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  1. Fog_Carrier_Intrepid

    Playing against CV's just feels awful.

    This. Carriers, before the change, and if played correctly, would DELETE ships. Now? It is far more in line with cruisers, in the sense that you always hit for low damage and just whittle away at hp via small damage and fires. However, because the current CVs actually have a presence in today's games and are like mosquito, people suddenly have a huge hair across their arses.
  2. Fog_Carrier_Intrepid

    Premium Ship PREVIEW - HMS Exeter 0.8.0

    Thank you, little Mouse.
  3. Fog_Carrier_Intrepid

    Premium Ship PREVIEW - HMS Exeter 0.8.0

    @LittleWhiteMouse Could we please get a plain-text confirmation on the removal of her Smoke Screen? That is a defining characteristic of this premium, and it should be made clear if it has changed prior to others making purchases. I could see many people knee-jerk-buying this ship, simply for the the "OVERPOWERED" rating. (almost guilty, thank god I read further)
  4. I have been hearing constant bemoaning on how "Carriers can't be ignored now" and "Carriers are broken", I thought I would finally toss my thoughts into the shark tank. Since the beginning of the game ,you NEEDED to deal with Battleships. Since the beginning of the game, you NEEDED to deal with Destroyers. Since the beginning of the game, you NEEDED to deal with Cruisers. Just so, Carriers NEED to be dealt with and not ignored. Every ship-class should be a persistent threat until it's eliminated. The only way you dealt with Battleships, Destroyers, and Cruisers is to remain hidden or remove the threat. To this affect, the solution to Carrier issues lie in their power projection and ability to reveal the enemy. My solution to the issues plaguing the CV community,lovers and haters alike, are as follows: Reduce the speed of aircraft (realism-killer) -OR- Limit the range of the aircraft by means of fuel; Adding some sort of leash to aircraft, or reducing their mobility, would help reign in their power projection. I personally lean towards the latter. Re-balance AA with Fleet Cooperation in mind. Players who stick together, as in the past, were always protected from, if not immune to, carriers. Meanwhile, Players who went out on their own got sunk. This is a RULE of the game, and should be a constant that is balanced around(with exceptions for destroyers, discussed later). In my opinion, they could incorporate a slightly unrealistic (gasp) mechanic into the game: Force multipliers. Reduce the base effectiveness of all AA, but scale it based on nearby ships; For every allied ship within 8km, increase their AA effectiveness by some sort of constant (eg. 10% DPS) and increase that bonus every 1km closer the allies are, up to 3km (eg. +50% DPS). Add a HARRIED mechanic to aircraft; For every ship within range / firing on a squadron, there should be a harried effect (eg. 20%/2%/5% reduced rate of aiming and 20%/2%/10% increased movement-induced aim disruption, per ship for Torpedo Bombers/Dive Bombers/Attack Craft). Dive Bombers being affected less, Torp Bombers being affected more, and Attack Aircraft being somewhere in the middle, because [insert rantings about speed/altitude/angle of attack/directions of freedom to evade/shock-value of flying into-vs-over a wall of bullets]. This value could vary based on the ship type. This value could possibly scale with time (10%/1%/.5% at start, increasing per second under attack to some max value). Increase torpedo range to 8-10km. If torpedo bombers are going to be completely shut down by teamwork, we could at least let them hold onto their fleet disruption capabilities. That wave of 4 torpedoes might be slow, spread out, and dropped at almost 10km out with instant visibility, but you can't completely ignore it. Make aerial-torpedoes always visible. I'm sorry, but if you see the torpedo plane, you are going to be watching for the torpedo. It's no secret when they drop it, nor what angle they are coming from... unlike destroyers. This will also help offset that added range. And again, if you are out on your own, you should make a Carriers day. RIP. ... Unless you are a Destroyer. In consideration of their Lone-wolf roles, I offer the below changes: Reduce the spotting range of aircraft; Maybe considering earlier example on force multipliers: Larger Ships/groups of ships should negatively impact your detection range, while smaller ships / lone wolves should be damn near impossible to spot. Finally, consider adding a delay to when targets, detected by aircraft, are relayed to allies. Planes didn't have the best radio communication back then, if any. You could even go as far as to only update the mini-map, but not show visually, the detected ships position. Just my two cents from someone who has loved this game since Alpha, yet is constantly watching heavy handed changes chase away the friends I play with.
  5. Fog_Carrier_Intrepid

    8.0 Carriers, Hands-tied Autopilot, and Friendly Fire Collisions

    Would be nice to at least be able to control speed and rudder while in mini-map mode.
  6. Do carriers get penalized for friendly fire collisions when they are in control of their aircraft? I have noticed there are a lot of players hugging carriers lately, and the Autopilot / mini-map control of the carrier is very wonky at best. I find someone scratching the paint off my ship every match. Can CV players turn pink due to these collisions? Is there something the developers are doing to reduced collision occurrences between carriers, seeing as we have next to no control over our mobility? Also, anyone else notice the autopilot randomly decide to cruise in reverse?
  7. Fog_Carrier_Intrepid

    Musashi and Coal Compensation

    If there is only two months MAX til the removal, then there is no point in trying any further, as it is not possible to obtain the coal in that amount of time. I understand your case, I just wish I hadn't wasted my time at this point.
  8. Fog_Carrier_Intrepid

    Musashi and Coal Compensation

    Regardless of the time remaining, making a change to a shop that requires a targeted currency that is not easy to farm is a bit much... Assuming you are lucky and pull in 1200 Coal a day, on average. It will take you just under 5 months (147 days) to get the coal. I am half way there, but got nowhere near the time.
  9. Fog_Carrier_Intrepid

    Musashi and Coal Compensation

    Is there any plans on compensating those who have been picking arsenal containers and farming coal for the past months the express purpose of buying Musashi? Removal from the Free Exp Store is one thing, as Free Exp serves other purposes, and can be utilized on every other ship line. The coal, however, has no other use for those who have no interest in the current, nor future arsenal ships. I can't be the only one who has spent what free time they had, forgoing the lucky containers and credit containers for arsenal containers, just so they could purchase Musashi; under the impression that arsenal ships would never leave the store.
  10. Fog_Carrier_Intrepid

    Veteran Player Discount

    I can see how you get that train of thought, however this event is not having any positive effects, what so ever. Veteran players aside, I have a friend who has been playing for about a month, and finally caved and made his first purchase last week (doubloons for free experience conversion). He was a NEW player, and still got the raw end of the deal with this event focused at NEW players. Many F2P games out there have a system in place from the start: "First purchase of currency is doubled". While a good tactic on it's own, and one I have benefited from, this is something that just can't be implemented halfway into(or dare we say now: "near the end of") a games lifespan. Sadly, the only true solution that could have mended this issue would have been to quickly change the layout of the event to apply to all players for first purchase. Now, they are stuck between a rock and the abyss with the choice of either making a veteran only event, and alienating their new players; or ignoring their veteran players and losing them to new players that very likely won't be around at the turn of the year. At this point, I am less angered, and more saddened, at how this event was handled, and how it will negatively impact the games growth and the player base as a whole. I might not be a super or alpha tester, but I was part of the Weekend Beta, CBT, and OBT team, and have brought many friends and even family into this game, yet this event sends the message "You have been here long enough. We have your money, now go away." "It's a lot less expensive to keep a loyal customer, than to go out and acquire a new one." ~John Nee
  11. Fog_Carrier_Intrepid

    Veteran Player Discount

    Will be surprised if we dont hear back from the developers on this topic by the end of Monday.
  12. Fog_Carrier_Intrepid

    Veteran Player Discount

    I bet we will hear back from the devs on Monday as to what they plan on doing. I doubt they can ignore the responses to that event.
  13. Fog_Carrier_Intrepid

    Veteran Player Discount

    Yes, they are in a difficult position now, as giving bonuses targeted at purchases made, money spent, or time played, would have a similar reaction to the one we are seeing now. They should have just had it be a benefit available to all players. That would have avoided this whole mess all together. Now they NEED to do something for the long term players or incur their wrath, while trying not to alienate their new players. I feel sorry for whoever gets to make that decision.
  14. Fog_Carrier_Intrepid

    Veteran Player Discount

    Should be something like: "5% discount per Service Level on the first purchase you make during the event". For those at Service Level 15, that would be a one time 75% discount. I feel like that would be an acceptable "Player Appreciation Event". Seems only fair after first time buyers got a 66% discount when no similar standard was available for earlier players. Remember, Wargaming: "Profit in business comes from repeat customers, customers that boast about your project or service, and that bring friends with them." ~W. Edwards Deming
  15. Fog_Carrier_Intrepid

    200% Dubloon bonus to purchase - But not if you purchased before?

    This. The reason behind the bonus for new players is not lost on me, but the exclusion of their loyal player base is.