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  1. Fog_Battleship_Alabama

    SS Selma (1919) Concrete Ship

    yea lol were talking bout the same ship xD SS Selma is the concrete ships real name was always fascinated by it tho I do not have the guts to climb onto the deck like some poeple do but there videos help me map out some of the ship lil more then normally would. Little extra some poeple dont know history wise bout this ship. The ship was launched on June 28, 1919, the same day Germany signed the Treaty of Versailles, officially ending World War I.
  2. Fog_Battleship_Alabama

    SS Selma (1919) Concrete Ship

    That's actuly really helpful thanks physhtanks sorry for really long reply tho been very busy. I think with that and few more pictures of Selma might be able to get a idea of how they did it hopefull be able to model one soon
  3. Fog_Battleship_Alabama

    SS Selma (1919) Concrete Ship

    So i'm trying to find more information bout this ship other then the history iv known for so long wondering if some one here might have better luck been trying to find ethere blueprints or Line Art for the ship my interest is simple I wanted to 3D model the ship in her Prime but there not nuff picture's of her nor below water line which is impossible to get in Gulf waters As i know it her history is simple launched from Mobile Alabama and named after Selma Alabama she struck the jetty and ripped a Hole in the Hull ship was towed to a Dry dock where crew there have/had no idea how to repair such damage so a trench was dug and she was sunk into the location she sits at this very day as a kid always thought was cool and scary when got to be close too it on fishing trips now i'm older and think its a real shame built for war but never saw it launched same day as a treaty to end all wars was signed. so i'm wondering if some one else might have a picture or too thought bout asking on here for some time but just busy / forgot....