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  1. WG 3d team is awesome! So sad the marketing/seller team is terrible and make this game bad.
  2. KHyena

    Slava for 63,000 Research Points in 0.9.7

    Russian bias broken ship by overpriced terrible research system, now go guys buy free XP what is overpriced as hell to convert to get this broken ship.
  3. Just passing here to say i like the picture in this news
  4. KHyena

    Rambling about Tech Tree lines

    I think its more because: 1. Its an -arcade- game, not an simulatior. 2. Its made by russians. 3. If i'm not wrong the major player base its from russia/europe, soooo...... 4. They need "hold" historical ships a bit to release in big events from time to time.
  5. Dont get shoot at colbert. The speed+manouver is for that. The armor is useless. Also its a fun boat, not stronger like smolenks but its fun to play and challenging. I like sh*t sheels on enemy bbs and watch they burn.
  6. Just that, i know its profit AF to grab money from new players BUUUUT its terrible to any person without time to play 24/7. Or at least make new permanent coins for a nation and re-use in other events (like soviet cruisers or dd with the same currence without reset it...) Also the person how decide put Legendary upgrades in Research Bureau should get fired.
  7. KHyena

    How do you report an entire team?

    have 200 (or 100)+ karma you be able to do 11 reports per day report everyone done.
  8. KHyena

    How Long Until 1,000 Meter Warships?

    I think was in 2018 or 2017 video
  9. KHyena

    T7 Ranked recommendations

  10. KHyena

    Dockyard Returns to Hamburg

    Congratz to everyone how buy the pay to rico and incentive WG do more of this terrible dockyard overpriced-ships.
  11. Please dont use with color on text Also, i hope so, we have "pan-america" nation. That dreadnoughts can make interessing premium ships (not likely wg like make low tier premium ships anymore but i want for collection reasons), the rest of line can be paper ships (sinse we have paper german carriers, paper montana, paper russian bbs...). Its more likely the pan-america get a cruiser/dd line.
  12. they need buff harugumo
  13. Depends, its the 76? thats a good reason to NOT play more fallout lol
  14. KHyena

    Smolensk/Colbert.... WHY?

    Torps how send italian smoke screens and a radar in one direction!