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  1. Hindenburg without a doubt
  2. Steven Seagal

    So Here's what I'm suggesting
  3. Mr French

    so not everyone gets them?
  4. Mr French

    I don't have any of the new missions to earn the new French BB's. I have the Aigle missions but nothing on French BB's. Any ideas????
  5. Mr French

    I don't have any of the new missions to earn the new French BB's. I have the Aigle missions but nothing on French BB's. Any ideas????
  6. hotkey reserved

    So I'm having the same problem and it's killing my gameplay. 3 years of using the middle mouse button for artillery view and now nothing. I try and program it and get hotkey reserved. It will let me program the MMB for firing but not for artillery view. Please let us know how to fix this, it was fine before the last patch.
  7. Hotkey reserved

    if you get a good answer, share huh. I NEED MY MIDDLE MOUSE BUTTON TO WORK TOO! (that's in case they read this)
  8. Hotkey reserved

    So tell me what I'm doing wrong. Since this last patch now when I try to assign my middle mouse button to Artillery view, it gives me a hotkey reserved message. I tried unassigning the reserved MMB key and it still gives me the same message. What gives??
  9. The Mighty Izy, take too

    18 torps hit though, 4k distance torps,....................
  10. The Mighty Izy, take too

    The mighty Izy,....................
  11. WTH IJN DD"S

    So I know I'm probly going to get slammed for this but, I'm going to post it anyways. So I mainly drive DD's and I had all 3 (4 if you include Poland) nations. I have the Russian and American T10 and I made it up to the Kagero on the IJN line. So I like to think I have some experience in all of the lines enough to have an opinion, note that's the key word OPINION. So I know every line has it's pros and cons and I'm not going to go into details, just basically my commentary on the IJN line, (well not the whole line). So here goes. I sold off my Kagero awhile ago, I just wasn't that impressed with her and after fighting numerous Shimas and didn't really see the point of continuing the line, yeah it could of been my bad, but like I said just my opinion. Now for the meat and potatoes, the Fubuki, the wonderful Fubuki, the DD I regretted selling because well I just thought she was a fantastic ship, she was yar by all standards and with the right set up, she could invisi fire the hell out of the enemy. With this recent sell and the luck of winning 25,000,000 silver I happily bought her back! Well Wow, just wow, wthdid they do to my ship???? Between radar and sonar and ships that can now turn like my dream Maserati, what good is she??? I understand she can still perform with great attention to skill and a LOT OF LUCK, she's become, well, lacking. I'm going to play her a bit more to see if maybe I just lost my touch for the IJN line but I'm thinking they just don't like IJN DD's in WOW. Fast torps are great, but when the can be spotted a couple of mile out and with the new maneuverability of some of these ships, I just don't see their use anymore. Am I wrong, I mean my stats aren't half bad and I do pretty well in all my other DD's,(high and low tier) but upper tier IJN needs to be addressed. Slow firing, slow turning turrets, really??? I mean this is supposed to be a mixture of reality and arcade if I'm not correct so if they take all the fun out of a ship, wth is going to want and play them???? If we have BB's that can take the constant structural stress of high speed turns all the time, why can't you at least fix something on this line to make it enjoyable to play again. I can go on but this is running on more than I wanted it too. So go ahead I know it's coming about how I just don't know wth I'm doing and how there so great, but anyone who's a DD driver out there has to understand what I'm talking about, I hope. and yeah I'm not and English comp major or a writer of any kind, I'm just someone who enjoys gaming trying to make a point.
  12. The Mighty Izy

    sorry I thought the pic worked
  13. The Mighty Izy

    I don't post much, but I thought this was worthy.
  14. Torps out!

    So I posted this before and I'm a going to keep posting until a dev replies. I know this won't totally fix the problem but, can we get an F key assigned as a torps out button. You could add a ping to the ship providing the messaging so it would show on the mini map. It would very helpful to the game in IMO. I don't believe it would be hard to implement in the upcoming patch.
  15. Mikasa and torps

    ​I feel jipped man!