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  1. KHyena

    I need help with carriers

    Well, you can buff ever ship AA with commanders skills, BUT its not normaly players do that. Exceptions have in ever ship, sometimes a DM player dont put any point in AA and one GK player put everthing in AA... buuuut its not the 'medium' player.
  2. KHyena

    I need help with carriers

    Thats a terrible idea to become better in cvs, you never going learn right vs brainless bots.
  3. KHyena

    Tirpitz Secondary Build

    also, if you are totaly angled they secondaries not have angle to shoot. you need be at least 15~25° i think.
  4. KHyena

    Tirpitz Secondary Build

    ctrl+click = targer the enemy for your secondaries. Anddddd of course they need stay at (secondary) range for start shoot, if i'm not worng they normaly need around 1~3 seconds to start shoot.
  5. KHyena

    I need help with carriers

    T4 carriers are nice to play because the enemy dont have AA, the problem in high tiers its always going be a problem when you as in a +2 battle. Ships start have strong AA... so you need pay more attention in what you going targer. Cruisers in general have strong aa (not ijn), usn bbs, some german bbs like gnesinau and sharnhost, some dds like kidd, you need start learn what you going targer firts. The rest is pretty much pratice pratice pratice pratice pratice pratice pratice.
  6. KHyena

    Why do people like the Henri IV?

    because you can run and burn
  7. KHyena

    Other Countries have veterans too!

    Is kinda sad is only for USA veterans, i mean, its nice they did something for veterans military (even if is not from my country) but is sad is only for usa. I hope they expand that for organizations from other countrys too.
  8. nice cammo, nice event :D happy canadian thanksgiven
  9. Soo you get one DM and still dont know use islands? You dont fight in a open combat vs a battleship in a cruiser (unless with the stalinbias), you need use islands and burn it/ap in broadside.
  10. KHyena

    Best DD line for knife fighting?

    ijn gunboat in tier 8/9/10 is awesome to knife fight the friedsland too black can be great with the smoke+radar combo
  11. Use the flags No one like die, but its really fun explode one ship, they need make the exposion from detonation bigger and more epic!
  12. KHyena

    Jet planes on carriers

    this pic is from feb of 2016, they remove the jets in a patch after this date
  13. KHyena

    Jet planes on carriers

    I would love see jet planes back to carries even if is pure cosmetic.
  14. I go write in english It was awesome! Thanks a lot for this event! For be honest meet some of you guys make me like this game even more, also such nice persons! Also thanks for the gifts, the bag stuff comme in great time sinse i will going travel soon x'D i also love the t-shirt and the stickers! The wolf sticker is awesome now i need find a good place to put it. Again, thanks a lot for this event!