating that players can continue doing the exact same thing they are doing each day via common sense and yet you believe and want everyone in the world to change their natural habits to suit what you think they should do instead. Who is being the bigger fool ? I'd be willing to bet that a lot more people would be willing to say you are being stupid with this line of responses. Especially after I have repeatedly shown how this change would benefit with little change to how people perform their normal game play. Welcome to being ignored from this post on-wards.
  6. Sparkster36

    Free 24 hour Premium Reward

    So you are openly admitting that every other player in the game should be happy with losing out on the reward because YOU don't care if you lose the reward. Everyone should be happy with losing the reward because you don't care about it ?
  7. Sparkster36

    Free 24 hour Premium Reward

    No. It was a "Do it this way" statement of stop rushing to open things when they are given to you and wait til the next day. Again - this is COUNTER INTUITIVE of not opening the crates you have received. I know those are big words for you so maybe you should look them up to understand what is being said. And I'd be willing to bet YOU don't wait to open crates when you receive them. But you'll claim you do in order to support your argument.
  8. Sparkster36

    Free 24 hour Premium Reward

    Convenient how you also just ignored and didn't respond to the previous post that you were slammed on.
  9. Sparkster36

    Free 24 hour Premium Reward

    No...you'll continue being ignorant and arrogant in the face of a common sense discussion that you have no valuable information or any positive view to contribute. Your "This is how it is - deal with it" mind set is the same ignorant and arrogant thinking that would have kept man from reaching the moon or discovering nuclear energy. Being adverse to change or anything that would improve the game for players that receive this reward because it requires someone at WG have to do something that should be done towards the benefit of all players in the game and doesn't require you personally to do a single thing. Yet you feel you must state that it should not be done because it's a change...or different. So who's the one being stubborn about a positive change to a small detail in the game?
  10. Sparkster36

    Free 24 hour Premium Reward

    I don't believe there is (but I could be wrong). AFAIK - they show up in the order they were received and I don't believe you can skip one and move onto the next one without opening it. I was going to mention that , but I skipped it because I'm not 100% sure.
  11. Sparkster36

    Free 24 hour Premium Reward

    The same way they add rewards such as Camo, Smoke, Flags, Coin, Free XP. It gets placed on your account as a button you can click to activate the item. Adding a button that you can click to your profile page that stores a variable of 0 to 5 for available items would not require a huge amount of coding.
  12. Sparkster36

    Free 24 hour Premium Reward

    You do realize that the servers do have a clock and can repeat the same player account update process at the same time each day just like any computer. Or are you just choosing to purposely be ignorant about my statement? In fact, the game already does do this at the end of each day. At reset each day it adds back the 50% bonus to your first win for each ship for THAT DAY regardless of what time YOUR end of day is. The game resets at the end of IT'S DAY. I didn't specify a time. I said end of day which the servers already do. And I already specified (and responded to someone else with the same response) that only a maximum number of 3 or 5 of the items could be stored. If you are going to respond, please read what has been stated and respond with common sense. Otherwise...please stay quiet.
  13. Sparkster36

    Free 24 hour Premium Reward

    I'm guessing I'm guessing you didn't actually read my statements where I clearly stated a maximum of 3 or 5 could only be stored to prevent this exact issue. And given the rarity of the reward, I would guess that even if someone stockpiled 1000 crates, you might get 4 or 5 of the premium rewards from all of those crates. WG would have a better idea of what the percentage of odds are for getting that many reward from 1000 crates. And the length of time required to stockpile weeks of premium time would be multiple decades if not longer. I've received it maybe 3 times since I started WoWs. And that's been 6 years. Once every 2 years. So 2 weeks of saved up premium would take you 28 years to build up. If you haven't ever paid for premium after 28 years, you never will.
  14. Sparkster36

    Free 24 hour Premium Reward

    This presumes you remember to open the crates when you first login for the day. Which I'd be willing to bet is not the first thought a player has when entering the game. As well, natural tendency would be to open them when you receive them. If you were given a gift by your family on your birthday, but were told you couldn't open it until the next day or the next week...wouldn't you wonder why they gave it to you that day and didn't just wait until the next day or the week after when you could open it ? Again...it goes against common sense and the natural tendencies of the average person. This is not an issue of being in a rush. It's a basic process of opening what you are given when it's given to you. Expecting players to wait until the next day to open a create you just gave them is counter intuitive. If we take it via your premise of not rushing...why not skip rewarding crates to the player on the same day and instead reward them to the player at the end of the day or at reset so that they can only open them the next time they are in the game? That way the issue of the above occurrence is greatly reduced. It can be seen from both points of view, however I believe common sense of the reward not being wasted by way of opening them at the end of the day should not be a reason for a player losing out on that reward.
  15. I have a question regarding something that makes no sense (at least from my perspective). Once every blue moon the game rewards you with 24 hours of free premium from a container. Now this is a great reward and very much appreciated. However.... In order to obtain the reward, you must play your days battles and once you one gained sufficient experience from those battles to collect 2 or 3 of the possible containers for the day, it usually require at least a couple hours of play, and for most people this is their daily allotment of time to play the game as life has other responsibilities too. So you do your couple hours, collect your containers and open them to replenish flags and camo and to obtain extra free XP and coin. And suddenly a free 24 hour premium reward pops up and AUTOMATICALLY is activated rather than being set as an option to enable when I next return to the game in the same way that flags and camo are added to my account but have to be manually added to a ship to be used. So what happens? I have done my day's battles and am leaving the game. And if I happen to return to the game the next day and HOPEFULLY before 24 hours has passed I get the bonus of having premium and extra coin and XP for that day. But this occurs all too infrequently as it is rare to have the reward come up and then have the free time to ensure I am back in the game within 24 hours of obtaining the reward. Life's responsibilities means we don't quite have the chance to enjoy the game on a daily basis. So the reward that is suppose to be so rewarding for your efforts and time Is completely wasted and useless. WHY is not added to your account as an option to enable the next time you enter the game??? Granted, the 24 hours would run down non-stop again once enabled by the player, but at least you can PLAN for when the 24 hours starts and use it when it's convenient for the player such as on a weekend when you have the extra available time to put into playing while you have premium active? It can not be that difficult to have an option somewhere that stores the reward and shows how many have been received or are available and a button to enable 1 or 2 or 3 of them if desired for 1 or 2 or 3 consecutive days of Premium. And preferably the option that if you have more than 1 available, that you can enable only 1 of them so 1 could be used each weekend if you happen to play every Saturday and not have 2 or 3 days activated when you only play on the 1 day. Granted, this reward does not come in a container that often, in fact it's fairly rare, so it's not like it needs to store a high number. So perhaps a maximum of only 3 or 5 of them are allowed to be stored. My main thought is...if you are going to offer a reward to players. Can we at least make it something that is usable and not a complete waste? It's not like you can see what you are going to get in a container before you open it so you know not to open it until the next time you are online. Just my common sense thoughts as this issue just occurred to me back last week. The 24 hour premium was activated as I was leaving the game for the day, and by the time I next logged in, it was expired. A complete waste of a reward through no choice or control of my own.