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  1. KHyena

    Is Micro-Balancing Necessary?

    Micro balance is always better them nerf hammers.
  2. KHyena

    Is Micro-Balancing Necessary?

    X Colbert: Main battery reload time reduced from 3.5 to 3.4 s; Restoration of hit points by Repair party consumable increased from 0.5% to 0.66% of total hit points per second. .1sec decrease/.16 increase Aehooo love it!
  3. Cool now they have a reason to buff T8 cvs or nerf BB range~
  4. what? Division/clan chat is for division/clan, if you dont like what people say just kick it (or get out from that clan/division).
  5. KHyena

    Need Advice on Getting Smolensk

    You like play light cruisers? You like burn people and see they complain in chat? You like have fast reload? If you say yes to any of this questions so its worth it. Smol its a good ship, the ifhe change not really affect that much, without ifhe its pen 22mm, with ifhe 27mm, sinse they change the plate from cruisers to 30mm+ its not worth use ifhe anymore. 22mm is enough to pen most dds (khaba and bias 50mm plate is the only exception). but you can have 11% fire chance (with build+flags) in 4x4 guns with 4second reload so yeah... its can start a lot fires. Specially in BB's. You just going need aim a lot in superstructures, the ap is also good specially in broadside targers. Smol still one extreme strong ship in good hands, if you like play cruisers pick it.
  6. KHyena

    French DD's. Just Go Russian Instead?

    Why play anything not russian in that game?
  7. heh in fact stats not "really" matters in randons (unless you like have something to complain). BUT i'm be a bit mad with people with terrible stats in ranked, its never fun have terrible players in your team. But (again) in the end everyone can make mistakes in a battle.
  8. only bad people hide the stats so is auto-shame~
  9. KHyena

    Official WG CV poll

    Oh... interessing. Hope people how play this class awnser it, for me its just a 'too boring to play it'.
  10. KHyena

    Official WG CV poll

    Just that? You like or not like? Sounds more likely "we should release a new premium cv now or not?"
  11. Well, idk how you play, but if you playing bb try keep medium range (not too close, not too distant) and also use F3 to mark targers, random people have a lot 'tunnel vision' and only looks to one ship, sometimes it have one ship with 1k hp but people keep firing at the 30k hp ship because its the only thing they see it. Anyway, normaly its take around 250~400 battles with avg WR (52~50%) to rank out. Also, the best way to "carry" is see what people playing most, if you see a lot bbs on queue go play dds, if you see a lot dds go play cruisers, and too much cruisers go to bbs, etc.
  12. Be on 1st place not means you playing for win. Farm dmg at distance you can be on first and lose. Dont get caps but stay alive in end you can be on first and lose. Maybe you just need play more for the team/objective and less for yourself.
  13. Overpriced ships never "worth".