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  1. KHyena

    Can I get a refund on the Black?

    Its just insane wg pushing this mod. They totaly wanna kill torp dds to get a place for subs.
  2. KHyena

    Carrier observations of a new CV player.

    co-op is hard to do dmg with cvs, because most of time the matches end fast, cvs need time to do DMG.
  3. resume of op wall text: remove cvs
  4. KHyena

    Harugumo modules

    i use this
  5. KHyena

    DDs...DDs everywhere!

    Better a lot dds them a lot bbs.
  6. KHyena

    DO NOT abuse the Report system

    Report system is made to be abused reported
  7. KHyena


    First ask: Yes Second: Because a lot people HATE cvs and make that to "punish" cv players. Also karma is silly and useless so dont care for that, i report people how play bbs and annoy me in the match like dont matters. lol
  8. Commarade why you say something absurd like that? We all know this is world of battleships ja? How dare you think dds should kill the bbybies with torpedos? Absurd! To gulag!
  9. KHyena

    Kutuzov clone rather than Smolensk?

    I think the point in the smol is be an ... "smol"cruiser [haha, bad joke] Kutuzov is too big, if they make one T9/10 probably will going be another heavy cruiser and the game alread have a lot of this.
  10. Smol is great in good hands, thunder is too strong, but in general i dont see any reason to grind, the new tech trees in general are just "meh" After a time playing "a bit" you start get bored from grind. I'm now only interested in the pan-european...
  11. KHyena

    WG...refund requested afterHenry nerf

    And invisible fire~